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Notes on Motherhood

Sharing a few personal thoughts on motherhood after this weekend away from the kids in Boston in March. 


Some notes on motherhood: 

Grandma came and picked these kids up for a spur of the moment 24 hour sleepover in New Hampshire this weekend. With the unplanned prospect of a child-free morning, Ben and I were almost giddy with excitement.

And when we came in after a dinner date on Friday to our empty apartment, there was no babysitter to pay and send home, there were no kids to check on, there were no blackout curtains to hang up. And it all felt a little bit empty.

I pushed aside the missing because what wouldn’t I give on any random night to have the house to myself and a full 15 hours stretching out in front of me? But I let myself be grateful that most nights, those kids are tucked into their beds. And most mornings they wake me up a little earlier than I’d like. And that most days they fill me up with fun + crazy  + service + struggles + love.

Being their mom is hard work. And sometimes I let myself slip into thinking I do this because it is what I think is best for them. So I’m grateful for these reminders that if I’m choosing just for me, I pick this, too.

P.S. I’d also choose parents one hour away who make me feel like letting them take over for 24 hours is a treat (when it is both a treat and quite a bit of work). They remind me to choose the joy in raising kids by how much joy they find in mine.

P.P.S. I laid in bed this morning for 20 minutes after I woke up feeling baby kicks in a silent apartment and it has me recommitting to waking up before my children. Starting the day off meeting your own needs for 10 minutes instead of someone else’s is nice.

all the outfit details

Lincoln’s Blazer: I snagged this Ralph Lauren blazer on ThredUP last week (I just checked and they have some cute boys blazer options or here are some similar seer sucker at a good price point).

Lincoln’s pants: Crew Cuts

Lincoln’s dress shirt: Gap

Shoes: Osh Kosh (found them on amazon here)


Adelaide’s top: Gap (valentines present and I’m obsessed with it)

Denim skirt: OshKosh (old, similar here)

Shoes: Pediped (favorite quality for kids shoes)


My dress: NOM Maternity (old) but here’s a super similar striped maternity midi dress or this one  (more maternity dresses here)

My flats: M.Gemi, last year but linked this year’s version (more cute flats here)

My necklace: Madewell, old (more layering necklaces here)

My coat: Theory, can’t find online



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