Unpaid Athletic Greens Review: Is it worth it?

Today we’re talking all about AG1 powder in this unsponsored Athletic Greens review. I wanted to see what the hype was about and if this powder was worth the high price tag. We’ll talk about the taste, the benefits (or lack thereof). This post is not sponsored and may contain affiliate links.

lifestyle blogger elisabeth mcknight scooping AG1 powder into cup to review it 

Have you seen Athletic Greens powder all over social media?

Wondering if the price point of about $100 a month is worth it?

Will it really improve your gut health and help you recover faster from your workouts?

Today we’re talking all about it.

I LOVE the idea of Athletic Greens. No time to eat a salad? Want to just drink all the veggies you need? No problem.

You don’t even have to worry about them going bad. 

I have heard everyone and their mom talking about Athletic Greens, on social media and in real life over the last year or so. One of my friends diligently drinks it every day. 

So I placed my order. Before I get into my experience trying Athletic Greens for a month, let’s take a look at the company.

What is Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens was created by Chris Ashenden, a renowned health and wellness expert. With a mission to help people improve their nutrition and vitality, Chris founded the company in 2010 with the aim of offering a convenient solution for busy individuals seeking optimal nutrition.

Since then Athletic Greens has gained quite a following. It’s not your typical green juice or supplement—it’s a comprehensive blend of 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-based ingredients. Many people appreciate Athletic Greens because it offers a convenient and straightforward way to support their overall health. Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance or someone looking to optimize your well-being, this supplement is designed to provide a broad spectrum of nutrients.

It sounds great but does it actually work? And how does it taste? This is what I wanted to find out.

My experience with Athletic Greens: Is Athletic Greens Worth it?

It is cheaper if you order on subscription so I signed up for a subscription and then immediately cancelled. I don’t trust myself to remember to cancel later and figured I could restart it or sign up again if I loved the product.

I used an influencer’s code which gave me a few bonus items in my order. Using anyone’s referral link will give you vitamin D3 and K2 drops plus 5 travel packets.  

Order details:

What I ordered: I ordered a one month subscription of AG1 powder.

  • Date I placed the order: April 17th
  • Date it shipped: April 18th
  • Date it arrived: April 19th (so fast!)

AG First impressions: 

AG gets an A+ for branding and packaging. My intro package was fantastic. It comes in this large box with individual places for each item. You get a little tin to put your powdered greens in, a heavy scoop, and a complimentary clear water bottle. I assume that on your subsequent months you just get a refill of the powder. The whole thing did make me wonder how much money I was paying for the products and how much I was paying for packaging. 

I didn’t realize that my powdered greens would need to be stored in the fridge but it makes sense. 

Let’s talk about the taste. A friend told me they taste like bubblegum. Another said she likes drinking them. 

lifestyle blogger elisabeth mcknight holding athletic greens for a review and making a face

First sips: Not good but not horrible. 

The first few sips are the best and then it seems to get worse.

Most mornings I have to choke it down. I finished the full 30 servings because I paid good money for these (and because I really do like the convenience of powdered greens) but I could not get myself to drink these every day consistently. It is even harder to drink them first thing on an empty stomach. My husband (who is usually up for drinking anything I say is healthy), refused to have more than a single sip.

My kids, who drink kale + spinach smoothies without complaint, spit this out.

Things I noticed when taking Athletic Greens

I didn’t have a noticed increase in energy or mood. I did notice a small improvement in digestion during the first two weeks of semi-regular drinking. It is hard to say if this was really the AG1 powder or something else.

The psychological benefit of eating my greens is strong, though, and so I felt good about myself for getting more vegetables in.

Will I order Athletic Greens again? 

Nope. I don’t plan on renewing my subscription. If I do, it will be to diligently take them daily for two weeks to be able to more accurately report on perceived benefits 😉

I do want to try out a few other Athletic Green alternatives that friends have recommended. I love bringing powdered greens with me when traveling, a time I find it harder to get vegetables in and I notice a difference in how I feel.

Is Athletic Greens worth it?

I don’t think so. You are paying a higher price point for a poor tasting product. If you don’t care about taste, try this powdered green from Costco.

That said, it does look like a good nutrition profile. It is beautifully packaged. It is also very convenient. If you can stomach the taste and the price isn’t an issue for you, go for it. More greens can’t be bad.

It also mixes well with other drinks. A friend says it all but disappears into a daily smoothie. If you’re looking for a way to up your nutrition intake in a morning smoothie, this could be a great option.

Athletic Greens Alternatives

I have a few other powdered greens on my list to try. I love having them on hand for traveling when it is hard to get in servings of vegetables. 

  • Better Greens from Better Days Co (caffeinated greens)
  • Mixhers Greens: I have tried these and like them (especially in comparison to Athletic Greens). They do seem to contain significantly fewer greens.
  • Clean Simple Greens from Clean Simple Eats

If you’re still set on trying Athletic Greens, you’ve been warned. Come back and tell me what you think!

Athletic Greens FAQ

Does Athletic Greens Work?

In my experience, I didn’t notice huge benefits taking Athletic Greens. I scanned a few other first person reviews on the internet (like this one from an online editor who took it everyday for a week) and she did have some improved energy.

What does Athletic Greens taste like?

Athletic Greens tastes a bit like drinking pond water (with some of that pond scum on top that won’t quite dissolve). It is a combination of various whole food ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and superfoods. The powder greens have a slightly sweet and tangy flavor, with hints of natural greens.
Some people claim it tastes good. I have a friend who loves drinking hers every morning and I give her a hard time for it. How? I don’t understand.
We had a small taste test with five friends the other night when they saw Athletic Greens in my cabinet. Everyone agreed the taste was bad (they ranged from “not great” to “absolutely foul”).
It does taste better if you drink it with cold water (add ice after dissolving the powder) or mixing it with something else. If you’re committed to it, try mixing it into a smoothie or adding mio water drops.

Where to buy Athletic Greens?

You can purchase Athletic Greens directly from the AG website. They offer different package options, such as a single purchase or subscription plans.
You can also buy Atheltic Greens on Amazon here (the reviews are hysterical – “it is like drinking algea covered in hay”) .

Does Athletic Greens break a fast?

While Athletic Greens contains only a minimal amount of calories per serving, it does contain some nutrients that could potentially break a strict fasting state. If you are following a fasting protocol that requires consuming zero calories during the fasting period, onsult with your healthcare professional before including Athletic Greens in your routine. That said, if you follow a more flexible fasting approach, Athletic Greens may be a suitable addition to your fasting routine.
The same friend who likes the taste of Atheltic Greens drinks it in the morning during the fasting period of her intermittent fasting.

Is Athletic Greens good for you?

Athletic Greens is designed to be a comprehensive and convenient way to supplement your nutritional needs. It contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and other beneficial compounds. These nutrients can support your overall health and well-being, including immune function, digestion, energy levels, and recovery. Athletic Greens is intended to complement a healthy lifestyle and should not be considered a substitute for nutritious meals.
**There is some concern over ingredients because Athletic Greens does not list exact ingredient amounts for proprietary blends.

Do Athletic Greens work?

Athletic Greens has gained a loyal following and positive reviews from many users. That said, there are not comprehensive studies showing the efficacy of the specific product (individual ingredients have been tested but this combination of ingredients has not).
I didn’t experience noticeable changes while taking Athletic Greens.

How to make Athletic Greens taste better?

After the first week I stopped drinking Athletic Greens by themselves because I couldn’t handle the taste. I began mixing it with a few things I had on hand and the taste improved. My favorite things to add to the AG1 powder are:

mio drops (I add these after I’ve mixed up the greens with cold water)
-Taka: I drink this powdered health + energy blend each day and add about 1/8th of a serving/scoop to my AG1 most of the time. This is the best tasting combo I’ve found that is still zero sugar.

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