Princess Polly Review: must read before you order [2024]

Have you ever wondered if Princess Polly is legit? Looking for Princess Polly reviews? Today I’m talking about my latest Princess Polly purchasing experience. This post is not sponsored, but it may contain affiliate links.

Girl standing outside her apartment in an outfit from Princess Polly.

What is Princess Polly?

I first came across Princess Polly during my pre-wedding online shopping dive into white dresses for all the various wedding events. I actually ordered one option for a reception dress from Princess Polly last year, but it didn’t quite fit right.

Since then, I have been intrigued by the site’s wide variety of dresses, matching sets and fun accessories. 

As one of Australia’s leading fashion and beauty brands, Princess Polly offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and beauty products for women. With a focus on the latest fashion trends and a commitment to quality and affordability, Princess Polly has become a widely popular brand among women ranging from teens to 30-somethings.

History of Princess Polly

We have all seen the Princess Polly haul videos that flooded TikTok in early 2020 (a lot like Cider clothing), but the brand actually started long before lockdowns.

Founded in 2005, Princess Polly started as a single brick-and-mortar store in Queensland, Australia. The brand launched a website and started on its road to an e-commerce stratum 5 years later from a little apartment on the Gold Coast.

The founding principle behind the business has always been to “provide on-trend, quality fashion to our customers with the best customer service they’ve ever had.”

In 2018, company leadership turned to A.K.A Brands to help both scale and expand in international markets. The site broke into the U.S. market by 2019 and gained traction quickly by leveraging the power of TikTok and an army of online micro-influencers. They gained visibility through numerous haul videos and caught the attention of celebrities like Ariana Grande, who shared an image on social media of her wearing a pair of $74 Princess Polly jeans. 


As fashion trends come and go at a rapid pace, lots of brands find themselves struggling to keep up with the latest trends while also reducing their environmental footprint. Princess Polly, however, is taking a proactive approach to sustainability.

According to the company’s website, 20% of their current range is sustainable, and 60% will be by 2025. To achieve this goal, Princess Polly has pioneered a new fashion manufacturing model that they are calling “Demand Fashion.” The brand has fostered close relationships with their factories allowing them to manufacture with a shorter lead time based on customer demand and ultimately minimize wasted stock.

Girl in Princess Polly cream sweater dress standing against a white brick wall.

Is Princess Polly Legit? My Shopping Experience

In need of a winter-to-spring refresh, I picked a few things to try from PrincessPolly.com. One downside to Princess Polly is, depending on your style, you have to sift through a lot of oddities to find the gems. There is a WIDE selection available and you can eat up a lot of time continuously scrolling through pages and pages of pieces. 

I found a few things that worked with both my style and the freezing temperatures Utah has seen this winter.

Here’s what I ordered:

First Impressions:

I was pleasantly surprised by all the items I ordered. The sweater vest has become an immediate office staple over a button-down. 


I’ll include detailed descriptions about the quality of each of the items in the individual mini reviews posted below but overall I was impressed with the quality – expecting a classic fast fashion vibe (think Shein), but the clothes were far more “worth the price” than I anticipated.


Overall, sizing is true to size but if you’re in between sizes, go with your larger size. I also highly recommend reading the reviews for sizing. With the dress I ordered last year it was too small, but I went back and read the reviews and they all said to size up!

I also found crop lengths and dress lengths to match the product descriptions.

The brand’s clothing sizes typically range from XXS to XL, with some styles available in sizes up to 3XL. In addition, Princess Polly has a size guide on their website to help customers find their perfect fit. The brand also offers a variety of styles that are designed to be flattering for different body types, such as wrap dresses, high-waisted pants, and oversized tops.

Girl in lulubelt bag, biker shorts, and Princess Polly tee standing against a white brick wall.

Conclusion: Will I order from Princess Polly again?

Yes! But probably only if I’m targeted with an ad for something I love. The quality is good, but there is so much to comb through on the site that it can be a bit of a time suck.

I do see myself coming back to Princess Polly for special occasions that warrant a fun new dress because they truly have the widest selection I’ve seen.

a few favorites:

Is Princess Polly Safe?

Princess Polly is a reputable fashion brand with millions of customers. Often I’ll still use PayPal when shopping with these type of retailers to protect credit card information.

Princess Polly Shipping

How long does Princess Polly take to ship?

I placed my order on February 1st and it shipped the next day.

How long does Princess Polly take to deliver?

My order was then delivered in just 3 business days on February 6th. I did select the fast shipping option that is free when you spend $50.

Where does Princess Polly Clothing ship from?

Most Princess Polly orders made in the US will ship from a warehouse in Los Angeles, California 

Tips for Shopping on Princess Polly

Okay, so Princess Polly is a legit site. But how can you find really great items? With tens of thousands of items to choose from across so many categories, how do you find something you’ll love? 

1. Use Search Filters

There are a lot of pieces on the site and after too long they all start to look the same. However, the filters are great and allows you to filter by color size and style quite easily. They also have dresses segmented into occassions which makes it easier if you’re shopping for something specific.

2. Read Reviews

Reading reviews is always an online shopping essential and Princess Polly is no exception. There were a few items I shied away from after reading that they fit weird, didn’t hold up well, etc… When you can’t try something on before buying, online reviews are a great way to get a sense for how the item will fit. I always look for a reviewer around my same height and weight and see what they think.

3. Stick with the Princess Polly sizing measurements

Even if you’re usually an XS and you think the size guide must be wrong because on this top it’s telling you to order a L, believe the sizing guide. And remember, the sizes aren’t consistent across the site so keep your measuring tape handy and check the measurements for each item you add to your cart. It’s also helpful to check Princess Polly reviews from customers about sizing

Best things to buy from Princess Polly

Princess polly is of course known for its dresses and I loved how fun, colorful and diverse the selection was. You can shop princess polly for dresses for every event you can think of ranging from weddings to clubs to church to prom. They truly have something for everyone and every occasion. Other fun things to buy from the site are: 

Princess Polly Reviews

Here are reviews of a few pieces I purchased from Princess Polly in my most recent shopping experience

Corthay Knit Mini Dress // Princess Polly Review

This sweater dress is thick and cozy – Perfect for a winter event where the last thing in the world you want to do is go outside. I was impressed with the quality, but did find the mock neck to be a bit itchy.

It fits true to size and hits just above the knee (I’m 5’4″ for reference)

Recycled Fibers Lexie Sweater Vest // Princess Polly Review

This piece was easily my most exciting purchase. I work in an office and bought it to wear over a button down. It absolutely lived up to expectations and has been on repeat for a month now.

Unfortunately it has already started to pill a little, BUT I love it so much that I bought a sweater shaver just so I could continue wearing it throughout the longest winter that Utah has ever seen (so do with that what you will). 

It fits true to size and the length is perfect – hits at the top of pants just right for a little front tuck with no excess fabric.

Tropicana Oversized Tee // Princess Polly Review

This tee is a perfect summer “throw on to run errands” kind of a shirt, but didn’t blow me away. The quality is perfectly fine. Not too thin or uncomfortable, but also not particularly thick or soft. I love the pattern and it’s held up well, but has become just another tee shirt in my drawer. 

Oversized fit (I’m wearing an XS) but true to the sizing recommendations on the website.

Princess Polly FAQ:

Where is Princess Polly based? Where are Princess Polly clothes made?

Princess Polly is headquartered in Australia with manufacturing in Australia, China and India.

Are Princess Polly clothes good quality?

Good quality is relative. From my limited shopping experience, their clothes are on the level of a brand like ASOS or Lulus

Princess Polly is sometimes lumped in with popular fast fashion sites, but it is much higher quality than the like of Shein and also sits at a higher price point.

Does Princess Polly have good customer service?

In my prior experience returning a Princess Polly dress, the return was quick and easy and I received a full refund. You start the return right from their website and they generate a return label.

Unlike other clothing sites, they do not have a “chat with us” option and customer service seems to be mostly conducted over email.

Does Princess Polly have free shipping?

Yes, Princess Polly offers free standard shipping in the US on orders over $50.

Do Princess Polly clothes run small?

From my experience and reading reviews, Princess Polly clothing is true to size.

Does Princess Polly offer discounts?

There is usually at least one sale or discount going on at Princess Polly and you can almost always get free shipping with a minimum order of about $50. Additionally, Princess Polly offers at 25% student discount. I have also been receiving tons of discount codes by signing up for their SMS messages.

Does Princess Polly have any physical stores? 

Yes, Princess Polly has physical stores, but none in the U.S. If you ever find yourself visiting Australia – look up one of their locations.

Is Princess Polly like Shein?

No! Shein is a Chinese fast fashion company that brings trendy items to market quicker and cheaper. Princess Polly is an Australian company that started as a brick and mortar store. Princess Polly also claims a more sustainable production model that yields less waste Princess Polly also has higher prices and, from my limited shopping experience, much higher quality on a lot of pieces.

Is Princess Polly considered fast fashion?

Yes, Princess Polly is considered a fast fashion brand. Fast fashion is defined as “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” It claims to have more ethical production practices, taking demand into consideration in real time to produce only what they are able to sell (which eliminates clothing waste on their end of supply chain but doesn’t address the issue of mass-produced cheap clothing).

Does Princess Polly have an app?

Yes, you can download the Princess Polly app for an easier shopping experience. You can heart your favorites, get access to special discounts, and purchase straight from the app.

How long does Princess Polly take to ship?

The shipping time depends on the shipping method selected and the destination. Standard shipping within the United States typically takes 3-7 business days, while express shipping takes 1-2 business days.

Can you return sale items at Princess Polly?

Yes, sale items can be returned for store credit or a refund as long as they meet the return policy criteria. Princess Polly offers free returns for customers within the United States.

Does Princess Polly take Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is an accepted payment method at Princess Polly.

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