Shein Flash Sales – how to get 50% off

Today we’re talking all about Shein flash sales and how to score 50% off on Shein items. 

The only thing better than cute, trendy items at a great price? 

Add 50% off on top of that. 

Did you know Shein is ALWAYS running 50% off a rotation group of products

Frequently asked questions about Shein Flash Sales 

What items are on flash sale?

Shein is always running a flash sale on select items in the following categories:

  • Women Clothing
  • Women Plus Clothing
  • Kids Clothing
  • Men Clothing
  • Home & Living
  • Underwear & Sleepwear 
  • Sport
  • Apparel Accessories
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Pet Supplies

You can easily toggle through these categories or view all the sale items at once. 

Are there a limited number of items on sale?

Yes, there are always just a handful of items in each category on flash sale. Additionally, only certain colorways of an item will be on sale. 

For each of the items, Shein usually sets a limit (for example, 50, 200, etc) of items that can be sold at the flash sale price before the sale expires. If you see something you want, snag it right away. Keeping it in your cart without purchasing it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it. 

Where can you see the flash sales?

Flash sale items are listed on the Shein homepage close to the bottom. You keep scrolling past the daily drops and the regular sale section and you’ll see a category called “Flash Sale” with a timer counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the flash sale ends. You can scroll through and click on some of the items directly on the home page or you can click on “Flash Sale” or the > button to see all the items. 

Can you stack coupons / discounts on flash sale items?

Yes, you can stack free shipping codes or minimum order codes (for example, “get 10% off orders of $29 or more). 

Can you return flash sale items on Shein?

No, flash sale items are marked as final sale in your shopping cart and are not eligible for returns. 

How long do flash sales last? 

Flash sales usually last 24 hours or until the item limit has been reached. You can always tell how much time is left for that particular sale by looking at the timer wideget on top of the flash sale page. 

Can you tell if something is going to go on sale? 

Yes! Shein conveniently shows you what the next batch of items are that will be going on flash sale next. 

These are listed under “Coming Later” when you’re looking at the flash sale page. You can go ahead and add the items to your cart right now. 

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Do you have any other questions about Shein flash sales? 

Have you scored anything great from them yet? 

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  1. Can I paid for Items daily on flash sale for about a week and have you send all the items to me in one package and still qualify for free shipment if I meet the requirements

  2. Are you limited to a specific number of items of flash sale items you can purchase in a single transaction?

  3. Hi. I was able to snag 20 flash items on my first big haul at Shein. Of course now I am barred from adding any more flash items to my cart. Do you know how long you have to wait to buy flash items after you have hit the limit?
    I thought the next flash sale would make me eligible to start purchasing flash items again, but no.
    Of course flash items have to be limited because the prices are fantastic, but I would have been a bit choosier about what I purchased if I knew I would have to wait a long time to join in flash sales again.

    1. Hi Terri – I had no idea there were limits on flash sale items. Did you figure this out? When were you able to add more?