Feeding Adelaide: 9-12 month Sample Baby Feeding Schedule

Today I’m sharing a 9-12 month sample baby feeding schedule and menu ideas. Grab the free printable download to have on hand. 

Feeding Adelaide: 9-12 month Sample Baby Feeding Schedule by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight

Feeding Adelaide: 9-12 month Sample Baby Feeding Schedule by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight


I am so grateful that for the first six months of their life babies only need milk. There is enough new to learn without having to add in balanced meals and menu planning. Who’s with me?

With Lincoln, my first, starting solids and planning “meals” and a baby feeding schedule for him felt so overwhelming. Was he getting enough iron? Did he have a good balance of vegetables? Was he experiencing enough new textures? Had it been the three days since I introduced the latest new food?

It could be overwhelming for anyone, but especially a new mom trying to balance a lot of firsts on only a little bit of sleep.

I’ve put together a sample weekly menu and a good general formula for feeding your baby from 9-12 months. I’m not always perfect at following it, but keeping track of what Adelaide is eating and sticking to the general formula has made the whole experience of transitioning to food a lot less stressful this second time around.

You can grab our favorite plates here and bowls that suction stick so they don’t spill here.


Easy formula for well balanced baby feeding schedule for 9-12 month olds:

Fruits + Grains + Proteins + Veggies




Feeding Adelaide: 9-12 month Sample Baby Feeding Schedule by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight


Feeding Adelaide: 9-12 month Sample Baby Feeding Schedule by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight


Make sure you’re picking something from each category every day and make sure you’re introducing a variety of textures. At this age, what they’re eating is just as much about learning and developing healthy habits + preferences as it is about nutrition.

This baby feeding schedule is what I’ll try and feed baby in a typical week although I find I rely more heavily on snacks for weeks when we’re traveling, having company, or things are just a bit crazy.

I remind myself that the types of food she gets over the course of a day or two are a lot more important than keeping meals balanced and I focus on exposing her to a variety of tastes and textures.

I balance a basic baby led weaning schedule, serving soft whole foods she can feed herself (some of the time), with some cereal. If you wan’t to skip baby cereal (oatmeal or rice cereal) you can skip the cereal and add in another carb. Many days we’ll skip cereal and use plain cheerios that baby can pick up on her own while I prep the other part of the meal. 

When it comes to the foods the preparation depends on your baby. I serve things like broccoli and zucchini cooked so they’re very soft but at 10 months Adelaide could eat raspberries and apples cut into small pieces on her own.


sample baby food menu 9-12 months

Feeding Adelaide: 9-12 month Sample Baby Feeding Schedule by Boston mom blogger Elisabeth McKnight

What are your favorite foods to feed your babies from 9-12 months? What should I introduce Adelaide to next?


wonder what to feed your baby? sample baby menu and feeding chart for 9 - 12 months


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  1. I need feeding schedule for my 5months old baby. Now she is taking 4oz bottle 3 to 4 hrs gap and 1 spoon of cereals taking twice a day . can I feed full cup of first food gerber cup. can I start juices? I know each baby is different but based on this I wil get some idea. Please help me.

    1. I’m still using this guide – parental-love.com/shop/baby-food there you have a summarized shedules for all age categories 🙂

      1. Baby cereal, preferably oatmeal or any cereal that has nutritional value than apposed to rice cereal as that does not have any value.

  2. Thank you for putting the weekly baby food recipe together. They are like infographics to me. I can save the pictures and send to my wife. Then we don’t need to worry about what to make for our baby!

  3. Thanks for putting together this information. My little one is 4 months old, so I’m already trying to gather some tips about feeding solids. Right now, I’m combi-feeding, which works out great. My husband and I decided to feed organic formula from Hipp , but I’m so excited to finally introduce solids.

  4. At 9 month, should we mix vegetables and fruit before feeding baby or just crash them with fork will be ok?

  5. Thank you sooo much for this! I’ve found moving onto solids quite overwhelming. Your chart is exactly what I need.

  6. Second time around for me and i still need this…much appreciated. Thank u!

  7. Am I the only one that noticed the baby seat not buckled at all? haha….Thank you for the tips though! Baby #3 and I am still looking for ideas!! Funny how soon you forget!

  8. Hello I need some feeding advice I have a 9 month old almost 10 months and he is a very fussy eater he will only eat 3 thinks cereal, potato gems and fruit he won’t eat anything else he won’t even try it he will just grab it and throw it on the floor I have tried feeding it to him on a spoon but he refuses does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try I need help