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Unpaid Blanqi Maternity Leggings Review

Today we’re talking all about Blanqi maternity leggings in this unsponsored review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Blanqi Maternity Leggings Review

I’d heard about Blanqi leggings in previous pregnancies but wasn’t sure if they were worth they hype. I thought I was better off investing in great maternity jeans or a maternity dress and sticking with $30 leggings from Target.

This time around I decided to check them out (mostly because I kept getting ads for their maternity denim – full review of that here).

Here’s how they stack up:

Is Blanqi legit? Background on Blanqi

I have been on the hunt for something that fits really well (I am a slim to average build at 5’4″) and something that drapes nicely. I am not looking for something that adds substantial warmth or bulk. It matters to me that the fabric falls nicely and is fully lined.

What I ordered from Blanqi:

I ordered a few pieces from Blanqi in the middle of my fourth pregnancy. Here’s what I’ve been trying:

First impressions: 

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the fabric. Everything is buttery soft and you want to put it on right away. You can bet this meant Blanqi is getting added to my list of the best places to buy maternity clothes!


The Blanqi website says that their leggings run small. I ordered my regular maternity size and found that they do run a bit smaller than other leggings. I would size up one size from what you’re regularly ordering in maternity clothes so they can last you through your whole pregnancy (I’ll probably need to retire mine by the middle of my third trimester).

Beyond sizing, the fit on the bike shorts and the leggings is REALLY good. There is no awkward gaping between thighs and bump I’ve experienced with some other cheaper maternity leggings. I feel super supported while simultaneously having everything still be really comfortable.


The fabric is a luxe nylon spandex blend you won’t want to take off. They’re moisture-wicking and breathable while still having medium compression.

I’ve worn and washed them for a few months with no noticeable pilling. Blanqi’s website recommends washing inside out on a gentle cycle. I generally wash them however they come off with a regular load of laundry on a cold temperature setting. I let them air dry (unless I really need to wear them ASAP).

The other thing to note about these is how great they are for dressing up. They are seamless without pockets or logos. Reviews say they’re great for exercise (I don’t exercise in mine beyond squats and chasing my kids around). I love that they don’t look like athletic wear and pair easily with a cropped sweater, a button-down, or a more elevated top and denim jacket.

When to wear Blanqi maternity leggings:

I have been living in Blanqi pieces this pregnancy. Whether it is their denim for day-to-day wear, their compression slip under every dress, or their leggings/ bike shorts.

Here are a few ideas on how to wear Blanqi maternity leggings (and I did this whole post on 10 outfit ideas with their bike shorts):

  • With a cropped sweater and your favorite flats
  • With your favorite maternity tank and a denim jacket or chambray button-down
  • With your favorite tee, knotted over the belly
  • With a boxy button down and blazer for a more professional look

Any of these biker short outfits would work with the leggings. These leggings are so versatile and you can wear them so many different ways throughout your pregnancy. The best part is, though, that they are also SO comfortable.

Blanqi FAQ

Is Blanqi worth it?

If you have room in your maternity budget for a great pair of leggings, these are the ones to get. They’re versatile, great quality, and SO comfortable.

Are Blanqi leggings worth it?

Yes. Pair them with these $10 maternity tops or all the non-maternity cropped items in your closet. Go cheaper on things like tee shirts but, if it is in the budget, investing in a great staple like a pair of black leggings is the way to go.

Do Blanqi leggings run small?

Yes, they do run a tad small. Order one size up and they’ll last you through your third trimester.

How often does Blanqi have sales?

Blanqi is usually running some type of promo at any given time but it is hard to know when their leggings will go on sale.

Is Blanqi legit?

Yes, Blanqi is an established US based maternity brand selling high quality products for pregnancy and beyond.

Where is Blanqi located?

Blanqi is a US-based brand that designs its clothes state side. They have manufacturers who knit & sew their garments in Ecuador, Turkey, Sri Lanka and China.

Where to buy Blanqi?

There are a few options when it comes to ordering Blanqi leggings. You can purchase them:
From Blanqi’s website
At Nordstrom


I couldn’t be happier with everything I’ve had from Blanqi.

If you’re looking for a great maternity closet staple, move these leggings to the top of your list. My one disclaimer is I love their jeans even more than their leggings. So, if you’re only going to order one Blanqi item, let it be their cropped straight leg maternity denim.

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