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Today we’re talking all about the best winter coats for women in Boston. If you’re looking to stay warm in city winters, keep reading. This post was originally published in 2018 but the coats + the recommendations are still the same. 

Since moving to Boston I have been on the hunt for the best winter coats for women and the best warm winter boots to help survive these long dark months here in New England. If you really want to be out, experiencing all that Boston has to offer, even in the winter months, you need a great coat. 

Boston winter essentials.

In Ohio our winters were just as cold but a suburban winter is just not as harsh as a city winter.

We used to go from our heated house to our garage to parking spaces right outside our destinations. Now, the only way to avoid the cold altogether is stay in our little 700 square foot apartment all day long and that is hardly a viable option.

And so I’ve been on the hunt for a winter jacket and warm footwear. I spent a few months asking friends for recommendations….

TIP ONE: Get a long coat.

This was the thing I heard over and over again. Preferably down filled, but the more of your legs it covers, the warmer you’ll be.

I was skeptical. I didn’t think the long coat was necessary and didn’t believe it would really make that big of a difference.

It does. Trust me.

I started with a J.Crew Factory long puffer coat and have been super happy with it. For running to the grocery store, walking over to Harvard Square, or heading to dinner, it keeps me warm. As we get into January and February I always layer a thick sweater underneath it and for under $100, I had no complaints. 

When we found out we would be staying in Boston after business school I invested in a Canada Goose parka and finally understood the hype. Unlike the J.Crew jacket, I can wear a tee shirt under my Canada Goose in sub-freezing temperatures and be just fine. The only thing that gets cold when I’m wearing my Kensington Park is my lower thighs and knees (I’ve heard amazing things about this long Canada Goose). If you’re committing to city living somewhere cold for a while, do yourself a favor and splurge on the Canada Goose or the North Face jacket. I’ll link a few other great options below. 

Aside from the Canada Goose, the most popular jacket here in Boston is the North Face Downtown Parka. Ben has the men’s version and Lincoln has the kid’s version.

Best Winter Coats for Women: 

Here is a list of coats that I have or friends have in Boston that we absolutely LOVE and recommend: 


The real winner of the winter uniform though, are these L.L. Bean boots. Everyone had told me I needed Sorel or Bean boots (but if you’re a true New Englander you have to go L.L. Bean). I was on the fence, and actually left these in the closet with tags for the first few weeks after buying them just because it was hard to swallow the price tag.

THEY ARE AWESOME. The warmest part of my body is my feet when I’m wearing them. I’ve had these for two winters now I can’t recommend them enough.I anticipate wearing them for the next 4-7 years before I replace them with the exact same pair.

shoppers tip: I grabbed these at the L.L. Bean outlet in Nashua, NH (no sales tax and additional sales) so they were still pricey but less than the $200+ price tag. 

Sorel boots are also a great option if you want something that is available on amazon. Here are comparable fur-lined boots that have prime shipping and amazing reviews. 

Best Winter Boots for Women

outfit details:

my puffer coat: J. Crew Factory (cute and worked with lots of layers on cold Boston days but doesn’t hold up to any of the other coats on the list)

boots: L.L. Bean


sweater: Joie (sold out)

denim: AG

hat: GAP, old (almost identical here with prime shipping) 

Do you live somewhere cold? Have you found the best winter jackets for women? Another awesome one I should add to this list? Let me know!

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  1. I know this is a super old post at this point and you have probably already figured this out or new about it anyway, but wearing a base layer or fleece-lined tights or leggings under my skinny jeans is an absolute cold weather must. As you say, it’s that gap between where the coat ends and the boots start. so I try to always have a base layer or at least knee-high socks on to give that space an extra layer.

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  4. Yeah not buying Canada Goose coat with its coyote fur ruff. I prefer to hear coyotes howling at night out my window, not to have their dead bodies wrapped around my head.
    Otherwise I enjoyed your post.
    Eddie Bauer and North Face make great jackets without fur.
    Always look for Responsible Down Certified

  5. How do you feel about LL Bean’s mountain classic down parka? I’ve been thinking about purchasing that one.

    1. I haven’t tried that coat specifically but I generally trust all L.L. Bean coats (and their warmth ratings). This one says it is their “warmest” which is a great sign. The longer length + down filling make it a yes from me. I also really like that it says its machine washable and isn’t SO bulky. My one hesitation is that it is water resistant and not waterproof.

      If I were only going to own one winter coat from L.L. Bean for Boston winters, I would pick something that is waterproof and not just water resistant like the Maine Mountain Parka: https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/118914?page=maine-mountain-parka