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Shein Shoes Review [2024]: Are they worth it?

Today we’re talking all ordering shoes from Shein in this review. All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored (I paid for my order) and may contain affiliate links. Spoiler: skip Shein shoes.

Walmart Sweater// Wide-leg jeans// capped toe flats // baby socks

Shein Shoes Review

Did you know that the fast fashion retail giant, Shein, also carries shoes? Of course you did. Or have you been miraculously spared the ever-tempting social media ads for their gorgeous-looking footwear?

Shein has had shoes on their site for years but in the last two years, they have really built out this category and offer thousands of darling and trendy options.

I’ve been ordering from Shein on and off over the last decade (I cringe looking at these very very old outfit photos when the brand was still “Sheinside”). The Shein shoe department wasn’t around at the beginning (or at least it wasn’t on my radar).

I have ordered a few different pairs of shoes from them over the last two years.

Here’s how they stack up:

Shein shoes I ordered

  • a fun pair of sneakers two years ago (no longer listed on site)
  • these cute flats : I paid just over $18 with a discount code

Initial impressions:

I thought this pair of flats was very cute right out of the box. There was a bit of a chemical smell. And once I put them on I was pretty determined not to keep them.

Full disclosure: there is a time and a place for Shein. I wear some Shein pieces regularly. I’ll mix a Shein blouse with a pair of high-end jeans from Shopbop or wear a Shein dress with Jimmy Choo pumps.

I have countless Shein reviews on this site where I share some of the gems I’ve found, worn, and LOVED from Shein. Shoes, though, are not one of them. Just please, skip the shoes.

Shein Shoe Sizing:

Shein shoe sizing seems to be consistent and runs true to size. I wear a 6.5 in most shoe brands and a 7 in higher-end brands. My feet are on the wide side so sometimes I size up to a 7. I ordered a 6.5 (or a 37) in both shoes.

With Shein I always recommend reading reviews to see how pieces run. You could also consider ordering two sizes and taking advantage of free US returns.

Quality of Shein Shoes:

The quality of Shein shoes is not great. Granted, I only have two data points BUT if there is something to skip on Shein’s site, it would be their shoes.

First of all, they are not incredibly comfortable. Everything I’ve ordered from Target has been significantly more comfortable. These are NOT shoes you want to walk around in all day.

That said, my Ferregamo flats are also not that comfortable so I recognize comfort isn’t the only sign of quality.

I’ve always returned shoes from Shein after trying them on until this pair of flats I kept (for research purposes, obviously). After 2 wears you can already see some creasing at the vamps (sides of the shoes). In contrast, higher-end flats I have worn 50+ times haven’t yet shown this amount of wear.

If you need a good-looking pair of shoes for an interview and are on a really tight budget, you could consider these. If you need a specific style of shoe for a costume or photoshoot, these could be great. But, if you want to actually wear the pair of shoes, order something else.

Here are a few things I’ve been eying:

It is tempting. I get it. Here are a few shoes I’ve had on my Shein wishlist for the last few months.


Skip Shein’s shoes. These are going to look very worn in a short amount of time AND are not going to be very comfortable.

The exception is if you need shoes for a specific event that won’t require very much walking/ standing AND you’re on a tight budget.

If you can afford to spend, there are about a million shoe brands I’d recommend over Shein. You’ll get more wear and more comfort out of just about anything else. Here are a few budget shoe options:

  • Target
  • Walmart: this one is new to me but I tried sandals from their Time and Treu line recently and they are cute and COMFORTABLE
  • The Real Real: I love buying higher-end shoes here secondhand and you can find some gems at under $50

Shein Shoes FAQ

Are Shein shoes comfortable?

The short answer is no. It does depend on the type of shoe you order. The flats I ordered are not particularly comfortable. The sneakers I tried were comfortable on but looked very cheap (the flats have the opposite problem – they look pretty good right out of the box but are not super comfortable).

Did Shein stop selling kid shoes?

Yes, for a period of time Shein did stop selling kids shoes entirely. As of this review they are not back on their website. I haven’t tried Shein’s kids shoes but I’ll add a pair to my next order later this year and report back.

Can you return the shoes on Shein?

Yes, you can generally return unworn shoes. I have returned multiple pairs of shoes to Shein before.

Are Shein shoes durable?

I have only kept one pair of shoes I’ve ordered from Shein (the others appeared too cheap right out of the box). The one pair I have I have worn 3 times and they are already showing signs of wear (creasing at vamps). I expect these will not hold up to regular wear.

How do Shein shoes fit? Do Shein shoes run small?

Shein shoes generally run true to size but if you’re in between sizes, take your larger size. I am a 6.5 in Target shoes at wear a 37 in Shein shoes. Here is a quick size guide to help you with conversions for Shein shoe sizing:

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