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40 Cute Maternity Swimsuits for 2024

Today we’re talking all about the best maternity swimsuits. If you’re looking for the best places to shop for maternity swim, you’ve found the list! 

Are you in the market for a maternity swimsuit this year? Maybe you need a swimsuit for your beach babymoon coming up? Maybe you’re gearing up to be pregnant all summer and need to be able to live at the pool?

I’ve rounded up 35 cute maternity swimsuits for summer 2024 but am also including a few favorite stores in case you want to go check out some more options.


Pregnancy is not always the easiest time to put on a swimsuit. Maybe you’re feeling like you look out of shape, unattractive, or just not like yourself. Maybe you’re just feeling tired + sore + yucky and it’s hard to feel good about the way you look when your body doesn’t feel strong and healthy.

Just remember, your body is doing an AMAZING thing! Even if you spend the whole day sitting on the couch, you are growing a HUMAN. Your body is building this tiny little thing inside you and providing just what it needs.

Also, baby bumps are darling. And, really, who cares what anyone else thinks? Grab a cute suit and beat the summer heat this pregnancy out in the water.

Where to buy cute maternity swimsuits


GAP has some great classic and simple maternity swim pieces. You can expect the quality to hold up to lots of wear over the summer.

Shop GAP Maternity Swim here

The Motherhood:

This is the largest selection fo maternity swim I could find and they have everything from classic, flattering black suits to bold, fun prints and colors. How cute is the black and white gingham one they have on their site? 

Shop Motherhood maternity swim here

Pea in a Pod:

If you’re looking for a higher quality maternity swimsuit, check of the selection at Pea in a Pod.

Shop Pea in a Pod Maternity swim here


I didn’t love a lot of the pieces on Nordstrom for maternity swim last season but they have a few gems this year. They also do offer free shipping and free returns. You can always trust the quality of the brands they carry.

I’m loving the black scalloped from Kimi and Kai they have right now! 

Shop Nordstrom maternity swim here

Pink Blush Maternity:

They have a lot of cute solid one pieces this year. If you’re looking for a ruffle, check out their collection.

Shop Pink Blush Maternity swim here


With a little bit of everything, you can find classic as well as fun and trendy maternity suits on ASOS. They have SO many cute options at decent price points. Be sure to check out their regular maternity section as well if you’re placing an order.

Shop ASOS maternity swim here


The fast fashion giant has been expanding into maternity in the last few years and they have started offering maternity swim options. I’ve only ordered one maternity swimsuit from them before and it does the trick. The material isn’t super high quality (but my non-maternity swim from them has held up for a full season of weekly wear and regular washing) but they have lots of cute styles at unbeatable price points. Just be sure to read the reviews. If you want more tips for finding good things on Shein, check out this post. 

Shop Shein maternity swim here


Target has a super limited collection of maternity swim but it is from their Ingrid & Isabel line which you can almost always count on to be awesome. If you’re looking for a maternity rash guard, this is the place to start. 

Shop Target maternity swim here


That said H&M has in the past had my very favorite maternity swimsuit. They all come at a great price point and, because you’ll likely only be wearing this suit for one season, the quality should hold up just fine.

This year it looks like they have a few different options all at the same $35 price point.

shop H&M Maternity swim here


I have put together a roundup of 40 cute maternity swimsuits! All of this maternity swimwear are stylish and affordable. #maternityswimsuits #maternityswimwear #maternityfashion #maternitystyle #pregnancystyle

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