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31 Week Maternity Outfit + Update

A little 31 week maternity update (photos from 29 weeks):

Eating: All the pebble ice. Once I hit about 6 pm, nothing sounds as good as a cup of pebble ice from Chick-fil-a. It probably means I have anemia and should start taking iron supplements again.

I am also very much still in the “Coconut Outshine bar with Pretzel Crisps” stage. Each pregnancy there reaches a point where this combo sounds SO good (it is good not pregnant, too, but just so satisfying as I get into the third trimester). At this point many nights I would prefer a cup of plain ice but have not yet coughed up the hundreds of dollars for a pebble ice machine so popsicles it is.

favorite pregnancy snack combo:


Loving: Getting in the water! Back pain, ligament pain, all the pain has set in and swimming in the pool with my kids makes me feel gloriously light and pain free (even if I am protecting my belly from little kicking feet the entire time). I also really love the chance it gives me to hold and dance with Westley in a way that is just too hard when not in water.

Hating: How long 10 weeks still sounds (9 technically..but I am still trying to mentally prepare for this baby to be at least a week late).

Feeling: Good! Last week was hard physically but this week seems to be a bit of an improvement in energy (or maybe it is just because I’ve upped my Taka intake to two drinks a day). Last week I was pretty worried about surviving two months of summer with all these kids in my third trimester but right now pool days (and a few more hours of childcare each week) have me feeling optimistic.

Sleeping: Sleeping is still hard. I’m trying to drink a lot in the morning so I can taper off by bedtime and not get up a million times in the night. Even so, sleeping is not very comfortable.

Missing: I’m missing being able to run around with my kids. My toddler can officially out run me (a bit scary) and my waddling game is getting stronger by the day.

Weighing: I’m still about on track for my usual one pound a week weight gain that I’ve done with all three of my previous pregnancies.

Wearing: I’m entirely in maternity clothes at this point. I’ve been loving my Blanqi maternity jeans, Motherbee Maternity tees, and all my non-maternity cardigans. I’ve retired a few of my smaller maternity sized things and am all about soft fabrics and loose fits these days.

Planning: I’m still trying to plan out the best way to arrange all of the kids in the house when the baby comes to maximize sleep and minimize contention. Baby in our closet? Two kids in the same room? Which two kids? Turn the home office into another kid bedroom? This is also the first time we’ve had a baby in a two story home so I’ve been thinking through baby daytime sleep locations as well.

Buying: I still haven’t bought anything for this baby but am getting to the point where I’m starting to look at baby sleepers, bottles, and swaddles. There are a lot of new products on the market since I had my last baby and I feel a bit out of the loop!

25 Week Maternity Outfit details:

Trench: The Drop

I finally found the perfect trench coat and this is it.

Read the full review of the Amazon Trench here

Mules: Amazon Essentials

I am all about a shoe I don’t have to bend over and put on right now and the price point on these can’t be beat. They run tts (I’m between a 6.5 and a 7 and ordered these in a 7 and they fit well with a bit of room for my feet to swell).

Jeans: James Jeans

I’ve had these maternity skinnies for two pregnancies and they are a really beautiful, flattering pair of jeans. If you need a nice pair of dark wash jeans for the office and will get a lot of wear out of them, these are a good investment piece.


Sweater: Yoins (non-maternity)

This is probably the end of wearing my looser non-maternity sweaters (due to temperature and how they can’t really cover the bump anymore).

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