AG Jeans Review

On days I change out of gym clothes, 98% of the time I throw on some variety of jeans and a tee shirt. Today I’m excited to share my very favorite pair of denim with you! This post was originally written in 2018 and updated since then (I still own + love + wear these exact jeans years later) This AG jeans review is not sponsored. All opinions are my own, just like always.


AG jeans are the end all be all for me when it comes to denim.

I can still remember the dressing room I was in (in Saks Fifth Avenue in downtown Cincinnati in 2013) when I tried on my first pair of AG denim. It was for this style collaboration + photoshoot and I wouldn’t be keeping the clothes so I wasn’t paying attention to the price tag.

The jeans were buttery soft but still supportive. Comfortable but constructed. Everything I didn’t know I could have in a pair of jeans.

The first pair of AG jeans I actually bought was 2.5 years later, a few weeks post partum with Adelaide. I ordered a pair off of thredUP for a fraction of the price and lived in them until I dropped a bit more baby weight.

I ordered another pair off of thredUP a few months later.

And then after hunting and hunting for my medium wash, high rise pair to make an appearance on thredUP for about a year, I went ahead and bought them a few months ago. And I’ve worn them at least three times a week ever since.

AG Jeans Review: Here’s what I love about AG Jeans

AG Jeans are flattering.

They’re more flattering than any other pair of jeans in my closet and they’re my favorite mix of structure and stretch in any jean I’ve tried on (designer and not).

My one complaint is that they hold their shape well for only about 2-3 wears (full day wears). And I still wear them 3-4 days in a row often before washing but by day 4 they’re due for a wash and dry.

The rise on AG Jeans is great

The high rise is great for this post-partum body, holding in everything I’d like held in.

The length of AG Jeans is great on me

The length works well with a small cuff for me at 5’4″ although if I were a perfectionist I’d get them hemmed a tad.

AG Jeans Sizing Review 

Right now I’m wearing these in a 26 and they fit about the same as my 26s from GAP and a bit tighter than the size 2 jeans I have from Old Navy.

I find that AG jeans run true to size. 

Where to buy AG Jeans

I found this pair on sale on Amazon before the holidays (Amazon always has random sizes and washes going on sale and it’s hard to make rhyme or reason of it).

You can also snag AG jeans here: 

If you’re looking for a GREAT pair of designer denim that you can wear everyday forever (well, maybe not forever), I can’t recommend these ones more.

And if you haven’t heard about the pair of jeans Old Navy hired AG to design for them, go check out this post. I wear that pair every week and they’re the softest jeans in my closet. There’s a full review and product links here. 

AG jeans with white blouse and suede jacket

outfit details:

jeans (here on amazon)

shirt: also on sale from Shopbop!

jacket: We haggled for this at the tanneries in Fes

shoes: Kenneth Cole

earrings: Sugarfix by Baublebar, c/o

All the details on my favorite AG Jeans. These jeans are so comfortable and versatile, they will go with any outfit. #womensfashion #momiform #jeanstyle


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  1. Hi, love the color of your denims! May I ask what color they are? Thanks

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