18 unique Gifts for Dad (at all price points)

Looking for unique gifts for Dad? Whether you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, fathers day, or his birthday, Dad is sure to love one of these cool and unique gifts!

18 unique Gifts for Dad (at all price points) by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight

18 unique Gifts for Dad (at all price points) by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight

18 unique Gifts for Dad (at all price points) by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight


Still need unique gifts for Dad for Father’s Day? There are so many great last-minute options! With Father’s Day, my husband’s birthday, and my dad’s birthday all within a week and a half of each other this year, I’ve rounded up a list of perfect presents for the father in your life in this gift guide for dads.

I’ve starred * all the unique gifts for Dad eligible for two-day prime shipping and there’s a huge range of prices. If you have a guy in your life with a sore back or neck, you don’t have to go further than the first one on the list. I would suggest ordering two though, so you don’t end up stealing the gift you’re meant to be giving 😉

Unique Gifts for Dads

18 unique Gifts for Dad (at all price points) by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight

Travel Massager

I got this for my husband for Father’s Day a few years back and we still ALL love it. It’s the perks of a giant massage chair without the bulk or the expense. At just under $45 (and eligible for prime shipping), it’s at a great price point, too and can be here by the end of the week.

It has 3-dimension deep-kneading massage nodes that help relax overused and tight muscles. The nodes automatically change direction every minute and you have the option of turning on a bit of heat which soothes aching muscles. We love that it can be used on lots of areas and easily fits behind the neck, behind the middle back, and even just under foot (can also be used on abdomen, calf, and thighs). It has straps to secure it to a chair AND a car adapter so you can use it on the go (have a dad in your life that commutes or has any summer road trips coming up? this would be perfect).

It comes with a 1 year warrantee AND if you don’t like it they offer a 90-day money back guarantee where they’ll pay for return shipping.

My only warning about this is you might just end up stealing it and using it yourself 😉

Subscription box

For the gift that keeps on giving, give Dad a well curated subscription box. This is an easy one to get siblings or other friends (if you’re shopping for a birthday gift) in on because you can each purchase a different month (which usually brings the cost down). Plus, it is an awesome last-minute gift because it doesn’t require a physical present to open. Just wrap up a favorite treat and a nice card that explains the gift.

If you’re looking for the same idea at a cheaper price point, consider subscribing him to a magazine based on his hobbies or interests. For my birthday my mom gave me a subscription to Real Simple and Southern Living and each month it’s so fun to have a reason to put away my computer at the end of the day and curl up with a magazine.

Audible book subscription or credit

If Dad hasn’t been introduced to audio books yet, this is the perfect time (and if he has, he’ll love this gift from the get-go!). If this is his first foray into the world of audio books, consider taking the time to set up the app on his phone and actually download a book you recommend. If its just a coupon you run the risk he won’t actually take the 5 minutes to set it up and enjoy your gift.

*Two years ago for Christmas Ben’s parents gave him Audible credit and it was one of his favorite gifts. He got to download a handful of books and enjoy them over the next couple of weeks/ months. Package the gift card up with a set of pens to take notes with or a favorite snack to eat while listening on the go. Currently we love using Audible and Scribd to listen to audio books. 

Leather wallet

Every man needs a wallet and I notice it’s often the last thing replaced. You can order lots of options online, and I like getting one (online or in store) from places like TJ Maxx where I can get a brand name I recognize at a much lower price point.

If I hadn’t just bought Ben AND my dad wallets in the last two years, I’d order this one. 

Wireless headphones*

Solve a pain point they didn’t even know they had or get them something they’ve been wanting forever. Those are your two options with wireless headphones. They’re ideal of working out or trying to get things done around the house without having to worry about cords. The bonus? You can steal them for an afternoon of trying things on in the dressing room without having to interrupt your podcast.

Ben loves his Bose noise cancelling headphones and also has this more budget friendly pair

Genetic Test kit*

This would be a really neat way to learn more about the dad in your life. Give him a genetic test kit and then take an interest in his results. It’s a fun present and a great conversation starter down the road.


Ben has been eying one of these forever and think of all the family videos you could create with something like this! They have these at a huge range of prices from $50 to $1500. If you want a lot of the same fun at a lower price point, try this helicopter. You won’t get the video footage but it’ll be the same outdoor fun for Dad.  

An Awesome Razor

I swapped out my girl razor for a set from Harry’s a few months ago and have been so happy with the update! Instead of paying a small fortune for something from a big razor company, you can pick up one of these sleek German-made razors that sell direct to consumers for half the price of big companies like Gillette.

Gift sets and packages range from $15-$30 or you can buy individual products for less than $10. Plus, the branding is sleek and modern so everything wraps up for a great looking gift.


This has been one of Ben’s most used gifts over the last two years and I love that it lets us stream all of our shows on our living room tv without connecting wires or other devices.


A portable speaker lets Dad take his music, audiobooks, or podcasts on the go. We love setting ours up outside and within a few seconds we can have music from our phone playing. It’s perfect for family campouts, beach trips, or just living room dance parties.

I’ve linked the one we have (and LOVE)but you can also find these at a variety of price points.

Good Pen*

Finding something practical and amazing quality ensures Dad will use his gift everyday and be able to appreciate the little luxury. Upgrade the pen at his desk to something like this one.


Add a little bit of luxury to Dad’s life with a nice robe. It’s probably something he wouldn’t buy for himself but will end up using each time he gets out of the shower.


For a Dad that enjoys the outdoors, this hammock can easily be set up on the go between two trees. It’s perfect for camping, fishing, rock climbing trips, or just relaxing in the backyard.

Smore’s Fishing Rod

Even for non-fishers, how fun are these fishing pole campfire rods? All you do is hook your marshmallow and you’re on your way to the perfect s’more.

I found this on UncommonGoods.com, a site for unique gifts I discovered a few years ago. We have a few of their products and love the quality of everything we’ve ordered.

Automatic Lawn Mower*

This one is a bit pricey but an awesome time saver for the Dad who hates to mow the lawn.

Golf Training Aid*

For the golf lover who can’t always get to the course, this training aid helps with strength and tempo training. It comes in two different lengths and Ben has added it to his wishlist.

For the Road Trip Lover or Foodie*

Have any road trips planned this summer? Is Dad a foodie? This fun roadfood book has hidden gems across America. Consider a gift certificate to a local favorite listed in the book to go along with it.

Digital Frame*

Updated pictures are a classic gift but I love how you can load and update pictures throughout the year with a digital frame. I find that whenever I give people framed pictures, especially of my kids, that two months later I have another picture that would be better to have in there. Maybe your gift comes with the promise of updating the pictures every couple of months or you’ve loaded the frame with photos from a favorite adventure with Dad.

For the Man always losing his keys

I’m about to order this for myself, actually, but if the dad in your life is always misplacing his keys or wallet, you can save him a lot of hassle and headache with this neat tech gift. I got this for Ben a few years ago and he’s been using them ever since. 


Hope you found something for the Dad on your list! What are some unique gifts for Dad you’re thinking of getting?

18 unique Gifts for Dad (at all price points) by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight

looking for a fathers day gift or a birthday present for your dad? these unique gifts range from cheap to expensive and are sure to be things he'll love looking for a fathers day gift or a birthday present for your dad? these unique gifts range from cheap to expensive and are sure to be things he'll love



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