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35 Week Maternity Outfit + Update

Today I’m sharing a 35 week bumpdate and an easy, comfortable maternity outfit for the third trimester. Can’t believe we are just weeks away from meeting this little caboose!

A little 35 week maternity update:

Eating: All the pebble ice. I went through the drive through at Chick-fil-a just to order a large cup of ice (and an 8 ounce thing of chick-fil-a sauce so I had something to pay for).

My aversion to sweet things is officially gone and sugar sounds good again. I’m still eating a lot of popsicles and pretzel crisps.

favorite pregnancy snack combo:


Loving: Is there anything to love about 35 weeks pregnant? I am trying to remind myself this is almost certainly my last month pregnant, ever. I am trying to focus on the fun baby kicks.

Hating: How hard it is to keep up with my kids these days. We can’t do a beach morning and run an errand in the afternoon. I can’t carry a sleepy six year old in from the car. I’m trying to remember I can snuggle in bed and read endless stories. I can sit on the floor and build block towers. I can drive through chick-fil-a and get everyone’s favorite dinner.

Feeling: Very done. 35 weeks is still to early to want baby to get here but this is when I stop being of the opinion that babies are lower maintenance on the inside than on the outside.

Sleeping: Sleeping is hit or miss but I am so happy to be able to crawl into bed at night (literally, most of the time I crawl up the stairs at bedtime because walking regularly hurts so much by that time of evening). Last night a certain child came in with a bad dream and I didn’t go back to sleep for at least an hour after they were back in bed.

Missing: Fun activities! We spent some time in Utah this month and I am looking forward to being able to rock climb, hike, and visit museums again (museums with three kids at 8 months pregnant were not going to happen).

Weighing: I’m still about on track for my usual one pound a week weight gain that I’ve done with all three of my previous pregnancies.

Wearing: I’m still loving my Blanqi maternity jeans and Motherbee Maternity tees. I’ve also been wearing this dress from Hatch Maternity on repeat (three times in the last week).

I got in a large order from Legoe Maternity and have been obsessed with all their pieces. Everything is so comfortable and very post partum friendly. I also ordered my larger maternity size and it is nice to have soft things that are loose and comfortable.

This matching set from NOM is still on repeat, especially to the pool.

I got a few bamboo lounge pieces from Kindred Bravely as a gift and I’ve been wearing the padded nursing tank instead of a bra many days.

Planning: Right now I’m making all the lists – things we still need for baby, things to order once we know baby’s gender, meal lists for the first few weeks (not me cooking), meal lists for the first few months (me cooking), kids’ schedules, household items I should stock up on, etc. Nesting at it’s finest.

Buying: I ordered my first baby clothes of this pregnancy this week and can’t wait for them to arrive. We still don’t know gender so I’m sticking with very plain, neutral sleepers in super soft fabrics. I also ordered some onesies, a swaddle, and one single bow (just in case).

Maternity Outfit details:

  • Denim Jacket: The Drop by Amazon
  • Black bodycon dress: Amazon
  • Sunglasses: Karen Waler
  • Sandals: Amazon

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