Cheap Kids Stocking Stuffers from Shein

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

I keep hearing how we need to start early because of supply chain issues so I’m getting my act together and making Christmas lists now. 

Today’s stocking stuffer guide comes entirely from Shein. Have you shopped on Shein before? This fast fashion giant is one of the fastest growing online retailers and they specialize in lower quality, inexpensive, trendy pieces. They also have tons of things that would make great stocking stuffers. 

I spent hours combing through Shein’s site to find the best stocking stuffers this year! In our house stocking stuffers don’t just mean SMALL gifts, they also mean INEXPENSIVE gifts. I am not looking for a fun $25 toy to put in my child’s stocking. Everything on this list is under $15 with 90% of it under $5 (and plenty of things under $2). 

Shein really shines when it comes to exciting, cheap, stocking stuffers. Your kids will LOVE these and so will your wallet. 

For each of the items on the list there are a handful of additional similar options on Shein’s site. You can click on the link and then scroll down to see similar items (so if you want a similar pop-it but aren’t set on the unicorn, click over and choose the flower or the castle instead). 

What’s on the list: 

  • tons of pop its 
  • lots of purses (Shein has so many options for cute, inexpensive mini bags) 
  • fidget toys 
  • hats
  • jewelry
  • lounge set

Kids Stocking Stuffers From Shein

Pop it Unicorn Crossbody Bag

$5.50 Here

How fun is this little pop it cross body? This unicorn bag comes in a couple of different colors. Bonus points if you fill it with her favorite treats.

2. Pop it handbag

$3.30 Here

Pop its are everywhere right now and Shein has tons of them. This is the first time I’ve seen them in bag form, though! How fun is this? 

Ribbed Henley Set

$14 Here

I ordered this for all three of my kids and they have asked to wear it everyday since they opened it. It is super soft and so cute. You can use it as a lounge set or pajamas and it comes in a couple different colors. 

We ordered the deep forest color and it is really good. The green would also make great Christmas pajamas!

Structured Handbag

$9.50 Here

So pretty for your little one who loves to carry things around! Although, you might just want to order this mini bag for yourself instead. 

Quilted Chain Crossbody

$5.50 Here

This cutie comes in 5 different colors (doesn’t it make you want to buy one for yourself, too?). 

Pop it Keychain

$1.50 Here

The pop it trend can now clip onto your child’s backpack with this fun popit. 

Fuzzy Coin Purse

$1.50 Here

A tiny bit obnoxious but 100% your chid will be excited about it. 

Unicorn Pop it Key Chain

$1.50 Here

A stocking stuffer that will clip onto her backpack and last past Christmas morning. 

Pink Cat Crossbody Purse

$2 Here

Okay, my little girl would LOVE to find this under the tree or in her stocking. 

Teddy Bear Bag

$2.50 here

How fun is this for a first purse? 

Heart Purse

$2.50 Here

Comes in three different colors including a rainbow that my 5 year old would be obsessed with. 

Croc embossed Purse

$3 Here

Comes in three different colors including a rainbow that my 5 year old would be obsessed with. 

Spaceship Pop It

$3 Here

A fun version of the pop it for your little space lover. 

5 Piece Mochi Toy Set

$2 Here

Cute and squishy and $2. 

Castle Pop It

$5 Here

Perfect for your little princess! 

Puzzle Shaped Pop It

$5 here

Another fun take on the pop it trend! 

Bubble Tea Pop It

$3 Here

Gift this with a coupon to go get milkshakes with Mom or Dad after school.  

Classic Rainbow Popit

$2 Here

Can’t go wrong with the classic pop it. 

Watch + Bracelet Set

$3.50 Here

Worried about how long your child can have a watch without breaking it? At only $3.50, it doesn’t really matter. 

352 Piece Hair Accessory Set

$3.50 Here

352 peices?? I’ll order this one just to confirm its all there but I know my little girl would LOVE those butterfly clips! 

3 Piece Butterfly Necklace Set

$2 Here

How fun would this be to give to little friends for the holidays? Adelaide would love giving these to a few girls from school as much as she’d like getting one in her stocking.  

5 Piece Toddler Ring Set

$2 Here

Why do all kids love tiny things? The only purpose of these is to delight your child and then have you be okay when they inevitably lose them. 

16 Piece Faux Pearl Hair Clip Set

$3 Here

So cute, right? 

3 Piece Bow Set

$3 Here

Love these large bows! Consider ordering these a little bit early to wear to holiday parties.  


$3.50 Here

How darling. are these little sunglasses? They come in 4 different colors but I love thsi dusty rose! 

Embroidered “A” Baseball Hat

$4 Here

You know I’m ordering this for Adelaide (it also comes in a cute pink color). 

Houndstooth Scarf


Comes in this happy yellow and a classic black and white. 

Unicorn Sparkle Necklace

$1 Here

Just watch – I’ll put a ton of thought into some really great gifts and it will inevitably be this $1 unicorn necklace that my daughter is the most excited about. 

Graffiti Print Knit Beanie

$5 Here

This cozy $5 beanie comes in two other solid colors but I love thsi graffiti print. 

6 Pairs Animal Print Socks

$12 Here

Split up this pack between kids or gift to friends. 

Dino Pom Beanie

$4 Here

You want to buy this now just to take thie cute matching picture, don’t you? 

Parent Toddler Santa Hat Set

$7 Here

You want to go buy this now just to take this picture, don’t you? 

Unicorn Bracelet and Ring Set

$1 Here

Possibly the happiest dollar you’ll spend this year. 

Flower Clip Set

$1.50 Here

Cute (and very strong Daisy by Marc Jacobs vibes). 

Knee High Critter Socks

$2.50 Here

If you weren’t ready to commit to the full $12 set of knee high critter socks you can buy a single pair here for $2.50. There are a couple of different options. 

Plain Baseball Cap

$2 Here

For only $2 I’m tempted to get this and let my kids decorate their own hat with sharpies. Or maybe I’ll handletter their names on them? So many options. 

Also, this one comes in a lot of colors. 

Mini Jewelry Case

$5 Here

Have a little jewelry lover? Snag this mini case to keep her favorites organized. It comes in two colors but this neutral sand color is my favorite. 

Antler Ring Throwing Game

$3 Here

Brea this one out a little early to give the kids something to do at the holiday party. 

Alpaca Stress Relief Rope

$2 Here

The only problem is you don’t get to pick which color you get. 

Mini Tape Measure

$1 Here

My kids LOVE stealing the tape measure and going around the house “measuring things” so these are definitely going in their stockings. 

Multiplication Table

$9 Here

Have a little math lover? Looking for a cute decoration for a playroom wall? Who knew multiplication could be so cute. 

Fidget Toy

$2 Here

I’ve played with this at a friends house and it is just so oddly satisfying. Great to have for kids on car rides or waiting for appointments. 

Phone Shaped Pop It Toy

$5 Here

You might say no to giving your kid your phone but you can say yes to this one. 

Excavator Pop It

$3 Here

What three year old boy would not be thrilled with this? 

3 Piece Colorful Ball Set

$3 Here

Have more than one stocking to stuff and don’t want your kids fighting over toys? I’m ordering this and putting one in each kid’s stocking.

Finger Basketball Game

$4 Here

Have a little basketball lover? You’ve found the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Finger Skateboard

$3 Here

We have one of these around the house and all three kids lie to play with it (the two year old mostly tries to stand on it). 

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