Weekends, Reminiscing, and Fall Layers

Back in college Ben and I spent two years living in two different “married-student” apartment complexes, solely for newlywed BYU students. Being married for our last two years of college may have seemed weird anywhere else, but when you’re surrounded by lots of other happy couples who just did the exact same thing, it’s not. We made some of our very best friends in those two years and I can’t count how many times we’d wander across the courtyard at 9pm, explain the dire homework situation, and determine that if we could get everything done by 11, we needed a late night treat run. And so the first frosty I remember eating (because they’re so thick you really don’t drink them), was late one weekday night across from BYU campus with Ben and my other two favorite people. Fast forward to this weekend, between sessions of general conference, Ben and I found ourselves back at a Wendy’s (a lot farther from BYU campus), reminiscing about those late night snack runs and living 20 feet from best friends. I really do love this next stage of life, but I think a part of me will always miss those first two years with friends that felt like family and when late night icecream runs could fix anything.

**side note: we went for the frostys and fries and ended up trying the gouda chicken sandwich on brioche and were so impressed — new favorite fast food sandwich, ever. 

^We picked up one of these coupon books for 5 free Jr. Frostys — 90 cents of each dollar goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. (Coupons valid from 11/1/14 through 2/1/15. ) ^please tell me you’ve dipped fries in a Frosty? no? fix that.  And because adoption is near and dear to our family, I’ll encourage you to visit your local Wendy’s to purchase a Jr. Frosty™ Halloween Coupon Book* for $1, which benefits the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. ^we’re starting this baby on Frostys young 😉 **full disclosure: there was a date my freshman year of college set for the purpose of letting me experience my first Wendy’s burger. It’s hard for me to imagine I didn’t order a Frosty on that occasion, but I can’t remember…and so we’ll stick with my first Frosty being two years later 🙂  ^Also, the weather decided to plummet this weekend. It made for plenty of cozy snuggling but it also called for coats, fleece lined leggings, and lots of layers.  outfit details: jacket: chicwish,  sweater: chicwish, c/o (sold out but loving this striped option!) leggings: pinkblush maternity, c/o ankle boots: oasap, c/o  (sold out but love these similar ones) bag: Kate Spade hair: via this tutorial  You might also like:


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  1. Love, love, love this sweater! (almost as much as I love Wendy's frosty's) Such a cute post! It's so nice to read about people doing ordinary things…like going to Wendy's. I feel like so often we get trapped in social media/blogger land where we only post the fabulous things we do. It's easy to forget that people do normal things, too!