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27 Week Maternity Outfit + Update

A little 27 week maternity update (photos from 25 weeks):

Eating: All the creamy, cheesy things sound so much better than anything sweet these days. We’ve had these white chicken enchiladas three times in the last month.

I have also officially hit the “Coconut Outshine bar with Pretzel Crisps” stage. Each pregnancy there reaches a point where this combo sounds SO good (it is good not pregnant, too, but just so satisfying as I get into the third trimester).

favorite pregnancy snack combo:


Loving: I am loving the new car smell, the fresh rubber smell, and the new shoe smell. This is also a pregnancy phase that hits each go-around about the same time. My ideal evening these days is snuggled on the couch with my popsicle and pretzel crisps while rewatching Suits with Ben and smelling a pair of new shoes (alternatively, riding in a friend’s rental car was excellent).

Hating: The morning nausea has returned in full force! Why? I don’t understand.

Feeling: I am cautiously getting excited that the end is coming up. The kids are out of school soon and then it is officially summer… which means baby season. Sometimes three months feels like A LONG time but every once in awhile it hits that in three SHORT months, we’ll be holding our tiny baby.

Sleeping: Sleeping is hard. I’m finally off my Unisom + B6 combo (even though morning nausea is back). It has been worth it not to feel so groggy in the morning when I wake up. Rolling over in the middle of the night is getting harder and harder with the round ligament pain. I wake up multiple times a night and gear up just to roll over and try and get comfortable again. I’m reminding myself that it is much easier to go back to sleep now than when the baby is here and I have to do more than just reposition myself.

Missing: I’m missing the endorphins that come from hard exercise. I still try and do high fitness once or twice a week which is great but I have a hard time pushing myself when I’m not in a group fitness class. I’m counting down the months until I can use a 15 minute run as a mood booster.

Weighing: I’m still about on track for my usual one pound a week weight gain that I’ve done with all three of my previous pregnancies.

Wearing: I’m entirely in maternity clothes at this point (with the exception of a few non-maternity dresses). I’ve been loving my Blanqi maternity jeans, Motherbee Maternity tees, and all my non-maternity cardigans.

25 Week Maternity Outfit details:

Dress: Soon Maternity

This is a new-to-me maternity brand this time around and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the pieces I’ve tried. They make my all time favorite maternity dress this go-around (the green ribbed dress reviewed here). This dress is incredibly soft and comfortable. It is the kind of piece you’d put on for an event and then end up napping in afterward because it is more comfortable than anything else you’d put on.

Sizing: I’m wearing my true pre-pregnancy size which is a size down from what I usually get in maternity clothes and I wish I’d sized up one so I had more room in the chest. I love that you can wear this post partum/ not pregnant as well.


Heels: The Drop by Amazon

A fun neutral heel for summer. These go with just about everything but do take a time or two to break in.

Watch: Nordgreen

I got this a year and a half ago for my thirtieth and it is still going strong. I wear it about every day and it has held up so well. Highly recommend.

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