10 Things to do with your Word Of The Year

Today we’re talking all about what to do with you “Word of the Year” once you’ve picked it. Haven’t picked it yet? Check out this post with 100 ideas for your next “Word of the Year.” 

So you’ve picked a word of the year for 2022! Yay! 

Now what? 

Worst case scenario is this word sits around, maybe typed in a note on your phone, in a text to a friend, or just floating around your mind and come the middle of February, you can’t even remember what it is anymore. 

Let’s avoid that, shall we? 

How can you get the most impact out of your word of the year? 

1. Create a vision board

Cut up those old magazines you’ve had sitting around or go digital and use Canva.com to collage together your favorite images and words from the web. Make sure to do something with the vision board when it’s done. Hang it up, print it out, put it somewhere you’ll see it often. 

2. Set specific goals with your word of the year in mind

What does your word of the year actually mean for different parts of your life? Consider setting specific goals in the following areas that can all be tied back to your goal: 

  • social
  • emotional
  • educational/intellectual
  • physical
  • spiritual

 If your word is “peace” then a social goal might be building a network of people who you feel comfortable enough around to be yourself and you’ll do that through inviting someone to go on a walk with you each week. An intellectual goal might be to learn about meditation through signing up for a free thirty day class. A physical goal might be to meditate each morning, put your phone away at 8pm each evening, or sign up for a new yoga class. 

3. Put sticky notes with it around the house

Try and keep your word top of mind. Think sticky notes on your mirror, on your fridge, or on the door so you see if before you leave the house. Go a step further and have the note visualize you living out your word. So, instead of just saying “soar,” you would write “Today I will make decisions to let myself soar!”

^^how cute are those striped sticky notes?  

4. Print it on a mug for your morning coffee (or Taka)

Better yet, switch your coffee to Taka, my favorite clean source of energy. You can learn all about Taka here (if you’re looking for more energy + better health in 2022, don’t miss this). 

This is a great source for cute personalized mugs right on Amazon. 


5. Personalize a planner with your word on it

If you’re a paper planner person and like writing everything down, go ahead and get your word embossed right on the front of you holy grail planner and you’ll have to look at it a lot. 

There are tons of options for easy personalized planners here and if you’re up for spending a bit more, I’ve heard amazing things from friends about these planners. 

6. Create a themed reading list for 2022 around your word

Consider researching a few great books to help you stay focused on your word over the next 12 months. You can mix in self help books with fiction that has inspirational characters tackling something around your word. 

7. Find quotes that go along with your word

If you want something a little more substantial than just putting your word on a sticky note on the fridge, look up quotes that have to do with your word and post those around the house. 

8. Wear your word:

Get it stamped on a bracelet, the first letter of you word on a necklace, or have it embroidered on a cozy sweatshirt – anything to make it more visible for you this year! 


9. Create a playlist around your word

Maybe this is your new “getting ready in the morning” playlist or just a few songs to play every once in awhile to help you focus on your goals for the year. 

10. Make your screensaver work for you

What is something you look at multiple times a day? The lock screen on your phone! You can search pinterest for graphics with your word or use canva.com to design your own. 

Not willing to quite that cute picture of your baby? Use Canva.com to collage your word along with the picture so you’re getting both. 

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