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Summer Diaper Bag Checklist with 2

The summer heat is in full force this week in New England and we’re over here trying to find fun summer activities that DON’T involve being outside. Yesterday we picked a restaurant solely for the indoor play place and today we’re headed to toddler time at a trampoline park because it’s too hot to enjoy outside. So, in honor of getting out the house this summer, I’m sharing our summer diaper bag checklist, all the things I never leave the house without when I’m out with my two toddlers.

But, whether I’m headed to the park or out to eat, there are a few things I always have on hand for leaving the house with two kids.

Summer Diaper Bag Checklist

I never leave the house without:

  • Pampers Diapers: These are our favorite diapers we’ve been using since Lincoln was born because we find they work the best for our kids. Adelaide just moved from from the Swaddlers to the Cruisers in the last two months and I love that they have Extra Absorb Channels to help distribute wetness evenly (so it stays drier and doesn’t sag). With two kids I’m often carrying 4-5 diapers in two different sizes but this summer both kids are close enough to a size five that I just have 3 of those on hand. When it comes to diapers I always pack what I think I’ll need and then one extra.
  • Water: With the temps getting hotter, I try to always have water for all of us. Lincoln has been drinking out of my water bottle for awhile but Adelaide hasn’t quite gotten the bite and suck coordination down so I bring along our insulated Miracle 360 cup (that keeps the water cold and both kids can drink from).
  • Snacks: Whether it’s staving off a meltdown or just keeping little hands busy while I tend to another child, snacks are a must. I usually have some granola/fruit bars, a bag of freeze dried fruit, and some crackers. Earlier in the summer we discovered snack catchers that the kids can use by themselves without making a mess. They’re also great because it takes little hands a little bit longer to get the snacks out so it passes a little more time in the car or while waiting in line.
  • Sunscreen: Even when I don’t plan it to be an outdoor activity, I keep a sunstick on hand just in case. Have you used a sunstick before? It’s like a large tube of chapstick and it makes putting sunscreen on faces super easy and is ideal for reapplication on the go.
  • Pampers Wipes: Whether it’s for a diaper change or a spill, we have a small pack of these on hand.
  • Toys: There are always a few cars floating around the bottom of my diaper bag and they’re great for either kid in a pinch.

When I’m extra prepared:

  • Sunglasses: I try to have these for me and the kids on hand when we’re out. At 1, Lincoln would never keep sunglasses on but Adelaide will happily wear them as long as the sun is in her eyes.
  • Stain Remover: I’ve ruined a few too many clothing items because I didn’t treat the stain right away so now I just carry the Dreft stain remover pen in my diaper bag.
  • Plastic Bags: If there’s no place to throw away diapers these are life savers. They’re also great if kids get wet or clothes get dirty.
  • A change of clothes: Often this is just a onesie for Adelaide and a shirt for Lincoln but if we’re traveling I’ll have a full spare outfit for both kids. I’ve always thought it would be a great idea to pack a spare shirt for me because often my clothes are the casualty of kids’ messes…but I’ve never actually done it.
  • Hand Sanitizer: When they’re no place to wash my hands after a diaper change, I’m super grateful for this. In the colder months I might use it sparingly on my toddler’s hands after playing in a public place (but generally I just tell myself that germs build strong immune systems and give him a bath when we get home).
  • A device: If it’s a long car ride, dinner with friends who don’t have kids, or just a full day away from home, I’ll often sneak in the ipad. I try not to use it regularly but if a show keeps them awake in the car long enough to make it home for their regular naps, I’m not above breaking it out.

^the awesome snack catcher I was talking about – these will be in the winner’s goodie bag! 

^I CANNOT even handle how big these two look here. Apparently I need another baby because I don’t have one anymore :0

“too heavy, mama. howd it pwease” — and I promise he’s getting a haircut next week :0outfit details:

my shirt: super similar on sale here // watch: Daniel Wellington // denim: Gap (old) // flats: J.Crew Cece Ballet flats

Adelaide’s shoes: Pediped (perfect for new walkers) // Adelaide’s romper: Carters (found it a few place online – cheapest here)

Lincoln’s shoes: Osh Kosh // Lincoln’s shorts: H&M // Lincoln’s shirt: Ralph Lauren, old


wondering how to organize your diaper bag for two? check out this checklist: these summer diaper bag essentials are everything you need to leave the house with a baby and a toddler and stay organized

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