Is Temu Safe? What You Should Know Before Ordering in 2023

Today we’re answering the question “Is Temu Safe?” in this deep dive into Temu’s data protection and quality control practices. This post was written with support from the brand and may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

We are a few weeks into summer over here and I have been on the hunt for a few exciting things for the family.

A few months ago I started noticing the orange packages all over the neighborhood around the same time I started seeing social media ads for “Temu.” Temu is an online marketplace that connects American consumers directly with manufacturers overseas to sell products at affordable prices. They are headquartered in Boston under the parent company PPD Holdings. Temu carries products across many different categories including home decor, organization, kids, pet, clothes, ect.

I was a little skeptical of this new online marketplace. Could they really be selling actual products at such low prices? Was it a safe place to shop?

Initially, I was skeptical about this new online marketplace. Could they truly sell products at such low prices? Was it a safe place to shop? To answer these questions, I conducted some research before placing my order. Let’s delve into the details about Temu and address any concerns about its safety.”

Is Temu Safe?

Before ordering from this new site I had a few questions:

  • Is my data going to be secure when ordering from Temu?
  • Are the products going to be “as advertised?”
  • Can I trust the company to deliver the products? Will they arrive on time?

Let’s dive into how Temu handles these concerns of mine:

Security Measures Implemented by Temu

My first question was, “Is my data going to be secure when ordering from Temu?” The last thing I want is my credit card info to be stolen. Far less important but also annoying, is having my personal information collected and sold online. When a company does this you end up with a lot of marketing spam (promotional emails, mailers, and SMS marketing). How does Temu protect against this? Can I trust Temu with my information? Let’s take a closer look at the various security measures employed by Temu to safeguard your transactions and personal data.

Secure Payment Processing

When it comes to financial transactions, Temu ensures the security of your payments. The platform employs state-of-the-art encryption technology and SSL certificates, which create a secure connection between your device and the Temu website. This encryption guarantees that your payment information remains confidential and cannot be intercepted by malicious actors (aka: hackers). This means the information you submit when ordering, such as your credit card number or your address, is converted into a secure code that can only be deciphered by the intended recipient (in this case, the Temu site).

I also learned there are industry standards (specifically the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)) when it comes to handling credit card information. Complying with this standard means that Temu follows strict guidelines to handle and process credit card information securely. By partnering with verified payment gateways, Temu ensures that your financial details are processed through trusted and reliable channels, adding an extra layer of protection to your transactions.

If you’re still worried about your credit card information, you can always pay with Paypal (a great added layer of protection in all online shopping). Temu works with a few different third party processors like Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay to give you options outside of paying with credit cards. I almost always pay with Paypal when ordering from new websites if it is an option.

Protection of Personal Information:

Temu has a comprehensive and pretty standard privacy policy that ensures the confidentiality of our personal information when we’re shopping. This policy outlines the measures taken by Temu to safeguard your data and provides transparent information on how your information is collected, stored, and used. You can read the whole policy here.

Temu also employs secure storage practices, utilizing robust encryption techniques to protect personal data from unauthorized access. Basically, they have a high-level website that protects our info. By doing this, Temu provides a secure environment for us to shop in online.

Seller Verification and Quality Control:

To build a trustworthy marketplace, Temu has implemented a rigorous seller verification process. Each seller on the platform undergoes a thorough verification procedure, which includes identity verification and validation of their business credentials. This vetting process ensures that only reputable sellers are allowed to list their products on Temu, minimizing the risk of you getting a product you don’t like. I read through this document that Temu provides about it’s requirements for sellers and if you have concerns about the different vendors on Temu, I encourage you to read it, too. It addresses things like workers’ conditions, wages, and environmental protection.

Additionally, Temu encourages users to share their shopping experiences by providing user reviews and ratings. This feature allows us as shoppers to learn from other customers’ experiences and make informed decisions. By promoting transparency and accountability, these user-generated reviews contribute to a safer and more reliable shopping environment on Temu. I love these for checking details on sizing, materials, and colors.

Are Temu Products Legit? Will I get what I ordered?

Okay, so this far into my research I’m pretty convinced that my data is secure and that Temu has a legitimate website. My next question is if I can trust that the products will be “as advertised.” Does Temu guarantee the products sold on their marketplace? What protections do I have as a buyer?

Let’s take a look at the support Temu offers for customers and what guarantees I have as a shopper.

Temu Return Policy

Temu has a pretty comprehensive and easy-to-use return policy and purchase protection program. With a few exceptions, you have a generous 90 days to return any item purchased from Temu for ANY REASON for a full refund. I really appreciate this because I can’t tell you how often I miss a 30 day window even when I have the intention of returning something. I was a little worried about how strict they’d be on the return policy (what if I just didn’t like something I ordered?) but I shouldn’t have been.

As part of my most recent order, I ordered a large selection of summer dresses and returned half of them. I picked my favorites to keep and returned the rest. Some of them didn’t fit, some of them I didn’t love the fabric, and some of them I just didn’t need. Temu required me to list the reason for return on Temu but I had no issues returning anything.

Even in the case where I got my order wrong, Temu accepted my return. In a few instances, I ordered something without reading the product details and didn’t realize how small or large a specific item was going to be. Again, I had no issues returning it.

My Temu return experience

Here are a few specifics about my Temu return policy that might be helpful.

I placed my order on the 19th. I got an email confirmation that said they were working on packaging up my items for shipping. It also said if anything was delivered after the 30th of the month, I would receive a $5 credit within 48 hours.

My items shipped in two packages on the 20th. One shipped through USPS and one shipped through Speedx. I was emailed tracking information for both packages.

Both packages were delivered within a week on the 25th and the 26th.

I didn’t unpack the items for a few days and it was about two weeks before I finally tried on all of the dresses I ordered (you can see the best Temu dresses from my order). I spent some time going through the app to start my return process. For each item I wanted to return, I snapped a picture on my phone and selected a reason for return.

I submitted my return on the app on the 31st.

I scheduled my return pick up via USPS on my doorstep (for free via USPS) on the following day.

The next day (the 2nd) I got an email saying my return had been received by USPS.

On the 5th I got an email saying my refund had been initiated and that I could expect payment in 5-14 business days. It was actually available in my PayPal account immediately.

A few details:

  • The first order return from any order is free. This means that you can always have free returns IF you return all the items you want to return from a given order at the same time.
  • A few specific items are listed as “nonreturnable” so be sure to check this before ordering.

**RETURN TIP: When I placed my large order for summer items, I had 20 or so things to return. For each item you return you did need to submit a picture of this so it is MUCH EASIER to complete the return process on the Temu shopping app on your phone instead of on a web browser on your computer.

Customer Support

I haven’t had any issues with missing packages or products that required talking to customer support in my handful of orders with Temu. But, it is encouraging to know that they have a pretty comprehensive customer support.

They have a toll-free number open during US business hours. There is a customer service chat feature on their site. There is also an email address.

**BUYER PROTECTION: One concern I’ve seen pop up is what will happen if a package doesn’t ever arrive. I haven’t heard about this actually happening with Temu but I’ve heard enough complaints about it with Shein that some of you are wondering. This whole page on Temu’s site is devoted to helping you find missing packages. My Temu packages have been delivered with USPS and USPS tracking verifies whether or not a package has been delivered.

I’m impressed with how user-friendly the whole Temu customer service back end is. In addition to having the necessary information, the pages are often tailored to my specific order. For example, a “Help finding a lost package” support page has my previous orders listed. Instead of telling me what steps to take, it just has me select which items I can’t find. I might not love the color orange but I love how organized the whole site is.

Temu Reviews

My final consideration when deciding to place an order from a new retailer online is checking in on the customer reviews. I want to know if I can trust the reviews on the website and see what people are saying about the products.

Temu’s website reviews:

There are lots of reviews for many products directly on the product pages on Temu’s site. Temu shows both positive and negative reviews of products (when applicable).

Brand-new products don’t yet have reviews, obviously, but for most products, you can see reviews. Reviewers have the option of uploading pictures directly to the review. These are very helpful to check before ordering to verify colors and sizes. These are my favorite products I’ve ordered from Temu this year.

Third party reviews

A quick Google search shows that there are a few people sharing Temu reviews on other websites as well. I paid attention to people who have actually placed Temu orders. I also read through reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

On average, people were impressed with shipping time and customer service (fast free shipping and live chat with customer service). Product quality reviews are mixed which told me to pay attention to on-page reviews and product descriptions to find better quality products. Remember that Temu is a marketplace and not a brand. If you have a bad experience with a product from a third-party seller on Amazon, do you write off the whole website?

A few other things I learned in the process of looking into “Is Temu Safe”

  • Price matching! A customer reported that Temu honored a new lower price from a seller within the 90 day return window.
  • you really aren’t going to find lower prices for these products anywhere (I did a few price checks and these are the best deal I can find)
  • Temu is NOT light on the email and SMS marketing. If you sign up for text messages, expect a daily text. I have also found I get emails that say “Thank you for your order” that are really just marketing emails with additional products I might like based on my order history. It is clever because I always click on them to verify I didn’t actually order anything. If you are trying to search your email for your order details, search “Temu order confirmation” and that should pull it up.
  • Temu offers one-click additional purchases AFTER your complete your order. You can add things to your order without re-entering payment details for a few minutes after you place an order. This is very cute, convenient, and potentially a little dangerous for my wallet.

Conclusion: Is Temu Safe?

After a lot of reading, I concluded Temu is a safe online marketplace to order from. They have security measures in place to protect personal and financial data that meet industry standards. You can order from Temu with peace of mind that your data is safe and your products are going to arrive on time, in a bright orange package. You can count on Temu to vet their vendors and resolve any disputes. I think you can also assume your products will match the description of what you ordered and if you don’t like them for any reason, you have almost three months for returns. You won’t be getting Container Store quality products but you can find gems and huge discounts.

Have you ordered from Temu? I’d love to hear your shopping experience (and I would love links to what you have ordered and loved!).

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  1. A very thorough and helpful article, however I would like to know about the safety testing for the products listed. A lot of sellers on Amazon claim for their products to be non-toxic and safe, but I wonder are these claims actually backed up by actual tests? I haven’t been on temu for long but I wonder about the actual quality of the items and if there’s any safety testing in place for them. With all these recalls for kids items because of high lead levels it has me worried.

  2. I had a huge order close to Christmas time and it seemed like the package was stuck in the delivery process. I contacted Temu and they ended up giving me a a full refund as credit for over $170 and told me I could keep the items if/when the original package arrived. The original order came everything included just a couple weeks late, plus I had $170 credit too purchase more and a huge coupon for $50 off on top of the credit.

  3. There is no comment, question responded to about the testing of the safety of the products to confirm that the products meet our safety standards. I am especially concerned about products for babies and children.

    Please respond to my concern.
    Thank you. Pat Murray