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Disney Springs with Toddlers


The number one question I’ve gotten about or Orlando trip last week is if we did Disney with the kids.

The answer is no, no we didn’t.

My excuses: Disney World is overwhelming (and expensive) and the spending a full day on my feet was pretty low on my list. My kids have seen a very small handful of Disney movies at this point and while pregnant I can’t ride the “fun rides” ;). Plus, with Adelaide’s broken arm, we were unsure of how much she would have been able to do.

So we made a plan to go back in two years and this year we settled for an evening at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs is a free shopping and restaurant area in Disney World with a few token small rides (this train ride, pictured, and a carousel, from what we could find). You can try a lot of great Disney food and buy all the Disney merchandise you could ever want.

Plus, they have free parking.

We got there around 4pm and had yummy bbq at The Polite Pig, rode two rides, and then made our way over to Bongos on the West Side for churros.

It was the perfect dose of food + rides + crowds + walking for these toddlers. And by the end, we were super grateful we didn’t have any full park days booked.

Have you been to Disney Springs before? Or braved Disney World with toddlers? Give me all your tips! 

Favorite parts: 

  • Watching Lincoln and Adelaide go on the train by themselves, giddy with excitement.
  • Ben dancing to latin music outside Bongos with Adelaide while we waited for our churros. We were all just happy to be somewhere without coats on.


^kids were pumped to ride in the caboose which they said “is just like a trolley!”

^this girl was LOVING the rides which was a bit surprising given how much she hated them at a theme park last summer

^this little face <3

^I think she had a good time 

^our spring break crew this year

^just a girl dancing with her dad 

^they were good – but not Disney churro good (which may just mean I liked them better as a 10 year old) 

^Lincoln loved them. Adelaide wouldn’t even try one (she just dipped her finger in chocolate sauce and licked it instead)


outfit details:

striped sweatshirt: Hatch, my favorite maternity purchase so far (more Hatch maternity pieces here)

jeans: James Jeans (more great quality maternity jeans here)

slip-ons: Kork-Ease (my favorite brand of travel sandals because they’re SO comfortable) (more cute sandals here)

watch: Daniel Wellington (more classic watches here)

Sharing why I skipped Disney World with my toddlers and spent time at Disney Springs instead! #disneyspringsorlando #disneyspringsrestaurants #disneyspringspictures #disneyspringsfood #toddlervacationideas

Sharing why I skipped Disney World with my toddlers and spent time at Disney Springs instead! #disneyspringsorlando #disneyspringsrestaurants #disneyspringspictures #disneyspringsfood #toddlervacationideas

Sharing tips and tricks for a day at Disney Springs with toddlers! The food and rides were the perfect amount of Disney magic for us. #disneyspringsorlando #disneyspringsrestaurants #disneyspringspictures #disneyspringsfood #toddlervacationideas






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