6-9 months baby feeding schedule and sample menu

Today I’m sharing a 6-9 month sample baby feeding schedule and menu ideas. Grab the free printable download to have on hand (put it on the fridge, screen shot it for your phone, whatever you want). Also, check out the 9-12 month feeding schedule here. 

what to feed baby 6-9 months with sample menu and free download

Feeding Adelaide: 9-12 month Sample Baby Feeding Schedule by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight

Keeping a baby alive is hard enough without having to worry about what to feed them. I’m so grateful for the first six months they should only have milk! No balancing meals, worrying about constipation, and thinking about choking during mealtime. 

It could be overwhelming for anyone, but especially a new mom trying to balance a lot of firsts on only a little bit of sleep.

You have probably heard that “food before 1 is just for fun.” 

And it’s true that for nutrition, your child gets everything they need from breastmilk or formula for the first year. But the saying is a little deceptive because introducing a wide selection of food to your baby during these months is critical! 



Tips for getting your baby to eat everything:

  • Continually introduce new foods, even if he doesn’t like them right away. Did you know, its recommended you introduce a new food up to 20 times to help a bay warm up to it? 
  • Serve things in different ways. I pretty much cook certain things the same way (like we always steam broccoli) and I’m working on giving the same items in new ways, with new flavors. 
  • Use spices. Lincoln still eats whatever we eat for dinner and if its got a bit of spice to it, he seems to do just fine so I’m feeling motivated to add new flavors to his meals. I grew up overseas eating lots of different foods so its really important to me that Lincoln love Asian cuisine as much as I do ? 
  • Eat as a family. My mom has touted family dinners since before I can remember, but what I didn’t realize (until I found an article on Nutrimom) was the benefit extends to babies as young as 6 months old. Babies are more likely to try foods they see other people eating (mainly their parents).
  • Find easy ‘go-to’s. I came up with a list for things I can feed Linc when I don’t have a full meal for the rest of the family cooked (specifically breakfast/lunch ideas). This has been awesome all week because I stocked up on a few things at the grocery store and always had something to pull out. Some of the things on the list right now are a variety of beans, peas, avocado, olives, and oatmeal. 

I’ve put together a sample weekly menu and a good general formula for feeding your baby from 6-9 months. 

Favorite plates and utensils for starting solids

You can grab our favorite plates here and bowls that suction stick so they don’t spill here.


For utensils, we have loved everything we have tried from munchkin. We mostly use these longer plastic spoons but these small ones are great too. 

Easy formula for well balanced baby feeding schedule for 6-9 month olds:

Fruits + Grains + Proteins + Veggies

Remember, when we talk about balanced, it is more important over the course of a full day, or a full week. This is especially true as you begin introducing new foods one at a time. 

This baby feeding schedule is what I’ll try and feed baby in a typical week although I find I rely more heavily on snacks for weeks when we’re traveling, having company, or things are just a bit crazy.

I balance a basic baby led weaning schedule, serving soft whole foods she can feed herself (some of the time), with some cereal. If you wan’t to skip baby cereal (oatmeal or rice cereal) you can skip the cereal and add in another carb. Many days we’ll skip cereal and use plain cheerios that baby can pick up on her own while I prep the other part of the meal. 

When it comes to the foods the preparation depends on your baby. I serve things like broccoli and zucchini cooked so they’re very soft but at 10 months Adelaide could eat raspberries and apples cut into small pieces on her own. Try serving food prepped in a variety of ways, especially if your baby doesn’t take to it the first time. They may not like a sweet potato puree but they may be big fans of feeding themselves chunks of cooked sweet potato. 


sample baby menu for 6-9 months



Feeding Adelaide: 9-12 month Sample Baby Feeding Schedule by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight

What are your favorite foods to feed your babies from 6-9 months? What should I introduce baby to next?

what to feed baby 6-9 months with sample menu and free download


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