15 Best of Shein for Valentines Day

Today we’re talking all about Valentines outfits from Shein. You can always find all my tips for finding the best things on Shein in this post. 

Now is the time to start thinking about your Valentines Day outfit! 

Whether you’re going out for a fancy date night or celebrating Galentines with a group of girlfriends, there is something festive, comfortable, or fun on this list for you! 

*As always when shopping on Shein, be sure to read through the reviews. You can find other reviewers with similar sizing and see how they thought an item fit. You can also see images of the product right out of packaging to see how colors work for you. Shein also usually has free shipping over $29 in the US with the first return on any order free (I like to order something in 2 sizes and see which one works better for me and return the other). 

P.S. Prices are always fluctuating on the Shein site so I’ve added the prices here for what they are when I hit publish so you have a reference but just know they might be a bit different when you click over. 

1st pick: Red Romper ($18): 

How sophisticated and fun is this little red number? Dress it up with a pair of heels for a dinner out (works much better here in sunny California than February in Boston – skip this one if it’s freezing where you are) and then reach for it all spring and summer. 

This style is new to Shein so there aren’t any reviews which can be risky but it is too cute not to share. 

2. Sexy Off-the Shoulder Top ($13): 

You can wear this one a few different ways but the deep red color and ruffle detail make this one perfectly festive. 

3. Heart Tee ($10)

Looking of something to wear during love month that is more casual? How darling is this little heart tee? 

4. Two-toned pleated skirt ($35)

On the pricier end of Shein finds, from their new premier brand MOTF, I’ve had my eye on this skirt since the holidays. Stunning, right? With lots of Anthro vibes. 



5. Dainty heart sweater

Cozy up in this little sweater. It is perfectly festive while still being something you could wear the rest of the colder months. This comes in a few other colors if you wan’t to do hearts in a non-traditional color!) 

6. Flirty Red Swin Dress ($12):

I love the texture and puff sleeves on this flirty little number. If you’re headed out for Valentines, put this on your list. 

7. Tiered red dress ($17):

If you’re looking for a little more versatile red dress option, this one is pretty and fun while being a bit more casual. 

8. COZY PICK: Heart cardigan($19)

If you’re looking for the coziest V-day in piece, snag this sweater! I love the muted tones and this type of piece where fit doesn’t matter as much is where Shein products really shine (I’ve had a cardigan from Shein I’ve worn regularly for the last 4 years). 

9. Red strappy heels ($28)

Want to dress up something that is already in your closet? How fun are these strappy red heels? 


9. Striped heart sweater:

Understated and cute, this sweater doesn’t scream Valentines but will still count 🙂 

10. Premium Wool Cardigan ($45) 

Another piece from Shein’s higher end MOTF brand, you can wear this basic all year but it also works particularly well for Valentines. 

11. Better than Basic tee ($9)

Understated and cute. 

12. Heart v-neck pullover ($26)

If red and pink isn’t your vibe but you still want something festive, try this black and white knit pullover. 


13. Heart Pullover

If your favorite color to wear is black and you don’t want to put on ruffles and pink, this sweater gives all the Commes De Garcons designer vibes. 

14. Drop Earrings ($2.50)

How fun are these ombre drop earrings? Pair them with a red top or wear them with any neutral to add a pop of V-day. 

15. Heart earrings:

I couldn’t resist adding these fun big statement earrings (I’ve already hit, “add to cart.”)

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