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Throwing Up With A Cause



Props to God for designing pregnancy so that the morning sickness teeters off right about when the chance of miscarriage drops; Once you start talking about being pregnant its all flowers and sunshine (or so I’m told) and you’re mostly silent when you’re sickly (mostly ;).


I wanted to take a chance and share a bit about (okay, a lot about) the past few months //

Remember that two week trip we took to Utah in May? We spent two weeks sleeping on friends’ couches, eating out for far too many meals, and rock climbing on the regular. I began craving vegetables and protein (read: green smoothies and chick-fil-a nuggets) and waking up every few hours at night. Hikes that should have been moderate felt like Everest and full days of rock climbing really meant just a few routes for me. I wanted naps everyday and couldn’t stomach the idea of getting ice cream at night. We blamed it on the traveling.

The day we got back to Cincinnati I pulled an old pregnancy test out of the closet (from last fall when I was convinced that wanting to be pregnant enough would make it happen, who needs ovulation for babies anyway?), and while Ben was at the climbing gym one morning, I watched two lines appear. Two beautiful lines.

All big plans of announcing our first child to Ben went out the window because there was NO WAY I could hold that news in a second longer than necessary.

How do people wait and plan elaborate things anyway? How do you keep that in even for an hour? Also, how amazes me that my body could so clearly tell me it needed vegetables and protein to grow this baby. I feel comfortable eating whatever I feel like because throughout this pregnancy my body has been asking for the healthiest foods ever.  I lived off of broccoli, edemame, green smoothies, omelets, and whole wheat pasta.



Given my lack of womanhood (we’ll call it that), we had no idea how far along I was. I read weekly symptoms online and pretended I was six and a half weeks but could have been anywhere from 4 – 9. With exhaustion and a little nausea the whole pregnant thing was feeling very real….but the whole baby thing seemed very, very far away.

And then it started, the anticipated morning sickness.

My least favorite thing in this world, other than crows, is throwing up. I dread it. I’ll take any other kind of sick. I’ve been terrified of pregnancy for years for that very reason. And you know what, its still not fun. There is a beautiful baby growing inside of me and that doesn’t make the actual being sick part more enjoyable … but it gives it a purpose, and that has made all the difference. Being sick is miserable, but there is something oddly satisfying about it… its like my body’s reminder that it is doing something magnificent, something extraordinary.

And so, when I sit on the cold tile floor of the bathroom many mornings, with tears streaming down my face, I am grateful for that reminder.. that my body and I are in this together … we’re growing this child; we’re growing something extraordinary.

all photos by Brooke Bakken Photography for Piper and Scoot (because no one wants pictures of me throwing up)
top: Piper and Scoot (loose fit – black version here)
denim: Lucky Brand
**at this point I was 5 1/2 weeks along and had no idea 😀


You moms out there, any tips for morning sickness?


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  1. Congratulations!! What an exciting time (and beginning many more exciting times!) And my most sincere condolences on morning sickness–I was ill for longer than I'll share in hopes yours is shorter and don't wish that feeling upon anyone. I was given lots of advice so helped, some didn't, but nothing made mine go away. Eating small meals/snacks constantly throughout the day; drinking all the water you are suppose to but not with meals; lemon water; ginger; eating whatever those craving foods are that you mentioned. I ended up being prescribed some pills that helped with my 2nd. The dr had me try B-6 and Benadryl first (didn't work but if it gets bad you could check with your dr).
    And on the upside it probably won't last longer than your pregnancy an that beautiful babe will make it all worth it!

  2. I love your perspective! You are amazing and will make an amazing mother!! I cannot wait to watch you grow on this journey of motherhood. Love you!!

  3. Totally worth it:)! Congrats, not on the sick part but on expecting:)!!

  4. ginger! anything ginger helps with nausea. also, drink plenty of water. it was a game changer for me! also, i'm so excited for you! you're glowing in this picture! my pregnancy (when it came to eating, that is) was just like yours is! i only wanted fruits and vegetables, and i was completely disgusted by fast food and sugary things! bodies are totally amazing. and i agree with not being able to wait. i took the test and called my husband three seconds later (he was riding his bike to class at the time) and screamed "i'm pregnant!" at the top of my lungs. i was a little excited 😉

  5. I am so very happy for you and your husband. I also have a "lack of womanhood". For a year I was seriously worried that there was something wrong with me because all my other friends were not struggling like I was. It makes me happy that there is hope for me and my husband. When God is ready to bestow that joy on us we'll be so happy! And for morning sickness I've heard that you should make sure you eat on time. Can't wait to hear more about your little family!


  6. I'm a few days behind — but sending you a huge congratulations! Wonderful news. (Also, that top is ADORABLE!)

  7. This was a really beautiful post – and not just because of that uber adorable polka dot blouse.

  8. When I was pregnant morning sickness was my greatest fear. But at first I was so nauseous that throwing up came as nice release (I know that sounds gross). Hang in there! Like you said, you're growing a little human 😀

  9. Girl, I FEEL YOU. First things first, the biggggggest congratulations coming your way. It's exciting knowing someone else who is due around the same time I am too 🙂

    As for the morning sickness, the best advice I can give you is to hang. in. there. With my first (and sadly unsuccessful) pregnancy, I was nauseous constantly. It was miserable. I learned that I had to eat roughly 6 Ritz crackers immediately upon waking up (whether it was at 5am to pee or at 7am–if I was that lucky to sleep in). As a person who hates throwing up, I can only commiserate with that cold floor feeling.

    This pregnancy, I still ate a few Ritz in the morning (from weeks 7-10) but the nausea was totally different. I became a big fan of non-alcoholic ginger beer to settle my stomach at night. I tell you this not to brag but to give you hope that any future pregnancy (or pregnancies) could be different. Even today (almost 19 weeks in), I had a touch of nausea in the morning because I waited to long to eat.

    The Lord works in VERY weird ways. I loved the way you put it. So happy to follow along + support you in your journey. Lots of happy prayers for you! xoxo {av}

  10. anything citrus and lemon drops helped me a ton. My "morning sickness" was bad ALL day, but eating constantly helped. I was so sick of all food by the time my morning sickness wore off, but it helped me not feel quite as sick or throw up. I've also heard ginger helps. I also tried to eat as soon as I woke up. When my alarm went off my dear husband would jump out of bed and get me a bowl of cereal to eat in bed before I woke up all the way and realized how sick I felt. I'm so happy for you. Good luck! ps: I loved the book What to Expect When You're Expecting. It's a great way to look up symptoms and have a weekly play-by-play on what's going on with your baby and your body.

  11. I'm glad you're enjoying your pregnancy so far!

    Unfortunately I didn't have the sunshine and rainbow pregnancy that many women talk about. I got sick for the first time a week after I found out and it continued through the day the baby was born. After two trips to the emergency room I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and it was no picnic in the park. The difference between regular morning sickness and HG is staggering. It is impossible to function normally. Ginger, crackers, small meals, grandma's chicken soup, etc etc etc are no help. I could barely look at pictures of food without getting sick, let alone keep anything healthy down. I lived off potato chips and muffins for months. They were all I could stomach. Eight times a day I rushed to the bathroom and eight times I came out in tears of desperation and frustration. It's almost impossible to feel over the moon excited when you don't even feel human anymore. Did I feel like I was doing something great by growing a baby? Not really (although I wish I did). I was too sick to enjoy it. I felt like I was about to die every day for 270+ days. Was the baby worth it? Absolutely. Am I looking forward to being pregnant again? Heck to the no.

    I hope your pregnancy continues to go smoothly!! 🙂

    PS. My friend Michelle wrote an excellent post describing life with hyperemesis. http://michellesncheese.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-first-trimester-my-journey-through.html