20 Stores like Shein

Today we’re talking all about sites and stores like Shein. If you’re a fan of the fast fashion retail giant, here are 20 other options you’ll love, too. You can always get my 5 tips for scoring the best things on Shein here. 

20+ Sites Like SHEIN

So you’ve heard of the rising fast fashion giant, Shein, right? But, are there any other great hidden gems of websites like Shein out there? Keep reading for a full list of competitors and how they compare. 

I’ve been shopping on Shein on and off for the last decade (I was in their original fashion blogger program 10 years ago but for the last 5 or so years I’ve been purchasing items on my own). I’ve tried to include my own personal experience ordering with many of the brands below (if there are photos with the store listing they are things I’ve ordered / worn over the years).

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is terminology mainly used for trendy and stylish clothes at affordable prices. You are sacrificing quality for low prices. It attracts mainstream consumers to purchase on trend clothes. Fast fashion brands do a great job manufacturing quickly to bring you trendy pieces at low prices. 

Great Things about Fast Fashion:

  • Fast fashion offers low price
  • Innovations in supply chain processes among manufacturers and retailers (which means you get trendy pieces quickly) 
  • On trend pieces

What should you be wary of in fast fashion?

  • Fast fashion is a big contributor to global pollution (packaging, clothing that will only last a few seasons and end up in landfills)
  • Some of the fast fashion brands lack transparancy in their labor practices. Are their low prices because of very poor labor conditions? 
  • Quality – usually, you are getting what you pay for 

What is Shein?

Shein (formerly SheInside) was founded in October 2008 in Nanjung, China, with the belief that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion. Shein’s mission is to bring customers on-trend styles at affordable price points.

When it comes to Shein, you are paying for low quality, fast fashion. This isn’t always a bad thing.

Shein takes popular, trendy, higher-end items and makes a lower quality version of them for a much lower price point.

I love Shein for pieces that don’t have to be workhorses in my closet (cute summer blouses I may or may not want to wear again next summer, midi skirts I only wear every once in awhile to church, etc). For a dress you want to wear twice a week, all summer, for the next four years, ordering from Shein isn’t going to be your best bet. But for a top to wear to brunch with your girlfriends? It could be perfect.

40+ Stores Like Shein to Shop Now

1. Romwe:

Whenever we talk about the online world of fast fashion, the first thing that comes to mind besides Shein is ROMWE. At some point, Shein purchased Romwe and now most of the items are cross listed to both websites (sometimes with slightly higher prices at Romwe). You can read my full review of Romwe (and its connection to Shein) here

In addition to womens clothing, ROMWE carries shoes and clothes for men, home design, animal products, household products, and party products. 

Like SHEIN, ROMWE also runs flash sales, discounts, and coupon codes with no delivery charges. If you spend over $129, there are no shipping charges.  Products will be delivered to you within 2-4 weeks (depending on shipping selected). 

2. Boohoo:

Boohoo is renowned as the most stylish and cheap online store in the UK. In addition to trendy clothing, Boohoo also carries bags, footwear, and more. 

You can grab these trendy pieces for about of $10-30. Plus, Boohoo always has a range of monthly sales and promos (the basic rule is never hit purchase on a fast fashion site without at least one coupon code).

This is another great fast fashion option if you’re looking for something like Shein. They also carry a substantial maternity line. The items will reach you to your home within 1-2 weeks.                                   

3. H&M:

If you’re hoping to find a physical store you can shop in person, H&M is a great beat.  You’re getting reasonable rates and great style. You can find great workwear, casual options, and plenty of basics.  

I love that hey have recycled and more eco-friendly materials for clothing manufacturing (not all clothing lines at H&M) and that you can get them at more cost-effective prices. 

bonus tip: if you’re a student make sure you get the 15% off student discount!


4. Forever21:

Forever 21 is also one of the leading US-based fast-fashion retailers that have both online and in-store. The quality of products is a little bit higher when it comes to Forever21 than Shein (in general, but pay attention to reviews). In addition to clothing, Forever21 offers tons of accessories, beauty products, home goods, and men and children’s apparel. It will take less than 1 week to reach your doorstep if you’re ordering from the US.

Last year, they took an initiative for introducing sustainable products (a welcomed small step).

5. Asos:

ASOS is a British online brand / huge buying apparel website like SHEIN that combines terrific design with an affordable cost. They’re a British-based online shop that sells over 850 brands, as well as their very own range of apparel and also devices.

The quality is going to be a step up from Shein (in a lot of things) and you’re going to see that reflected in the prices. 

I like that they have inclusive sizing! Their internal ASOS brand apparel items are carried in 30+ sizes. 

They’ve likewise partnered with GLAAD, a strong voice for LGBTQ advocacy and have a gender-neutral collection.

I’ve been shopping online at ASOS there for years and love them for finding unique pieces that are on-trend. You’ll find every little thing from casual tees to more formal clothes, shoes, bags, and more! They have a great maternity collection as well. Plus, they have one of the fastest shipping rates for online retailers. 

6. Zaful:

Super similar to Romwe and Shein is the growing online retailer, Zaful. 

Their cheap rates, clothing designs, and quality are quite comparable to SHEIN. Most of their clothing items prices start from about 5$ to more than 30$.

Other than daily clothing, they carry accessories, activewear, hair accessories, tech, and home décor items, etc. Usually, they also offer discounted deals, vouchers, and surprise sales along with free delivery. 

In general, I’d say the prices for Zaful are a bit higher than Shein and the quality is not substantially better. They do have a smaller, less overwhelming inventory than Shein. You cans see a few of my favorite pieces from Zaful above.

Read my full Zaful review + shopping tips here

7. Chicwish:

Chicwish is the go-to fast fashion online shop like SHEIN for buying dresses, skirts, and dressier tops. Its website is quite similar to SHEIN but the prices and quality are going to be higher. 

Aside from its fun clothing, you will find the other home designs or accessories for decoration, small furniture pieces, kids, and maternity clothing.

I personally like Chicwish’s skirts and tops collection. They have fun prints for midi skirts and dresses. You can see previous Chicwish outfits here and here. 

 8. Dresslily:

Are you surprised that this brand is most known for its dresses? Don’t think that because of it’s name it is solely for dresses, though. There are also home accessories, tech accessories, men’s clothing, etc on this Asian based fast fashion site. 

9. Yoins:

Yoins is an online store, established in Hongkong in 2014. It deals with three categories of apparel: female clothing, plus-size apparel, and men’s clothing. All the items  have prices and quality similar to Shein (with a smaller inventory). 

10. AliExpress

If you’re looking for a slightly unorganized and overwhelming shopping experience, start with AliExpress. You have HUGE selection options for women’s clothing in addition to kids clothing, tech accessories, and more. Some items have free shipping and some have rather high shipping costs ($10 for a $25 dress). They do have a mobile app where they offer flash sales. 

11. Shop Cider 

Launched during the pandemic, Shop Cider is a step above Shein in price and quality while still being affordable. You’ve probably seen one of your favorite influencers wearing their bright, happy sweaters on tiktok. You can read my full review of Shop Cider here.  

A few other stores like Shein you might have heard of before: 

  • PrettyLitteThing.com
  • NastyGal
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Uniqlo 
  • Rue21
  • Ever-Pretty
  • StyleWe
  • NewChic
  • Zapaka
  • Modlily
  • Ericdress
  • Milanoo
  • TBDress
  • KnowFashionStyle
  • BerryLook
  • RoseGal
  • Maurices
  • Hekka
  • DHGate
  • LovelyWholeSale


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  1. What do you recommend for near retirement age women who are short & plus size (ie 2XWP)

  2. Awesome – thanks for this list! Will check some of them. But I agree, with fast fashion – it’s tempting to buy a lot because of the price but yes – global pollution is real.

  3. What do you think about Fashion NOva? They use one of the worst shipping companies Lashership that I and countless other customers have given bad reviews for online of our terrible experiences.

    1. I’ve never ordered from Fashion Nova before – in general the fast fashion brands I’ve tried aren’t as good as Shein so if I were going to buy something from a FF brand, I’d generally stick with Shein.