5 Shein Brands to Watch

Today we’re talking all about in-house Shein brands that make shopping on the site simpler. Figure out which brand resonates with you and get recommendations based on your own style preference.

Have you been overwhelmed trying to narrow down the tens of thousands of items on Shein? 

Do you ever feel like you LOVE some of the things you see but you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing 80% of the stuff on their site? 

Shein is a massive fast fashion retailer with hundreds of new listings each day and navigating all the products can be very daunting. 

One easy way to simply your search is to familiarize yourself with some of Shein’s in house brands. Instead of filtering by product type, you can browse within a brand for a more curated shopping experience. It’s like, instead of walking into a mall with everything thrown together and organized by size or color, you choose to walk into Madewell, Anthropologie, or Zara. You’re a lot more likely to find something you love 

Keep reading to figure out which Shein brands are right up your alley! 

Shein Brands to Watch

Shein SXY:

Shopping mostly for your next night out on the town?

Prefer seeing clothing pieces on models with curves?

Check out Shein’s brand SXY. They carry thousands of items for a night out but many are appropriate for work or getting brunch with friends.

The biggest difference is you’re going to see (mostly) everything modeled on curvy women with large chests and butts. It feels very Kardashian.

You’ll love SXY If you love: 

  • Hitting the club
  • Kim Kardashian 
  • Showing a little skin
  • Rocking your curves
  • Tight silhouettes 

Shop SXY New Arrivals Here 

Emery Rose 

Consider Emery Rose your cozy boutique inside the massive mall of Shein. Reminiscent of Francesca’s in US Malls, Emery Rose carries lots of chunky knits, fun blouses, and printed dresses. 

You’ll love Emery Rose if you love: 

  • Free People 
  • Zara 
  • Small Feminine Boutiqes
  • Chunky knits

Shop Emery Rose New Arrivals Here 


Casual meets effortlessly cool with Shein’s trendy streetwear label. Consider it your ultimate capsule collection of everyday styles, from edgy separates to of-the-moment sets, and all the accessories you need to make your look ‘extra.’

You’ll love DAZY if you love: 

  • Anthropologie
  • And Other Stories
  • Someone asking “where did you buy that?”
  • Urban Outfitters

Shop Dazy New Arrivals Here 


Shein Basics

Solid colors, cozy fabrics, and classic cuts make up this collection of your next go-to basics. Shein basics carries things in Womens, Mens, and Kids categories. These pieces are hopefully here to stay which will give some Shein products a little more longevity (as opposed to those trendy pieces that sell out each season and are not brought back). 

You’ll love Shein Basics if you love: 

  • Finding go-to everyday pieces
  • H&M
  • Solid colors 
  • Comfy + Casual 

Shop Shein Basics Here


You’ll find lots of texture and beautiful neutral colorways.  Everything feels very classic, chic, and effortless. Shein’s site describes it as “curated, effortless, chic.”


With pure silk and eco friendly lines (made mainly from recycled polyseter fabrics), MOTF is Shein’s forray into higher quality and sustainable fashion. 

You’ll love MOTF if you love:

  • J.Crew
  • Understated style
  • Higher quality 
  • Minimalist style
  • Neutral colors 

Shop MOFT New Arrivals Here 

Other Shein selections + in-house brands worth checking out: 

  • Petsin – a full line of clothing for your furry favorites
  • Luvlette – underwear (from daily favorites for lingerie) 
  • Cuccoo – Shein’s line of footwear, described on their site as “a combination of great Quality, chicness, homage of timeless designs and good value for money.”

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  1. What brands do you recommend for having the best fabrics. I’ve dropped thousands at shein but I seem to be drawn back to dazy for the quality. Besides moft, what brands do you recommend? Personally the basic shein line seems like a cheaper brand as far as the fabrics go. Your suggestions please…