16 Places to find your Maternity Dress for your Baby Shower

Today we’re talking all about the best places to shop for maternity dresses for your baby shower! Scroll to the bottom to shop 17 great maternity dresses to wear to your shower that are in stock right now. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

Dresses are some of the most comfortable and flattering things to wear while pregnant and your baby shower is no exception. Whether you’re heading to a big more formal event or just having a casual get-together with dear friends, find something you LOVE for the occasion! 

What to wear to your baby shower:

Wondering what to wear to your baby shower? There are a million options but here are my top three recs:

  • Fitted dress that shows off your bump
  • Flowy, feminine number that celebrates womanhood + motherhood
  • A cute maternity top and a great pair of maternity denim or comfortable leggings if dresses aren’t your thing.

Summary: whatever makes you feel great! This is your party, after all. If you’re letting me suggest something though, go with a great maternity dress. This is an occasional to get dressed up, celebrate with your favorite people, and probably snap some pictures (a lot of these dresses would double as great dresses for maternity photos)

6 Budget-Friendly Places to Shop for Maternity Dresses for Your Baby Shower:

# 1 baby shower dress pick: Pink Blush Maternity:

Pink Blush has stylish and COMFORTABLE maternity (and post-partum) options at a variety of price points. I love Pink Blush because they offer so many darling styles that don’t scream maternity while still showing off your growing bump. Also, everything I’ve ordered from them in my 4 pregnancies has been really comfortable.

My favorite pieces from Pink Blush Maternity are their gorgeous dresses. Pink Blush has the most beautiful dresses for maternity photoshoots, the cutest options for baby showers, and great comfortable basics to wear everyday. Wondering what to wear for your shoot? Here’s a whole post on how to pick your maternity photoshoot outfit. 

You can filter on the Pink Blush site by color so if you’re looking for something specific, it is easy to find. They also have a whole section just for baby shower dresses here!

Pink Blush runs a few different promotions so you can usually snag a dress at 20-40% off. Here are a few gorgeous options for your baby shower!

Pink Blush Baby Shower Dresses

dresses pictured above:

Pink Chiffon Maternity Dress // Linen Maternity Dress (love this for dressing up + down) // Maxi Dress (SO soft and comes in a million colors)

runner up store for baby shower dresses: Shein Maternity

This fast fashion industry giant has recently expanded their affordable fashion to include maternity pieces. Shein takes trendy pieces from top retailers and makes lower quality, lower priced versions. This means you might not want to rely on them for the maternity pants you want to wash and wear 50 times this pregnancy but they are great for dresses, blouses, or anything for those final weeks when nothing fits. If you haven’t shopped at Shein before, I shared a full post on tips for finding the best things on Shein here. They have LOTS of options for lower quality darling maternity dresses. They also have tons of dresses that are bump friendly if not specifically maternity. 

Shein usually runs free shipping without an order minimum on Sunday (but you’ll probably want to order 2 sizes or a few different options and use their free US returns to make sure you get the perfect maternity dress for your baby shower). 

Shop Shein maternity pieces here

3. Old Navy:

Old Navy is great for trendy pieces and my favorite non-maternity budget jeans (rockstar 24/7) come in maternity sizes, too! You can scroll through all their other fun maternity basics while you’re on their site. 

Shop Old Navy maternity here

4. H&M:

I have a few tops I love from H&M maternity and you can’t beat the price point! They have classics and trendy pieces and their sizing runs a bit small. Stock up on their cute striped shirts and check out their nursing friendly line as well. They always have a couple maternity dresses and you might just fall in love with one for your shower.

Shop H&M maternity here 

5. Walmart:

Have you checked out Walmart’s maternity selection? They have more options online than in-store (like most stores) but have some darling options for dresses and tops. Their prices can’t be beat and there’s a good mix of basics and more trendy pieces. 

Shop Walmart maternity here

6. BooHoo:

The price point here is great but you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Don’t expect these to last daily for a few pregnancies but if you need something cute for your baby shower without spending a ton, check them out. 

Shop BooHoo maternity pieces here

7. Target:

Target doesn’t usually disappoint and maternity is no exception. My personal favorite is the Isabel Maternity line by Ingrid & Isabel which is a more budget friendly version of my #1 recommendation for higher end maternity dresses below. You’ll still get great style, just at a better price point. 

8. Amazon:

Amazon has SO many great maternity options, especially when it comes to dresses and staying within a budget. Just be sure to read reviews. I also recommend looking at flowy options that aren’t specifically maternity (you’ll probably get a better price and still find some beautiful options that work with a bump).

Mid-range + High End Stores for Baby Shower Maternity Dresses:

#1 pricier pick: Ingrid and Isabel

In addition to a full line of maternity and nursing apparel, Ingrid and Isabel also carries active maternity wear with great reviews. They have a large selection of maternity dresses that range from cute to classic. I’ve personally owned and worn their dresses over the course of three pregnancies and each piece from them has been FABULOUS. The quality is great, the fit is flattering, and the style is always on point. 

Shop Ingrid and Isabel’s Maternity Dresses here 

runner up: Hatch Collection:

They make classic pieces that work well during maternity and post partum (I ordered their pieces whenever I found them on thredUP). You can count on Hatch to deliver when it comes to style and quality. If you’re looking for a high end piece you’ll feel great it now and later, check out Hatch. See all of their dresses here. 

10. Tiffany Rose:

If you have a special event while pregnant, glance through their collection of beautiful dresses! I cannot recommend this line enough! They carry it at Nordstrom but have more options on the Tiffany Rose site. I’ve worn these gowns for a few different formal events over the years and they’re the highest quality maternity pieces. These dresses are on the pricier side and they make you feel like a princess. Plus, the high quality fabric feels SO nice against the stretched skin of your growing belly. 

11. Asos:

I love their denim and their selection of maternity dresses. They also have great tops and more unique pieces and lots of formal wear options if you have a special event while pregnant. 

Shop Asos maternity here

12. A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod is a great curated selection of mid and high end maternity pieces. They carry some great designer jeans as well as other budget friendlier pieces. This curated selection is a hit or miss if you’re looking for a specific dress, but, they are worth checking out, especially if you aren’t quite sure what you want to wear to your baby shower yet. 

Shop A Pea in the Pod Maternity here

13. Motherhood Maternity

This is another of the Motherhood brands (Destination Maternity, A Pea in a Pod, and Motherhood Maternity are all owned by the same company) that carries an assortment of trendy maternity pieces. Whether you need a cute top for brunch with girl friends or a casual dress to live in all summer, check out their selection. If you’re looking for a fancy dress, this isn’t your best bet, but if something casual works, they are worth checking out. 

Shop Motherhood Maternity here

14. Isabella Oliver:

If I had no budget for a maternity wardrobe, I think I’d order everything from this catalogue. They carry so many great silhouettes in gorgeous colors and comfortable fabrics. The fabric of these dresses of these help you feel great about your changing body. 

Shop Isabella Oliver maternity bestsellers here. 

15. Seraphine Maternity:

Almost four years after my first pregnancy I STILL have Seraphine pieces I wear without a baby bump. They are cute, great quality, and don’t scream “pregnancy.” Plus, you know if Kate Middleton wears it while pregnant, it has got to be good. 

16. Nordstrom

Nordstrom carries as assortment of maternity pieces. Be sure to check out their selection online because it’s much bigger than in store. Shop their maternity dress selection here. With Nordstrom you can shop a wide selection of maternity brands but still take advantage of Nordstrom’s return and shipping policies. 

Don’t forget maternity shapewear for under your maternity dress!

The secret to keeping everything smooth and flattering under fitted dresses while you’re weighing a little more than usual? Shapewear works wonders when you aren’t pregnant and that doesn’t change with your new bump. Maternity shapewear has come a LONG way and there are lots of options for quality, affordable, comfortable shapewear. Whether you’re getting ready for maternity photos, a big event, or just wanting to feel put together in your final months of pregnancy, here are some great maternity shape wear options.

Shop Maternity Shapewear

#1 Pick

This is slip I used and LOVED under maternity dresses during my last pregnancy. It is pricier and worth every penny. This made a big difference under my maternity bodycon dresses.

#2 Pick

This budget find will get to you in two days with prime shipping and has over 5000 positive reviews on Amazon.

#3 Pick

This budget find will get to you in two days with prime shipping and has over 5000 positive reviews on Amazon.


17 Gorgeous Maternity Dresses for your Baby Shower to Shop Right Now: 

I’ve rounded up 17 of the most beautiful maternity dresses to order right now for your baby shower. The price points are all over the place here so whether you’re on a strict budget or splurging on a great quality piece, there is something for you. I went mostly with pinks and blues but a lot of these come in a couple colorways. Which would you wear for your baby shower dress?


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