Easy Mocktail Hack

This post is brought to you from the comfort of my couch back in Ohio…which means I have successfully completed 26 hours of solo driving in the past ten days and am quite content never to drive a car again. This is also a lunchbox sponsored post but the obsession with mocktails, the love for thin stemmed glasses and my sisters, and all opinions are my own šŸ™‚

When Maddie came to visit me back in Utah almost two years ago, one of the “musts” on my list was a sister date to Spark, a darling lounge/non-alcoholic bar (which has since started serving alcohol and closed). They had a wide assortment of cute drinks served with all the garnishes you’d expect in a real cocktail. While I loved the presentation of the “Double Berry Martini” my very favorite was the “Mango Mojito” (the first time I’d ever had mint and fruit flavors together!).

This week, while home in New Hampshire, there was a request for mocktails and I love any excuse to pull out the stemware (in this case, my mother’s stemware). We recreated my favorite Mango Mojito with a few things I picked up at Walmart and enjoyed sipping the tasty treats the last night I was home.

It is hard to get your hands on mango syrup for mocktails unless you special order it, so I was thrilled to find the mango passionfruit flavor of the liquid Crystal Light drops when looking for things for our drinks. Here’s a quick recipe if you want to make your own (I wouldn’t worry too much about exact measurements – feel free to add a little more to taste):

  • Fill cup mostly with ginger ale
  • Add a dash of grenadine syrup (pink syrup sold in the mixed drinks section of the grocery store)
  • Squirt in a few drops of Mango Passion Fruit Crystal Light Liquid Drops
  • Garnish with mint (if you soak the mint in the drink for a bit, it gives it a more minty kick)
  • Enjoy!

^Yes, we goofed off a bit as my mom snapped these pictures, but really we laughed quite a bit last week and these do a pretty good job capturing what life is like with Maddie (when my sisters weren’t doing homework until 2:30 in the morning….crazy high schools.)

^Also, it is quite possible she loves this unborn baby more than I do and I think my belly got more hugs than I did last week šŸ˜‰
For any of you fellow country fans out there (I was opposed to country music until the summer after my freshman year of college… and now it’s some of my favorite :):

Crystal Light and Miranda Lambert have partnered to bring us a great way to earn rewards when buying Crystal Light products… they call it Plantinum Points. Once you create an account, all you have to do is scan your Walmart receipt whenever you buy Crystal Light products and you’ll earn reward points. Here are a few ways you can earn points:

  • CRYSTAL LIGHT Sugar Free On The Go Packs = 100 pts each
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT On The Go Multipacks = 100 pts each
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT Canisters = 100 pts each
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT LIQUID = 100 pts each
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT Jumbo Products = 200 pts each
  • Miranda Lambert Platinum CD = 300 pts eac
**I’ve been loving adding liquid drops to my water all pregnancy. I go through two or three bottles a month which gets me a mug or tumbler by the end of the year!

and here’s what you can redeem them for:

  • 100 pts = Miranda Lambert Automatic (Acoustic) Song Download
  • 800 pts = Miranda Lambert Platinum CD
  • 800 pts = Miranda Lambert Platinum Mug
  • 1000 pts = Miranda Lambert Platinum Tumbler
  • 1200 pts = Platinum Rhinestone Ladies T-Shirt
  • 5000 pts = Miranda Lambert Logo Guitar
  • 8000 pts = Miranda Lambert Signed Guitar
*If you sign up using the code “mirandamw” you’ll get 30 points to start with. When you refer your friends they’ll get 25 points for signing up and you’ll be rewarded with ten points too šŸ™‚
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