Is Zaful Legit? [2024] What to know before ordering

Wondering is Zaful legit? Today I’m talking all about my experience ordering from and sharing the tips you need to find things that are great. This post is not sponsored and it contains affiliate links.

Have you ever ordered from Zaful before? 

I was new to Zaful (but not new to the world of fast fashion where Chinese brands sell lots of cute, trendy pieces and seemingly too-good-to-be-true prices).

I ordered $200 worth of clothes to write this review (which went a lot farther than $200 would have at Nordstrom but not nearly as far as it would go when ordering from Shein). Some pieces were huge wins and some were misses.

In addition to sharing what I loved (and what I didn’t), I’m talking a bit about the company, fast fashion as an industry, and lots of tips to help you order things that will be awesome. 

What is Zaful? Is Zaful legit? 

Zaful is an up-and-coming fast fashion site founded in Hong Kong in 2014. They carry a wide selection of party wear, some day wear, and plenty of swim. They also have a mens section (that I haven’t ordered from before). 

When you order from Zaful you are getting cute, fun, lower quality pieces at a lower price point. This isn’t always a bad thing. 

If you’re looking for the workhorse white tee that you’ll wear twice a week all summer long for the next few years, skip this site. But, if you’re looking for a fun new suit for a tropical vacation, a blouse for an upcoming brunch with girlfriends, or a dress to wear from the beach to dinner, this could be your spot.

It is a great place to try out trends and see how you like them. 

Zaful History: 

After being founded in 2014 in Hong Kong, Zaful has been working to make a name for itself on the international scene. Four years after going into business they participated in London Fashion Week. The next year, 2019, Zaful participated in New York Spring and Summer Fashion Week.

They have developed a robust network of social media influencers and affiliates to promote their brand and in 2020 cooperated with Marvel to launch their Spider-Man clothing line. 

Ordering from Zaful: My Shopping Experience

The website is easy to use, if a little bit busy. They are always running various sales and have different coupon codes so be sure to check the homepage before you order. 

What can you buy on Zaful? 

  • crop tops
  • swimwear
  • party dresses
  • accessories

The majority of things on their site are cropped, strappy, or heavy on the cut-outs. There are lots of pieces for going out and a wide assortment of swimwear. There are a handful of pants, blazers, and jackets. 

Tips before you order from Zaful: 

Read the reviews: My best tip is to find items that have reviews and dig in. You can see how pieces look on customers and read their feedback. I steer away from ordering new arrivals that don’t have reviews yet because they can be hit or miss. 

Check the sizing measurements: 

Instead of just going with your regular size, be sure to read the reviews and sizing measurements. I’ve found MOST of their things run true to size but a few pieces in my first order were very large/ oversized and I would have realized that if I’d read the reviews the first time. 

Try new trends (instead of classics): 

Go for something you’ve been wanting to try (like the Shacket trend, maybe?). 

Check out everything new on Zaful here. 

Order things where fit is less important:

If you’re looking for the perfect tailored pant, you’ll want something you can try on, but it is hard to mess up a bodycon dress, a chunky sweater, or a bandeau bikini. 

Don’t skip the accessories:

I love adding a cute pair of sunglasses or a scrunchie to my order. Zaful has tons of options for under $10 (and many for under $5). Their jewelry reviews say they tarnish quickly so I stayed away from necklaces but loved the sunglasses that came in my order! 

Zaful Reviews

Zaful Bathing Suit Review

I’ve ordered 5-6 swimsuits on Zaful and most of them I was really happy with. Here’s what I ordered:

Zaful Bikini

I ordered two of their bikinis for an anniversary trip we had this summer and both were too big. The colors are fun and I was impressed with the quality for the price point. 

My first issue is that they don’t carry XS in most of their suits. If you’re an XS is most brands, skip their swimwear because they tend to run true to size and the small will be big. 

Zaful one piece swim suits

I LOVED the one pieces I ordered from Zaful. The white was not see through, it fit well, and is very flattering. I also ordered a green one (not pictured) which was very cute. 

Zaful Dress Review

I ordered this white and black printed midi dress. It is darling with a denim jacket and sneakers or you could dress it up with a pair of strappy sandals. It came very wrinkled but steamed very easily. The fabric is thin and a tiny bit sheer (skip the bright bra under this one). It is great for hot days but for the price I was hoping for a slightly higher quality piece. 

Zaful Romper Review

How fun is this tan romper? Here I’m wearing it over a swimsuit before heading to the pool with friends but this one is easy to dress up or down. It needed a good steam after I took it out of the package, like everything in my Zaful package. It has slightly padded shoulders, functional buttons, and a removable belt tie. 

Zaful Swim Coverup Review

Besides the white swimsuit, this was my favorite thing from the order. This flirty little number was the perfect coverup for our anniversary trip to Santa Barbara in August. You can add a denim jacket to go from the pool to dinner. It is a little bit sheer, just fine for a coverup, so you can see a bit of the swim suit beneath it. The ties are fun, functional, and let you get the perfect fit. 

Zaful Tee Review

I ordered two oversized tees from Zaful and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. They had a slight smell when they first arrived but it washed right out. The shirts of soft, medium weight, and have held up to lots of wear + washing over the last two months. 

Conclusion: Will I Order From Zaful Again?

Probably not. A year and a half since my first order and I haven’t placed a second.

I still have a few of these items in my closet.

  • the white swimsuit is still a great one
  • the grey California tee is going strong
  • the striped shorts make an appearance every once in a while to the pool
  • the white coverup is packed away from our next tropical getaway

In general, though, the items don’t seem significantly better than something I’d buy from Shein. I’m in the stage of ordering fewer items and investing in higher-quality pieces. Even if I weren’t, I’d still pick Shein over Zaful just for ease of free returns.

Zaful FAQ

What is the Zaful return policy?

Zaful has a less than robust return policy. This is not the store to place a big order and plan on returning half of your items.

How do I return or exchange an item?

Zaful does not accept returns or exchange without prior return authorization. This means you need to reach out to customer service to request a return. You can do this by going to your account, clicking on order, and hitting the “contact us” button. If the item is defective, snap a picture and upload it to the message. 

Zaful does not offer free returns so when you consider the cost of clothing and the cost of return shipping it might not be worth it. 

Items not eligible for returns: 
Beauty items
Masks and protective equipment 
Discounted items

How is Zaful quality? 

Zaful, for the most part, is fast fashion, lower quality pieces that aren’t going to hold up to lots of wear and tear season after season. A few things I ordered (tee shirts, swimsuits) are a step or two up in quality from the other pieces and I expect they’ll be in my wardrobe for at least the next 3-5 years. 

Zaful coupon code

Zaful is always running a million different sales. They list their coupons directly on their site. Currently they’re running an additional 20% off when you shop on their App using the code ZAFULAPP.

How fast is Zaful Shipping?

The standard delivery time for shipping from Zaful is 6-12 days but it can take up to 3 weeks to receive orders (I am based in the United States). 

Does Zaful Sizing run true to size?

Generally things on Zaful run true to size but you can double-check the reviews to see if anyone has made a comment about size. . You can always check out the sizing guide on each product page. 

Does Zaful have a Loyalty Program? How do Z points work? 

Z Points is Zaful’s loyalty program. You can sign up with a Zaful account and then begin earning points. Every 50 points are equal to $1, which you can use to shop on Zaful. 

Also, you can earn Z points if you write reviews (after purchasing products), or if you post promotional images about Zaful. There is no clear policy on how many points you can earn if you do this. There is also no clear policy on how many Z points you will earn if you purchase Zaful products.

By the time you are ready to use your Z points, your discount cannot exceed 30% of the cost of your order. For example, if you have a $100 order and $50 worth of Z points to use, it will only let you apply $30 worth of your points (so that the discount doesn’t exceed $30). 

Z points cannot be used with items for sale because they are already discounted. Also, you cannot earn additional Z points if the money you used to buy used Z points.

So tell me – have you ordered from Zaful before? What did you love? What did you not like? 

P.S. I did accidentally order this lounge set WITHOUT realizing it was sparkly. 

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