Mini Chicwish Review: Floral Flare Dress

Today I’m sharing a mini review of this floral dress from Chicwish. You can read my full Chicwish review and tips for ordering here. This post is not sponsored by Chicwish but does contain affiliate links.

Chicwish Floral Puff Sleeve Dress

I kept thinking about this dress from Chicwish after I saw the product picture while browsing Chicwish for dress options. Chicwish is one of my favorite places to find unique, feminine dresses at a moderate price point.

I’ve ordered from Chicwish a few other times in the last year (you can read my full Chicwish review and tips for shopping their site here). My favorite things have been their dresses and I had high hopes for this fun summery one.

Here’s how it stacks up:

First impressions: 

I love it. I ordered the maxi version of this dress in yellow as well.


It runs to true to size and I recommend ordering your regular size. The sash tied around the waist helps you get a great flattering fit but if you order too large of a size you’ll have some gaping in the chest. I ordered one size up from my regular size (was trying to make it work while pregnant or post partum) and the chest is a little too big for me.


The fabric on this is lined and thick enough to completely opaque (no underwear showing and no need to wear a slip). I love the puff sleeve detail and they look great after washing + drying + wearing + traveling. I use a travel steamer if I need to get wrinkles out before wearing it (this steamer is my favorite).

I’m impressed with the quality and get compliments on this every time I wear it.

Where to wear:

This dress is just so fun! You get lots of coverage (not too short, not too low) but the fun skirt flares out when you spin and the bold print screams summer. It manages to be flirty and fun while still being quite modest. This gives you plenty of versatility with where you want to wear it. Brunch with your mother-in-law? Shopping with girl friends? Out to dinner for date night? It would work for all of them.


Cute, fun, unique.

I would 100% recommend. If this specific dress is sold out, Chicwish has been my favorite over the last few years for unique feminine dresses you can’t find anywhere else. See what else they have in stock and you’ll probably find something you love.

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