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25 week Bumpdate

I made it safely to New Hampshire last night! For a girl that only ever takes two hour driving shifts on road trips, a successful twelve hour solo drive felt like a big deal. I’m now typing from our old couch in the library while my mom works from the desk and I keep getting distracted by the orange and yellow leaves that fall gently from the trees outside. It is going to be a great week.
Here’s a 25 week bumpdate:
Favorite Moments: Watching baby boy kick. I’ve been able to feel him for months and Ben’s been able to feel him for about a month but now we can see the kicks and its crazy! He’s getting so strong and sometimes if I have something resting on my bump, he’ll kick knock it off! Eating: Salmon and sour things. I’m still on a sour candy kick and I’ve been loving having salmon once a week. I’ve slowed down on my baked potato addiction but still eat far too much cereal. Feeling: Tired. Other than at bedtime, when I want to go to sleep, or right after Ben leaves in the morning when I desperately want to fall back asleep, I can almost always fall asleep. I wake up constantly throughout the night so even when I’ve been in bed for a good eight hours (or nine or ten), I’ve only been asleep for about 2/3 of them. Gender: Boy. Names: Still nothing. All boy name suggestions welcome. Craving: Anything I don’t have to cook. I still haven’t had any of the “I need to eat this weird combination of food this instant” kind of cravings I expected from pregnancy but food in general almost always sounds good…because I am always always hungry. Weight Gain: 21 pounds? It’s a funny thing, simultaneously feeling huge and realizing you still have a long way to go. Missing Anything: Raw eggs (cookie dough) and not having to bake my slices of turkey before I make sandwiches (silly listeria). Aches or Pains: Pretty consistent back pain throughout the night. The only thing that helps is lying on my back (which I’m not supposed to do). Thank goodness for my bumpnest pillow which helps quite a bit. Also, these baby kicks are getting stronger by the day and sometimes they are rather uncomfortable. Maternity Clothes: Yes. Basically I wear only maternity clothing (and a few oversized sweaters and tee shirts).  I ordered quite a bit from thredUP and have a few pieces from Pink Blush Maternity with lots of other pieces on their way.
My Mood: Life is wonderful pregnancy hormones are real. About once a week I find myself in a slump for no particular reason. Ben, scriptures, or bubble baths usually do the trick though šŸ™‚ Exercise: Ben and I have been taking walks together more regularly and I’ve been working on getting back into my squat routine. At least if I’m getting bigger, I can also tell I’m getting stronger. Excited About: Baby showers and nurseries. Those and holding my baby. This weekend I visited a friend who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that I could have held for hours.  
If you you’re interested, you can check out my 20 week update here or my 22 week update herešŸ™‚ Your kind words here and on instagram make sharing this pregnancy so much fun…thank you, thank you, thank you!
sweater: Gap (similar) necklaces: iSanctuary, c/o denim: maternity via thredup (here’s $10 off your order) boots: oasap, c/o (sold out but loving these similar ones) lip color: ‘All Day Stay’ Liquid Lipstick from Stila in Amore (here)  
**full disclosure: these pictures are actually from my 22/23 week of pregnancy – the bump is a bit bigger now šŸ™‚


  1. So cute! I wish I was preggo in the fall, because all the maternity clothes are so cute! You look great. And yes pregnancy hormones are so real! And that way wacky after birth!

  2. oh my! I was worried I was the only one with back pain already! I don't know if you're into doterra at all but the deep blue rub has definitely helped with my back pain at night and is loosening things up! But just fair warning that the peppermint in it dries up your milk later on so.. just be cautious if you do use it!
    I'm loving all of your maternity clothes. I want all your sweaters!!!! As for a name suggestion I think you guys are destined to have a Graham! I love that name for a boy!

  3. I love everything about this outfit. The color of the sweater looks amazing on you, and the ankle boots and necklace are adorable.

  4. I live in NH! So fun to know another blogger is in the area for a little bit! Absolutely love the lipstick you have on!

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