9 Mother’s Day Gifts (with prime shipping)

Today we’re talking all about Mother’s Day gifts if you need a last-minute gift (or need to suggest a last-minute gift to your husband). This post contains affiliate links (but my love for all these products is all my own).

Still need a gift for Mother’s Day? I’ve got you!

I’ve searched high and low for gifts I would love to own (as a 33-year-old mom of 4) AND that I would give to my own mom.

These are all things that will absolutely get used and are easy to tie in with a sentimental message.

Tip: If you’re shipping directly with Amazon, be sure to add a little gift message when you order!

1. Vitamim C Serum: Boost By Skin Reverie

This Vitamin C serum is gentle enough for all skin types and has SO many skin benefits (whether your mom is 35 or 75). It brightens, hydrates, and makes your sunscreen more effective. Plus, the branding is cute and the light citrus scent from the real orange is refreshing.

2. A bit of luxury: Quilted Bathrobe

This chic bathrobe seems far more luxe than the pricetag suggests. I own it. I’ve gifted it. Its a winner. Pair this with a shower steamer, Skin Reverie’s Boost, or a box of chocolates (or all three).

3. Something new: Shower Steamers

Have you used a shower steamer before? It is essentially a bath bomb you put on the floor of your shower. As you shower you get a little aromatherapy. This is probably something mom hasn’t used before and would turn any shower into a spa experience.

A dash of love: Bamboo Wooden Spoon

If you’re gifting to grandma from the grandkids, how cute are these? Gift them with a homemade treat or a new cook book.

Travel Jewelry Box

Why have I lived without a jewelry box for so long? This one comes in a million colors and is so cute. It is the perfect size for traveling (or holding everything if you’re a minimalist). Feel free to gift this with a pair of Hey June earrings. If your mom lives far away, include a little note that this is for her favorite pieces the next time she comes to visit.

Dime Beauty Glaze Lotion

The real standouts from Dime Beauty are their clean perfume formulas BUT if you aren’t up for choosing a scent for your mom (I recommend “Core Memory” and “ILYSB” in a roller duo if you’re gifting). Include a little message about pampering the hands that take care of all of us.

If you want to go the Dime Perfume route, be sure to read the full list of Dime perfume ranking and scent descriptions.

Lip Oil

Have you jumped on this trend yet? If you haven’t, its like lip gloss and chapstick had a baby. It isn’t oily and its super hydrating. The right one gives you a really subtle color – the perfect touch of elegance that goes with everything. If you’re up for a splurge, this is the cream de la cream from Dior but this one is also really good.

Bonne Maman Jam Gift Set

I have to include this little set of jams. We are currently in our breadmaking era and this brand is one of our favorites for jam. The set includes 8 fruit spreads and one honey.

Korean Sunscreen

Practical and almost guaranteed to be used, this facial sunscreen checks all the boxes. Korean sunscreen has higher standards than US beauty products (and are going viral on tiktok right now). This one still give you prime shipping (but you might want to order one for yourself too). Include a little message about protection for one of your favorite faces.

BONUS: Hey June Earrings

These aren’t on Amazon Hey June sells Nordstrom quality pieces at Target prices and they’re great for anyone. They have fun, cool styles and classic pieces.

My most worn pieces from them are their “thickies” or their “chunky huggies.” These classic gold pieces elevate everything and are comfortable enough to sleep in. I’ve gifted these over and over and they’re always a favorite.

Add in a little note about how you’re sending them a “hug” if you go with the huggies (but really, you can’t go wrong with anything).

P.S. You can always use the code “ELISABETH” for 15% off

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