5 Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

Today I’m sharing 5 favorite beauty products I’ve been loving recently. This post is not sponsored and may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own, like always. To read about my most recent favorite beauty find, check out this Dime Beauty Review here.

How is it almost summer? We survived 4 soccer games on Saturday (8+ hours at the fields) and are really looking forward to low key mornings, leisurely weekends, and a slower pace.

Here are 5 beauty products I’ve been loving in the last year. A lot of these are new-to-me in the last few years and have become staples in my regular routine.

I discovered a few of them through my IPSY subscription. I buy the $25 Glam Bag Plus with 5 full sized products every other month and it is such a fun way to discover new products (not sponsored – you can read my full unpaid review of IPSY here).

1: Setting Powder (best for the price) – under $6

I was on the hunt for something to replace the Laura Mercier setting powder I ran out of and this came up as a really great dupe. It isn’t as good but the price is a FRACTION of what the LM powder is and it works really well. It holds everything in place and keeps me from looking shiny throughout the day.

I have the translucent color and almost need to order a replacement after using this regularly for two years. 

2: This Creamy Oil (body lotion stolen from my kids) – under $5

What is a creamy oil? I’m not entirely sure but this is just like a great hydrating lotion. For the size and quality I’d expect this to be $10+ dollars in the woman’s section and I’ll be using it all summer. It gives you great hydration without feeling sticky and doesn’t have a strong smell. I’ve officially stolen this one from the kids. 

3: This Cleansing Oil

I have been a huge fan of cleansing oil for a few years (if you put oil on your face, it tells your face that there is enough oil and so your skin produces less oil so I have fewer breakouts). This one came in an IPSY box two years ago and I’ve been re-ordering it ever since. I can’t say enough good things about it.

4: Dear Brightly Retinoid:

I’ve been using this on and off for two years and I have noticed positive differences in my skin. In all the skin + photo-aging research I did at the beginning of quarantine, retinoids and sunscreen are the two things proven to reduce the signs of aging on your skin. This is the 1 high end product I’ll stick with + budget for going forward. Dear Brightly also makes is super easy to get a prescription strength retinoid without having to go into see a dermatologist.

P.S. I’ve paused daily use for pregnancy and my skin can tell. I can’t wait to get back to using this everyday. 

5. Murad Vitamin C Moisturizer

This is, hands down, my favorite daytime moisturizer. It is thick but not too thick, brightening, and has SPF without smelling like sunscreen. I’ve ordered more already. 

* Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

I bought a refill of my favorite foundation / CC cream last month and am back to trying to get ready a few times a week. I LOVE this one. It is moisturizing, color correcting, and has buildable coverage.

I bought a replacement for the brush (buy the brush!) after using my previous one for 7 years straight and it has made a big difference in smoother application.

This is one of my busy-woman holy grail products.

I’ve also really been liking these from my most recent IPSY boxes (full review of IPSY here)

  • 111Skin Vitamin C Serum: The price on this reminds me why I love IPSY (I ordered this as an $18 add on and it is currently listed at over $130 on Nordstrom)
  • In Transit Cleansing Wipes: On days I am too tired for a full evening skincare (and by that I mean washing my face), I use one of these. Another great IPSY pick and really helpful during pregnancy.
  • Tula Face Sunscreen: This is, hands-down, my favorite face sunscreen I’ve tried. It goes on like a really light moisturizer with minimal sunscreen smell.

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