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First Trimester Products I Survived on


I’m a few weeks into my second trimester now and wanted to share the products that I used the most to survive my first trimester.

Being pregnant is awesome! But in that first trimester it can also be really hard (or really, really, really hard).

Everyone has a different experience with pregnancy and I am pretty consistently sick from week 5 through week 14 when the nausea subsides a bit. I start to get my energy back around 16/17 weeks. A lot of these products I’m still using into my second semester.

my first trimester update with baby #1

my first trimester update with baby #2

my first trimester update with baby #3

First Trimester Products Must-haves

All the loose fitting tops:

Depending on what number pregnancy this is and your body type, you may or may not begin to show during the first trimester. Either way, you’re probably feeling a bit yucky and bloated so bring on all the loose fitting tops. You don’t have to start buying maternity clothes yet and a lot of the looser tops you choose during this trimester will work well post partum as well (consider an increased breast size if you’re planning on wearing these clothes while nursing/pumping after baby).

During the last few months I lived in these loose sweaters until I had to make the transition to maternity clothes.

I also picked up this top (the softest! I loved a different style in a few different colors before pregnancy because the fabric is so soft).

If you’re looking for flowy maternity pieces to keep wearing into second + third trimesters, here’s a full list of places to shop for cute maternity clothes online.

Nausea remedies:

Whether or not you’re throwing up, the nausea in the first trimester is no joke. These days there are a million products on the market to help with nausea, with a staunch group of supporters behind each of them. Ginger and citrus have been the most helpful for me so these drops and these ginger candies are helpful.

Additionally dry crackers (I lived on sea salt almond thins this last time around) are great for eating when nothing sounds good but you know you need to eat to fight the nausea.

sparkling beverages:

The carbonation is good for settling stomachs so having sparkling beverages on hand can be a life saver. Gingerale is great because the ginger also helps with the nausea but if you want less sugar, stick with sparkling waters or San Pellegrinos. I bought more carbonated beverages during the first few months of pregnancy than I did in the three years since my last baby.

citrus things:

Lemon and other citrus help block nausea and many women report liking citrus more during pregnancy. For me, a girl who LOVES chocolate and ice cream, I gravitate much more toward lemon flavored things and citrus candies during pregnancy for a treat. I bought so many of these ice-breaker sour mints.

children’s toothpaste:

The strong flavor of mint in toothpaste is almost unbearable for me during my first trimester so during my first pregnancy I switched to using kid’s toothpaste. We love this Burts Bees one right now in our house but I have also used Tom’s of Maine Strawberry.

prenatal vitamins:

It is time to start taking prenatal vitamins if you haven’t already. If swallowing pills isn’t your thing, they have gummy versions. It’s possible the vitamins will increase nausea so, if you can, take them with food and not on an empty stomach.

My confession is that the handful of prenatals I’ve tried make me so sick I generally skip them altogether. I have a morning vitamin drink, eat 2 bowls of fortified cereal a day, and eat a lot of broccoli, spinach, and salmon over the course of the week. If you don’t want to have to worry about getting the essential vitamins through your regular diet, go ahead and take that prenatal. But, if you’re struggling with it, there are lots of other ways to get those vitamins. Disclosure: I am not a medical professional and I have made these decisions about my pregnancy with my doctor.

straw water bottle with flavored water drops / lemonade packets:

The thing that makes the biggest difference in my morning sickness (aside from eating) is drinking LOTS of water. This is especially hard when plain water does not sound good at all. I’m much better at staying hydrated when I have a straw water bottle on hand and it’s filled with something more than plain water. I love the Mio water drops as well as the limade/lemonade individual packets I get at the grocery store.

This is my favorite water bottle a friend gifted me as part of a new mom survival basket after my first baby was born and I’ve gone through a couple of them since.

new bra:

Your body is starting to change and you might notice your breasts feeling restricted by the end of the day. It’s time to find a larger bra without underwire and let yourself be a little more comfortable.

This three pack of bras from Amazon came highly recommended and I LOVE THEM. So soft. So comfortable. 

elastics for the jean trick

You might not be into maternity jeans this trimester but you’ll likely have issues buttoning your high waisted jeans by the end of it. Keep extra hair elastics on hand for the little button trick . As long as your shirt is long enough, no one will even be able to tell and you’ll be able to wear your regular jeans a little bit longer.

body pillow

Pregnancy insomnia might have set in and you are likely sleeping a little more fitfully, despite being exhausted all the time. I’ve loved a full size pregnancy pillow in both previous pregnancies and started using one in my first trimester this time around. It helps me get comfortable at night and takes pressure of my hips, ligaments, and back.

I ordered this pregnancy pillow off of Amazon and it has been like sleeping on a cloud. I highly recommend this one.

a good lotion

As your body starts to change and grow, your skin may begin to feel tight, irritated, and itchy. A good lotion will help relieve the discomfort (and some swear it also helps prevent or reduce stretch marks). I’ve been using SO much lotion so far this pregnancy.

I got this whipped one from Burts Bees I’m excited about and also love my Love Planet and Beauty lavender lotion on my unscented Jergens lotion.

favorite skin care (the pregnancy glow is a lie)

I’m convinced the “pregnancy glow” is a lie. Hormones have my skin breaking out a lot during the first trimester and then alternating between great skin + struggling skin for the rest of pregnancy. I switched almost entirely to an oil cleanser this time and it has made a world of difference.

The ingredients in this set are safe for pregnancy and have pulled my skin out of the hormone rut. I’ve gone trips a few times this pregnancy and haven’t brought the pretty glass bottles with me and my skin is always happy to get home to them.

great leggings

I wore my favorite highwaisted lululemon leggings for the first part of the first trimester until my bump started to get too big. And then I ordered a new pair of my favorite over-the-bump leggings from my last pregnancy from Ingrid & Isabel. These are flattering and comfortable. I wear them for lounging but also appreciate that they aren’t sheer at all for working out. I also got this pair at a better price point for exercise and they’re fantastic (and UNDER $20!). 

I also LOVE these “always on never off” leggings from Boob Design I got during my first pregnancy as well as active capri leggings from Ingrid + Isabel for Target.

These are the joggers I ordered from Amazon and have been living in. I’m 5’4″ so I prefer a cropped length and these are perfect. 


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Sharing all of my must have products to survive the first trimester! #firsttrimester #pregnancysurvivalkit #pregnancytips

Sharing all of my must have products to survive the first trimester! #firsttrimester #pregnancysurvivalkit #pregnancytips

These are the things I could not live without during my first trimester of pregnancy. From the best pregnancy pillow to what helped my morning sickness, it's all here! #firsttrimestersurvivalkit #pregnancymusthaves #pregnancytips


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