Disneyland Vacation: Beaches + Playgrounds to visit

Today we’re talking all about the cutest Disney outfits for kids! Whether you’ve booked your tickets to Disneyland or are just trying to keep the magic alive at home, here are some darling Disney outfits for your favorite little fans. This post is written in collaboration with PatPat’s Disney Collection. All opinions are my own.

We love living in Orange County with kids. It is perfect weather year round and there is always something fun to do outside. We took the kids adventuring in their new Disney gear from PatPat to show you some of our favorite ways to spend a day NOT in the parks here in Orange County.

If you still need Disney outfits for your trip, the new collection from PatPat is perfect. They have fun retro styles but what I love most is the fabric. They used sustainable and natural fabrics to add softness and you can really tell. Everything is very soft to the touch and breathable (perfect for a hot day in the park or exploring Orange County). I’ll link our favorites below!

What ELSE to do on your Disneyland Vacation:

Coming to California for a Disney trip? I’m sure you’ve thought through your days at the park BUT have you scheduled anything else? Whether you’re looking for some downtime or want to stay a few extra days beyond your Disney tickets, Orange County offers so many fun things to do with kids. Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a morning, an afternoon, or a full day with kids in Orange County.

1. A scenic walk:

If you aren’t up for a huge hike or a full day in the water, this scenic walk might be perfect for your family. Stroll along Crystal Cove trail and eat at Shake Shack overlooking the beach! If your kids want some comfort food (delicious hamburgers anyone?), this trail walk and easy meal is right up your alley. Take in the gorgeous views of Crystal Cove beach and then enjoy food you know everyone will say yes to.

2. Spend a day at the beach: Beaches near Disneyland

Don’t skip the beach just because you’re here for Disney! Your hotel might have towels for you to use. If not, order these ones from Amazon and make a day out of it. In the summer parking can be tricky if you aren’t there first thing in the morning so finding a beach with a great parking lot is helpful. We love Huntington Beach (right by the Hyatt) and Corona Del Mar State Beach for beaches with big parking lots (pay at the pay station or by using the Park Mobile app). If you want to avoid waves, baby beach is also a great option (but free parking fills up quickly so get there early).

  • Corona Del Mar State Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Baby Beach
  • Salt Creek

3. Sample the best ice cream:

I know you’ve been having delicious treats in the park but don’t skip Handels ice cream on your day off. If you do a beach in Newport you can get some right on the coast near Blackies beach (an epic surf spot) or you can drive into Irvine for a convenient spot at The Marketplace. Take in a movie at the theater next door while you’re there. You can each get a cone OR you can choose their sampler and get to try 6 of their delicious flavors (this is great to split among a group).

4. Go for a hike: Hikes near Disneyland

To balance out the busy and overstimulation of Disney, spend some time out in nature. You can take the kids along for the Top of the World hike in Laguna Beach and then play at the playground at the top! If you have time and your kids are good in a restaurant, the fried chicken sandwich at Nicks is possibly my favorite meal in all of Orange County.

5. Get the wiggles out at an epic playground: Playgrounds near Disneyland

One thing California does really well is playgrounds. Maybe because you can use them year round or because there are just a LOT of people here, but the playgrounds do not disappoint. If you’re in town for a Disney trip here are a few close(ish) playgrounds to check out:

  • Adventure Playground, Irvine
  • Aloe Greens
  • Victory Park, Tustin

6. Stroll around Balboa Island and pick up some taffy at the candy store.

Balboa is the cutest little island full of small public beach spaces and darling little shops. You can get frozen bananas at Dad’s or stop in for some treats at the local candy store. We bring a few sand toys and let the kids play on the shore while we enjoy our taffy. If its the holidays, stroll the streets and take in all the over-the-top Christmas decorations.

A few other ideas:

  • Shop, eat, and play at the Spectrum
  • Pretend city: Great for little kids if you want an indoor activity in Orange County

Don’t forget:

Sunscreen and water:

I’m sure you packed sunscreen for Disney but make sure you bring it on your off days. Also, don’t skimp on water.

Disney outfits! What to wear to Disneyland:

Disney outfits aren’t just for the park. Grab a cute Disney swimsuit or play clothes for adventuring around Orange County. We love the new line from PatPat’s Disney Collection because of the cute, retro vibes and the super soft fabrics. You aren’t going to see a million people in the park wearing your exact same shirt and these are the things your kids are going to look cute in for the next year. 

  • matching Disney shirts
  • unique Disney themed shirts
  • character outfits

If you still need adult options for a full family matching outfits, Patpat has a few cute choices! 

In these pictures we’re wearing:

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