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Mini Shein Review: Smocked Floral Blouse

Today I’m sharing a mini review of one of my favorite tops from Shein. If you want all my tips for finding amazing things at Shein (it can be so hit or miss!) make sure to read this post on “Is Shein Legit?”

Mini Shein Maternity Review: Floral Smocked Puff-Sleeve Blouse

Shein just restocked one of my favorite fall purchases that I have been wearing regularly since buying in September or October. They don’t usually restock something this trendy so you can tell I’m not the only one who really liked it (846 4.5+ star reviews).

This is one of my very favorite types of things to order from Shein. It is something very on-trend (smocking! high neck! puff sleeves!) that I am loving right now and maybe won’t be loving quite as much 4 years from now. It has very minimal hardware (a place where Shein’s lower quality shines through). It is also a piece where the thin polyester material doesn’t matter as much (it is harder to tell with the busy floral print and it is a blouse that isn’t going to wrinkle easily when you sit like a dress of the same material might).

I ordered it around the same time I snagged this peter-pan collared gingham blouse and had high hopes.

Here’s how it stacks up:

First impressions: 

I wasn’t super impressed with the thin material right out of the package but I gave it a quick steam (love this hand-held steamer for all my Shein finds) and tried it on.


I ordered a size S (the smallest they offer) and usually I am a true XS. The fit on this top isn’t super important and it works well in a S through the arms/ sleeves for me. I prefer to tuck this in to a pair of high wasted jeans to get a more defined waist. I would order your regular size.


This is a thin polyester material that isn’t super high quality. That said, I’ve had this blouse for 5 months and have worn it and washed it many times and it has held up great. There is one faux-pearl closure at the back and other than that, there is no hardware on the blouse (zippers and buttons is one place where lower quality shows through on some of Shein’s pieces).

When you’re wearing this, you can’t tell it is a $15 top. It looks a lot more like something you’d buy at Anthropologie. If you come up and feel the fabric between your fingers, you can tell it isn’t up to the same quality standards but that is fine for this type of a top for me.

The shirt comes rather wrinkled right out of the bag but steams very well. I also don’t find it looks wrinkled at the end of the day. I wash it on a regular or delicate cycle and hang it dry.


A darling budget find!

I have ordered it in another red color in the size up so wear while pregnant because I love it so much. It will also work well post partum because it isn’t super fitted.

There are a few different color options listed as different product listings and similar pieces with a slightly different cut. I’ll add a few of them below.

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(and similar options)

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