Carribean Babymoon Packing List

Today we’re talking all about what to pack for your tropical beach babymoon along with sharing a few babymoon destination ideas.

What is a babymoon?

A babymoon is a trip a couple takes prior to the birth of their child. It is a great chance to get some quality time together before baby arrives (changing the family dynamic). It is also a great chance for Mom to unwind and relax.

When to take your babymoon

The second trimester or beginning of the third trimester is generally considered the best time for a babymoon. During this stage Mom has probably gotten over her nausea but the discomfort that comes toward the end of pregnancy hasn’t fully set in yet. The second trimester is also one of the safer times to travel (always check with your doctor).

When we took this Aruba babymoon I was 25 weeks pregnant

Best babymoon destinations

The best babymoon destination for you is going to depend on the time of year you’re pregnant, where you live, what your budget is, and what you enjoy.

Any relaxing destination perfect for a babymoon. This could be a ski chalet in Switzerland or a tropical beach in the Bahamas. A babymoon is the perfect time for sleeping in, taking naps, enjoying a massage, and indulging in delicious food. You don’t need to pick destinations with tons of activities (not the time to go sightseeing for 7 days in Rome).

Definitely consider the distance to the destination in your calculations because it is likely that travel is less comfortable for the mother-to-be these days.

A few places we’ve been that would make fantastic tropical babymoon destinations:

  • Aruba (where we went for our babymoon – check out our Aruba babymoon itinerary and trip details here)
  • Mallorca, Spain (gorgeous beaches, delicious food, a manageable flight from the East Coast)
  • Florida Keys
  • Southern California
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • Guadeloupe (delicious food and beautiful beaches)
  • Any cruise if you’re less than 24 weeks pregnant (plenty of down time, entertainment, lots of yummy food)
  • Mykonos or Santorini (stunning views, delicious food)

Here’s what I packed and wore on our 4 day Aruba babymoon at 6 months pregnant.

1. Lemon Print Sundresses (non-maternity)

This non-maternity sundress is incredibly bump friendly (and will work just as well post partum). It is fully lined and was perfect for maternity photos on the beach followed by a candlelit dinner on tables right in the sand.

I’m wearing my regular maternity size and it fits perfectly. The smocking detail is stretchy so it is forgiving.

Pair it with you favorite pair of sandals.

2. Angel Maternity Floral Sundress

This is very similar to the lemon print but from a maternity brand (would also work non-maternity and post partum). The fabric on this one is lighter weight than the lemon dress and it has slits up to the knee.

Wear this one over your swimsuit, out to dinner, or with white sneakers for a day of site seeing.

I love pairing this one with the cropped maternity sweater also from Angel Maternity.

3. Angel Maternity Blue Tiered Dress

I brought this for the beach wedding we had in Aruba. The ceremony and reception were held in the sand so this flowy number was perfect.

I was expecting a more linen-like material but this is a thinner, silkier material that is slightly sheer. I wore this blanqi maternity compression slip underneath and I was glad I did. My guess is if you went with the darker colors, you wouldn’t need the slip at all.

The color is gorgeous and the thin material makes it breathable and comfortable even on a hot day. You could easily dress this up with heels for dinner or with white sneakers for a more casual vibe.

4. Soon Maternity Ribbed Bodycon Dress

This is just one of my favorite maternity pieces right now so it made the babymoon cut even though it doesn’t scream “tropical getaway.” The ribbed material is so comfortable and, at this stage, the bodycon fit is very flattering. I love the color and it was perfect for a nicer indoor dinner during our trip.

It also comes in black which would be a maternity staple for a non-summer pregnancy.

(full review of this dress here)

3. Angel Maternity Cropped Sweater

This is the perfect summer maternity layering piece, especially to go over all your sundresses. I also wore it with high waisted maternity leggings. It is cozy enough you’ll want to lounge around in it but nice enough to wear to a fancy dinner.


4. Nom Maternity Gingham Set

Do maternity clothes get cuter than this? I don’t think so.

This set is part loungewear, part day wear and perfect for mixing and matching. I wore it lounging around our hotel room, over my swimsuit to the pool, and out to breakfast one morning. I paired the top with white denim for dinner one night and could have easily worn the shorts with a white or chambray tee.

It is very comfortable and something that would totally work post partum, too.

I ordered my regular maternity size and the top might not cover my bump by the end of the third trimester (but if you don’t gain 40+ pounds each pregnancy, you’ll probably be fine to wear this all the way through).

5. Gap white maternity skinny jeans

These were perfect with a few different tops for dinners. I usually prefer full panel maternity pants but these are comfortable enough without them. I liked being able to do a small front tuck with my blouse.

6. Hatch Maternity Blouse

Cute with denim cutoffs over a swimsuit to lunch and dressed up with white denim and wedges for dinner. This loose, gauzy top is from one of my favorite higher end maternity brands. Hatch makes some of the only maternity pieces I actually wear regularly not pregnant because they’re so cute. Worth every penny.

7. Pink Blush Maternity Linen Shift Dress

I threw this linen shift dress in last minute and was so glad I did! It was perfect for breakfast most mornings (over a swimsuit or before we changed into swimwear for the day).

You can see it works really well with my 6 month baby bump but, bonus, my sister borrowed it when we got home and it looked great on her not-pregnant as well.

This exact style with the 3/4 sleeves is sold out BUT they have an almost identical short sleeved one in stock.

8. H&M Scalloped Maternity One Piece

One of the cutest maternity swim options out there at the best price. This is still one of my favorite maternity purchases to date. I’m still wearing my regular maternity size (and I did order the size up to wear my last month of pregnancy when nothing else fits). Such a classy, cute, suit.

Last pregnancy my favorite maternity swim was also H&M so if this one is sold out, you can pretty much bet any of their maternity suits are going to be great.

update: the h&m scalloped suit sold out so I linked a super similar one from Pink Blush

9. Senita Maternity Ribbed One Piece Swimsuit

This is a great quality maternity suit that is very comfortable. It was the only suit I was never itchy in (which is saying something because I’ve officially reached the point where once I start sweating even a tiny bit my chest and bump get so itchy).

I wore this snorkeling and just to lounge by the beach.

10. Boohoo Red Maternity One Piece

Love a fun red one piece! I was pleasantly surprised with this one for the price. I love the color but the fit is a tiny bit off for me (it is a bit cheeky with a slightly longer torso than I need). That didn’t stop me from packing it and wearing it, though. If you’re looking for a good budget option, this one is very cute.

11. Amazon Maternity Halter One Piece

A solid B+ maternity swimsuit from Amazon at a great price. I love the color and halter on this. The padding stays in place and I have zero complaints about this suit.

12. Linen Maternity Pants

Wear these as a beach coverup or a complete outfit. These spring/summer maternity staples were a great addition to my suitcase. Usually I just wear them out and about at home with a black maternity tee and my black slides.

13. Maternity Joggers (airplane outfit)

For the plane I opted for these black maternity joggers from Amazon. The price cannot be beat. They’re thin (without being sheer), very comfortable, and super soft.

14. White Swim Coverup (non-maternity/ bump friendly)

I ordered this non-maternity white maxi dress as a coverup for our trip and it is so beautiful! It is very bump friendly. While technically not a coverup, it works really well for around the resort, over a swimsuit, or grabbing a bite to eat.

15. Nom + Soon Maternity Denim Shorts

Are there more comfortable maternity shorts than these two? No, no there are not. These are two very different looks but both incredibly comfortable. I was hesitant when I tried them on because restricting shorts seem like the last thing you want to wear while pregnant but these check all the boxes.

Notes on the Nom Maternity Shorts: These have the side panel which I like over a swimsuit wearing down to the pool.

Notes on the Soon Maternity: These have a full belly panel but I actually just rolled it down when I wore these over just a swimsuit to the pool. I wore these shorts and this Soon Maternity tank to the boat when we went snorkeling (and love the high neck of the tank, especially when you’re pregnant and extra sensitive to the sun).

16. Blanqi Maternity Jeans (airplane outfit)

I wore these on the flight back and they were as comfortable as the joggers. My love for these jeans runs deep. I didn’t end up wearing them any other time on our trip because Aruba was so warm and we didn’t do any casual indoor dining. That said, I wear them 2-3x a week at home so if you’re on the fence, go buy them.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of maternity jeans, you can read my full review here.

17. Hey June Gold Huggies

These are my go-to earrings and they came with us to Aruba. They instantly elevate any outfit (including a lounge set) and they are comfortable enough that you never have to take them off. Yes, you can sleep in them, throw up in them, swim in them, live in them.

P.S. Use code ELISABETH for 15% off your order.

Also, Hey June is one of the most fantastic women owned small businesses to support. I LOVE their products (Nordstrom quality jewelry at Target prices) and getting a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes on instagram.

Honorable Mention 1: Senita Active Leggings + Shorts

I didn’t actually exercise at all on this trip so I never wore either of these. BUT – back at home they’re my very favorite maternity workout leggings and shorts.

Use code “ELISABETH20” for 20% off

Honorable Mention 2: Karen Walker Sunglasses

These are my favorite sunglasses and I wore them non-stop on our trip.

I’ve had my eye on these for years and I love that they’re big enough that you can’t tell I haven’t filled in my brows or washed off mascara from that one time I wore it four days ago.

Honorable Mention 3: Woven Beach Bag

I added this to my cart on a whim while ordering the lemon sundress and I am SO glad I did. This was my go-to in Aruba for the whole week. It works with just about any outfit, was comfortable to carry, and could hold so much. It was perfect for just bringing a magazine and my phone down to the pool but I also packed my big DSLR camera in it, a change of clothes, and a few other extras when we went on our snorkeling expedition.

I’ll be using this all summer long (and next summer, and the next).

I’ve only had it for two weeks but I’m super impressed with the style, size, and quality for the price.

When it came to shoes, here’s what I packed and wore:

  • Veja velcro sneakers: I wore these for both travel days. The velcro made it easy gettin them on and off for security.
  • Everlane White Sneakers: I didn’t need both the Veja and the Everlane sneakers but I just got these and wanted to wear them without committing to having them be my only travel sneaker.
  • Greece Slides: I wore these to the beach wedding and just around the hotel. A great summer staple shoe I’ve had for years.
  • Kork-ease Wedges: These are SO comfortable (full review here) and I can walk 10 miles in them without any issues. I wore these out to dinner and around the resort.

I wish I had also brought my rainbow flip flops.

Looking for ideas on what to do on your babymoon? Check out our 4 day Aruba babymoon itinerary here.

I’d love to hear – what would you add to this list? Anything you’re packing for your babymoon that you’re obsessed with?

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