15 Best Things I’ve Ordered From Shein

Today I’m sharing my 15 favorite Shein finds after shopping for 8+ years. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own, just like always. If you want a full Shein review and ordering tips, you can read that post here.

I’ve been ordering pieces from Shein (and sharing them on this site) on and off for the last 8 years.

Some pieces have been misses (most of those got returned but maybe I should start photographing those ones, too?).

Some of them have been huge wins. 

There is one of my all-time favorite swimsuits that sets the bar for the rest of my swim purchases. I find myself asking “Is this more flattering than my white one-piece from Shein?” and saying things like “This is ten times more expensive than that Shein suit. Is it worth it?” 

There are a handful of statement jackets that are still regulars in my closet 5 years later. 

A few things on this list have completely sold out and probably aren’t coming back to Shein again. When I can’t link the exact item, I’ve linked something very similar (and let you know it isn’t the exact item). 

One thing to check on Shein if an item is sold out is the “view similar” button. Shein will pull up a group of similar items for you to look through and you can usually find something that works. 

But, without further ado, here are the best 10 things I’ve ever ordered from Shein: 

Best 10 things I’ve Ordered from Shein

1. White floral one-piece swimsuit: 

A flattering, darling, quality one-piece suit for under $15? I was worried the white would be sheer when wet but it isn’t at all. My little sister bought this one after I did (which is the ultimate endorsement). It has good back coverage and dips a little lower in the front than your regular scoop neck one piece. It also comes in white and green but the blue is classic. 

You can read my full Shein Swim review and see my other favorite Shein suits. 

2. Mustard Cardigan

This chunky chardigan has been on regular rotation in my closet for years. The color is great, doesn’t fade, and livens up any pair of denim for a cozy fall look. 

This exact product listing is sold out but the one I linked is super similar and has 10,000+ reviews.

3. Black and white jacket


I think this was the first jacket I bought of Shein (you can see it on my birthday wishlist seven years ago in this old post). It is a beautiful statement piece. It isn’t sold online anymore but here are a few gorgeous statement jackets that will be perfect once the temperatures drop. 

P.S I did find this jacket that is very similar and so chic if you really love the black + white squares.  

4. Plaid jacket:


This unlined jacket is one of the most beautiful outerwear pieces in my closet. It has made the cut for multiple moves and I still reach for it over pieces 10x more expensive. 

The exact one isn’t sold on Shein anymore but there are a few other plaid jackets with high reviews at great price points. I linked a super similar one (and if you scroll down after you click you can see a lot more). I find that Shein is a treasure trove for unique + beautiful jackets. 

5. Easy summer dress:


This is one of those dresses you can wear a million different ways and fit doesn’t matter very much. I bought this only a couple of months ago but it has been on regular rotation. I wear it with sneakers to the park, with flats and a belt to meet friends, and with wedged sandals for a dressier date night or church service. This exact dress sold out so I linked a few other babydoll dresses. 

How cute is this long sleeve version?

6. Chambray Blouse


I ordered this one off Shein years and years ago but it is the perfect light summer blouse to go with anything that is not blue denim. I wore it regularly with white jeans and patterned skirts. The exact one is sold out but here are a few super similar options which good reviews. 

7. Sezane knock-off sweater


This is a new addition to my closet but I have eyed the original Sezane sweater for years. I hadn’t bit the bullet on the $120 price tag yet so when I saw it for $18 on Shein, I added it to my cart right away. 

It comes in a few different colors and has a boxy/cozy fit. 

8. Black and white striped tee


I have washed and worn this tee dozens of times. It holds it shape, is stretchy and comfortable, and at under $10, it is worth ordering in other colors (I also have the light pink stripe – very cute). 

9. Animal Print Midi Dress


Dress it up or dress it down, this piece is so comfortable, cute, and versatile. I wear it most with sneakers on hot summer days (the material is thin but not sheer or see-through). It layers well under a denim jacket, leather jacket, or trench coat. I love the puffed sleeves and tiered skirt. 

It comes in 2 different colors and is $20. 

10. Knit wide-leg set


This knit two piece set is my favorite thing I’ve ever ordered off Shein. It looks far more expensive than it is (I wore it to a store opening for J.Jill in Boston and the CEO complimented me on my “cashmere set”) and is SO incredibly comfortable. 

You can wear the pieces separately or together which gives you lots of outfit options. I’ve washed the pieces many times and the pleats in the pants hold up. It hasn’t started pilling yet (3 years in). 

The only struggle is it comes in “one size” only. I’m wearing it here a few months post partum and 20+ pounds heavier than I was when I wore it last week to dinner. I’d say it fits XS – M easily. Larger sizes are hit or miss. 

If this set is sold out, Shein has tons of knit sets here (just be sure to read the reviews). 

Honorable Mentions:

They don’t quite make the top ten but here are a few other fantastic Shein finds I have bought and loved: 

9. Waffle Quarter-zip


This is a new addition but I haven’t taken it off since it arrived (okay, I didn’t for the first day). It is a great mid-weight fabric, comfortable and cute. If you’re loving the quarter zip trend but don’t want to spend up, let this be your next Shein purchase. 

Right now it looks like its on sale for $14! 

If you aren’t loving the pink, I also have this quarter zip from Shein which comes in a purple, grey, and navy. It doesn’t have the same waffle texture but it is super cozy. I sized up to a S for a roomier fit but would order an XS if I were buying it again. 

11. Peter Pan Collar Blouse


This is everything I love in a Shein item – no buttons, statement style, forgiving fit. I’ve worn this top a handful of times and get complimented whenever I do.

12. Smocked Floral Blouse


Another great Shein blouse. It is a thin material but not see through at all. The smocking detail is fun and between the floral print and the puff sleeves, you could dress if up for the office or d

13. Girl’s Gingham Romper


This is the cutest little girl’s thing I’ve seen on Shein. I bought it in both pink and blue for my daughter. 

15. Kids’ ribbed knit henley + jogger set:


This is technically in the boys section but I bought them for all three of my kids (two boys and a girl) and they all love them. They’re super soft and come in a handful of colors. 

A note on sizing: I ordered a 100 for my 5-year-old girl who wears 4t – 5t.  

I ordered a 120 for my six-year-old boy who wears a size 6 usually and it fits comfortably (if a little big). 

Okay, tell me! What is the best thing you’ve ever ordered from Shein? What have you absolutely loved?

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  1. I ordered three dresses from Shein and have been trying for weeks to return one. The page for the return with a reason will not go ahead to the Submit page and get a return label. I will not ever order from them again. Do you know of a way to contact them other than Customer Service?

    1. Oh that is so frustrating! I’ve done a handful of returns in the last year and never had an issue. Sometimes my order page has a hard time loading and when I sign out of my account and sign in again this fixes the problem. I don’t have an alternative way of contacting them beyond customer service (I have reached out to their affiliate / blogger email listed on the website but that took awhile to get a response from).

  2. Hi Elisabeth!
    My name is Kelly, and I am a Master’s of Social Work student at the University of Georgia. I am leaving a reply to this blog post because I want to bring attention to the harmful work of Shein that many are unaware of. Shein is a company actively participating in providing fast fashion at cheap prices, which is primarily why it is so popular with customers, however, Shein’s production has an extreme environment and human cost. Shein has been documented to be wasteful with materials, detrimental to surrounding communities, and supplying human trafficking. Many other fast fashion companies comply with the same practices therefore as you have a platform to inform others on fashion, beauty, and more I encourage you to check the vendors you are supporting, and if you have time read up on the hurtful practices of fast fashion of Shein. Below I have listed some articles that give insight into this social justice issue. I hope supplying information on these practices can in return lead to less demand for these products and end Shein’s production altogether. Shopping sustainably can lead to a healthier environment, fights for human rights, and typically have higher quality clothing items. Thank you for taking the time to read this reply and I hope you will continue to influence others with this information!