Spring Break 2019: Orlando, FL

Last year for spring break we left the kids at home and jumped on a plane with two dear friends for a week of island life on Guadeloupe. This year we looked up the cheapest flights somewhere warm and flew with some best friends and all their kids to a house in Florida (maybe a good summary of first year vs. second year in business school?). It was definitely a different kind of trip with lots more kids + crazy but nothing beats Adelaide’s smile when she got in the water.

We rented a house in Kissimmee, about 20 minutes from Disney World. It had a private pool + hot tub and was part of a community with a little playground, splashpad, pool, restaurant, game room, etc. And it was less than $200 per night.

I feel like we discovered a hidden gem of warm weather inexpensive vacationing (along with the tens of thousands of other people who were staying in places just like ours last week).

Highlights included a few pool days, a trip to Disney Springs, a late night Krispy Kreme run, a girl’s brunch, and plenty of evening chats after the kids had gone to bed.

Adelaide couldn’t swim on her own because of her cast but we used a (mostly) waterproof cover and she was such a trooper. Ben would hold her in the water or I’d hold her hand while we walked in the shallow end. We would help her on the smallest of the waterslides and were grateful we don’t have to be hover parents all the time. I thought she might get frustrated or disappointed she couldn’t do more in the water with her friends but she seemed just so happy with what she could do. It makes me so excited for a summer of swimming!

We might not be able to convince this crew to come back to the east coast every year but I can see Florida becoming a regular winter thing for us. It was such a welcome respite from the cold Boston winter.

Do you vacation in the same place each year? Or try somewhere new whenever you go? 


swim suit details: 

I was pumped to find mostly matching blue + white seersucker suits for the kids! (and some friends ordered the same ones for our trip)

Adelaide’s suit here

Lincoln’s suit here (I also ordered this pattern and I like it even better)

My black maternity suit (last seen while pregnant with Adelaide in Mallorca)

I also ordered this puddle jumper (floatie) and it was the hit of the trip for Lincoln. We’ll be using it all summer.


^the two Adelaides (I’ve told you the very first person I ever met/talked to on campus was another LDS mom with a daughter named Adelaide and a husband who ended up being in Ben’s section?) 

^virgin pina coladas in shark cups

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