25 Best Self Care Gifts for Expecting Moms + Pregnant Women

Today we’re talking all about the very best pregnancy self care gifts for expecting moms in this gift guide. This post may contain affiliate links.

Looking for a fantastic gift for a mom-to-be? This list of self-care gifts are perfect for pampering the deserving pregnant woman in your life (even if that is yourself!).

  • Have a baby shower coming up?
  • Looking to gift something beyond diapers or baby clothes?
  • Want to show a friend you care + support her through this pregnancy by finding the perfect gift?
  • Or maybe you’re expecting and a need a little pick me up (these can be the best gifts just for yourself)

This list of self-care gifts is perfect for expecting moms and many of them make fabulous post partum gifts as well. They are all a great way to pamper yourself, a pregnant friend, or any expecting mom.

Self Care Gifts to Use While Pregnant (and then after delivery)

1. prenatal massage

Prenatal massages are life changing in those last uncomfortable weeks before delivery. A good massage can also be incredibly healing and therapeutic in those first months of constantly carrying a baby, bending over for diaper changes, or learning how to nurse.

When I polled hundreds of women on the best gifts they got when pregnant, prenatal massages were top of the list.

If you’re local, you can give her a spa gift certificate. Another option is gifting her a visa gift card and a small bottle of lotion, body oil, or other spa item.

2. Pedicure gift card

By the time she’s in her third trimester, she likely won’t be able to reach down to paint her own toes. Also, carrying all that extra weight around might be making her feet extra sore. Give her a bit of relaxation with a pedicure gift card (bonus points if offer to watch her other kids while she’s at the salon).

Alternatively: Consider a foot massage if you don’t want to gift a pedicure.

3. luxury robe

Her lounging game is about to go up a notch with this luxury plush robe. It is perfect for nights in when nothing fits anymore and will be fabulous for snuggling a little newborn in.

Worth noting: If you’re buying this for a mama post partum, consider going with a darker color. A fluffy white robe is a classic but between baby fluids and the recovery she’ll be going through, a darker color will hide stains much better.

P.S. If you don’t want to spend the $40+ on the luxury robe, I’ve had this one for years and it is FANTASTIC. Plush, soft, and under $20.

4. Tonic Luxe Velvet Heat Pillow

By the second or third trimester the aches and pains have set in (and they aren’t going anywhere). Once baby arrives there will be the neck and back strain from nursing or carrying a baby around. This luxe pillow heats up in the microwave and then soothes any aches o pains.

5. Pregnancy Pillow

Does the mama-to-be have one of these yet? If not, move this to the top of your list. The full body pregnancy pillow makes sleeping SO much more comfortable offering back, bump, and leg support.

Just go see how many 5 star reviews this has on Amazon (I’ve used and loved this one through two pregnancies).

6. New Sheets or a Satin Pillowcase

Anything that makes elusive sleep better is a great gift during pregnancy. A satin pillowcase can help keep her cool during the post partum heat flashes (did you also know it does wonders for your hair?).

7. Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow – Supports Head, Neck and Back in Tub – Bathtub Cushions

Water is a great escape from the extra weight she is carrying around these days but sometimes it is hard to get comfortable in the tub. Take her evening soaks up a level with this luxe bath pillow.

Bonus points: Pair it with some bath salts or bubble bath for the ultimate self-care gift

8. Gap Modal Joggers

This modal fabric from GAP is my all time favorite soft, breathable, lightweight lounge material ( and my favorite fabric to wear while pregnant).

I’ve had these in maternity and non-maternity over the years, converted all my sisters and a neighbor or two. They’re the best.

I lived in this black non-maternity pair during my first trimester and just ordered this maternity pair for the next 6 months. I brought these to the hospital with my last two babies.

P.S. They also come in a maternity modal short and pajama top – I ordered the sleep short and plan to wear it around the house / on walks / over swimsuits to the pool all summer.

9. Bath Salts Pink Storq Flakes: Pregnancy Bath Salt

Up her tub game with these bath salts formulated for pregnancy. They have magnesium to soothe any aches and pains from carrying around a baby.

Pair it with a great lotion to combat any itchiness of her stretching skin.

10. Mama Sweatshirt

Whether she’s still expecting or the new babe has already arrived, this cute and cozy sweatshirt is a darling reminder of all the hard work she’s doing.

This one is super cute, comes in 4 colorways and is under $25

11. Luxe Maternity Pajamas

Maternity pajamas might not seem like a necessity but instead of sleeping in men’s tee shirts for the last few months, consider a great pair of maternity pajamas. This pair can be worn just as easily post partum (perfect when you have visitors dropping by at the hospital or home but you’re still not really ready to get dressed).

Sizing: Size up in these ones if she’s in her third trimester

12. L.L. Bean Slippers

Give the mama-to-be the gift of support with the most comfortable pair of slippers around. These top-of-the-line slip ons have been around for decades for a reason. She’ll love these now and use them for years.

I find that as I gain weight during pregnancy, my feet need more support. I love having these into my second and third trimesters (or I just wear sneakers around the house).

I’ve had this exact pair for a year and a half and can always trust anything L.L. Bean makes to be great quality. They come in 6 colors but the brown is my favorite.

13. Maternity Support Belt

In the last few months of pregnancy a growing belly can put a lot of strain on ligaments and a woman’s lower back. A pregnancy support belt helps carry the load and decreases back pain.

This one has free prime delivery and you can send it to any mama in her last few months just to let her know you’re thinking of her.

14. Nice Candle or Diffuser and Oils

The little luxuries are a perfect little pick-me-up in the last long weeks of pregnancy or those early weeks of life with a new baby. Give her the gift of a great smelling home with a nice new candle or a diffuser and some oils.

This scent is my very favorite (a very budget friendly version of the iconic Anthro candle).

15. Delicate Gold Jewelry From Hey June

Hey June is one of the most fantastic women owned small businesses to support. I LOVE their products (Nordstrom quality jewelry at Target prices) and getting a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes on instagram.

These gold huggies would be the perfect gift for mom. My sister gave these to me for my birthday in November and they are worth the hype. They instantly elevate any outfit (including a lounge set) and they are comfortable enough that you never have to take them off. Yes, you can sleep in them, throw up in them, shower in them, give birth in them, live in them. If you’re going to wear earrings during your fourth trimester at all (which you don’t have to), let it be these.

P.S. Use code ELISABETH for 15% off your order.

16. Dessert Gift Box, Her Favorite Treat, or Home Cooked Meal

If food is her love language, try something delicious she doesn’t have to make herself. Send a dessert gift box to a long-distance friend. Pick up her favorite treat and drop it off. If you’re local, bring a home cooked meal (or pick up her favorite takeout). If you’re bringing dinner, just coordinate before hand (or bring something that can be reheated easily later).

17. Fantastic Lotion

Between the changing hormones and the stretching skin, every woman needs a great lotion during the third and fourth trimesters. Spoil the mom-to-be by giving her a little bit of the spa to use in her own bathroom.

18. Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Ideal for sneaking in all the naps possible before and after baby arrives, a silk sleep mask is a little gift just for her. Plus, who doesn’t feel a little fancy with a soft bed of silk around their face?

19. Spa Gift Box

If you can’t take her to a day at the spa, why not send a spa afternoon to her? In this box all the curated goodies are wrapped for you and she’s guaranteed to feel loved and appreciated.

20. A deep cleaning service

Go the practical route and gift the mom-to-be a deep cleaning service. When we polled over 100 moms and asked them what their favorite gift to receive while pregnant, this one was right near the top of the list.

Some women said they had deep cleaners come while they were at the hospital so they came home to a perfectly clean home. Some said they loved having cleaners come while they were too pregnancy to effectively clean. Others loved having this service post partum so they could nap instead of cleaning out the fridge.

If she already has cleaners, cash and a note explaining what its for can work just as well.

21. If there are other kids at home… a nap

(and a white noise machine)

Is there anything a mom in their third or fourth trimester wants more than some uninterrupted sleep? I don’t think so.

If you’re close by, offer to come take her older kids to the park so she can nap. If you’re close enough, you can extend this same offer a month or so in to come over and hold the baby so she can sleep. If you don’t want to show up empty handed, bring along this white noise machine (our #1 must have for any baby) and she won’t be able to hear a thing happening downstairs.

22. Personal home electric massager

This is perfect for those last uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy AND for all the aches and pains that come from carrying around a new baby all the time.

Pair this with a new soft blanket, her favorite snack, or an amazon gift card to rent a new movie.

I’m linking the one we have and love but a friend recommended this one and it looks even better.

23. Slip on shoes

It is HARD to bend over and tie your shoes at the end of pregnancy and it doesn’t get any easier when you’re always holding a baby. Give the mom-to-be the gift of going hands-free with a new pair of slip on shoes.

Here are a few of my (pregnancy approved) favorites:

I’d love to hear – what would you add to this list? What was the best self-care gift you got while pregnant?

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