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Today we’re talking all about the affordable athletic brand Halara in this unpaid honest Halara review. All opinions are my own and this post may contain affiliate links.

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I am a LOVER of all things athleisure and have had my eye on HALARA for a couple of years now. With a long summer of heat and hiking ahead of me I placed an order at the end of May. In this article we’ll cover a bit about Halara, what I got and what I think of it after a full summer of wear.

Before we dive into the specific products, lets take a look a the brand.


HALARA is a relatively new online activewear brand that, like so many others these days, made it big on social media (TikTok, to be specific). Specializing in athleisure and loungewear, HALARA Is known for its viral dupe of the Outdoor Voices exercise dress as well as its criss cross style waistband leggi

The mission behind the brand is, in essence, to inspire health and wellness by helping women feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in their activewear.

They’re known for their affordable prices and fun solid colors (so many options for each product!).

History of HALARA

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, demand for athleisure skyrocketed as people were forced to spend all their time at home or outside. We also saw an uptick in fitness in general as people, with few other options for entertainment, took to the outdoors. In response to these trends, Joyce Zhang founded HALARA to capitalize on growing demand for such a fun and functional product.

Is HALARA Sustainable

While HALARA is considered a fast fashion brand, like Shein, Forever 21 and Zara, is is what yoursustainableguide.com has deemed “semi-sustainable” The brand has stuck to a relatively short list of “classic” pieces that do not change every week like other brands in the same realm. The clothes are also made of long-lasting synthetic materials which, in theory, reduce consumption by standing the test of time.

Is HALARA Legit? My Shopping Experience

With summer ahead of me, and countless outdoor activities in mind, I finally sat down and placed my first order. I opted for some of the most viral pieces as well as some tops that caught my eye. The user experience on the HALARA app was excellent, and I got an extra discount code for using the app.

Here’s what I ordered:

These are the pieces from my first purchase

*I didn’t try any of their sports bras but think the matching sets are super cute

HALARA Shipping

In my opinion, the biggest downside to HALARA is their shipping time. I placed my order on April 20th, it shipped on April 30th, and I did not receive it until May 17th. From what I understand, that is an abnormally long delivery time for them, but still – not particularly reliable if you’re looking for something to come quick. 

How long does HALARA take to ship? How long does HALARA take to deliver?

HALARA.com reports that orders typically ship in 1-3 days, but mine took 10, so do with that what you will.  

HALARA.com projects 8-10 business days for orders with standard shipping (free with an order of $49 or more) or 3-5 business days with express shipping. But, once again, my order came almost a whole month after I ordered it. It was delayed I believe coming into the U.S. and then again making it to my apartment building. 

I was, however, very impressed by the precision order tracking on the HALARA app that told me exactly where my package was and why it may have been delayed.

First Impressions:

When they say buttery soft they MEAN it. Every piece I ordered (but particularly the pair of leggings), were the softest material I have ever owned.


I’ll include detail descriptions about the quality of each of the items in the individual mini reviews posted below but overall I was impressed with the quality – expecting a classic fast fashion vibe (think Shein), but the clothes were far more “worth the price” than I anticipated.

HALARA Sizing Guide

I found that HALARA clothing runs true to size. In my personal experience, items fit and looked just like they did in the pictures on the site.

This site always offers at least XS-XL, but in most of their products, especially the most popular ones, they offer up to 3X. They also have an easily accessible size guide linked on each product page for easy reference if you’d prefer to take exact measurements.

All the pieces I ordered fit true-to-size, and from other reviews I’ve read it looks like that is the general consensus. Some, however, report their orders coming a little big. Be sure to check the size chart when you order. You can also look at the product reviews on the product page to see if there are any sizing comments. But, when in doubt, just order your usual size.

Conclusion: Will I order from HALARA again?

My final conclusion is that HALARA is, in fact, the ultimate ‘hot girl walk’ brand, but not somewhere I’d shop again for actual ‘wear to the gym’ clothes.

All the pieces I got were cute, comfortable and for the most part, flattering, but I am still always reaching for higher quality brands for runs, hard gym sessions, long hikes, etc… If you’re looking for cute and trendy athleisure at a reasonable price point, HALARA is perfect. If you’re looking for your next workout set… stick to your go-to brands. Linking a few of my go-to workout pieces here:

Tips for Shopping on HALARA

Okay, so HALARA is a legit site. But how can you find really great items? If you’re looking to order from Halara for the first time, here are some tips:

1. Don’t sleep on the workout tops 

HALARA is famous for its workout dresses and crossover leggings, but the purchases I was actually most excited about were the tops I ordered. They were more supportive than I would have expected and come in such a fun assortment of colors. 

2. Shop fun colors!

I’m usually a neutral kind of girl especially when it comes to workout clothes. Putting a whole new outfit together and matching colors and such early in the morning before the gym is too much for me. BUT, if you are shopping HALARA for more casual activities like walks, camping, and lounging around the house, it is absolutely worth picking the fun colors. Because HALARA is fast fashion, they are generally up on the latest color trends and have some really cute stuff. I regret getting my workout dress in plain black. 

3. Stick with athleisure

HALARA went viral for its athleirsure and that is absolutely where it excels. Over the last year or so they have come out with more regular clothing items. However, as a regular rule of thumb, I shop for items from sites/stores that excel in making those items. (I don’t buy shoes from Madewell because Madewell excels in jeans, not shoes).

Best things to buy from HALARA

HALARA is of course known for its dresses and I loved how fun, colorful and diverse the selection was. You can shop HALARA dresses with varying lengths, cuts and back designs. They truly have something for everyone. Other fun things to buy from the site are: 

HALARA Reviews

Here are reviews of a few pieces I purchased from HALARA in my most recent shopping experience

Everyday Cloudful™ Fabric Backless 2-in-1 Flare Workout Dress-Wannabe // HALARA Review

Size: XS
Color: Black

This viral dupe absolutely lived up to expectations. It is incredibly soft, flattering and versatile. Only downside for me was I do not quite fill out the top.

The dress has held up well over the summer with multiple wears and washes and no visible wear.

It fits true to size and hits around mid-thigh. (I’m 5’4″ for reference)

Everyday Cloudful™ Fabric 3.0 Crossover Pocket Plain Leggings // HALARA Review

Size: XS
Color: Red Mahogany

These leggings were a bit of a letdown for me. Pros: they are buttery soft, comfortable and have not pilled at all (they also have great pockets). Cons: I did not find them to be flattering in the way that they’re hyped up to me. I like how I look a lot more in lulus, but could just be me.

They do fit true to size and the length is perfect on me. I also think they come up high enough on the waist.

Drawstring Contrast Flowy Mesh 2-in-1 Shorts // HALARA Review

Size: XS
Color: Navy Cosmos

Love these ones! Very cute. Very flattering. Super comfortable. The lining fabric is just as buttery soft as the leggings and the dress and I am obsessed with the color. They have not replaced my go-tos for the gym but they’ve been so fun for everything else.

Fit true to size. I wear an xs in most shorts and a 2 at Lululemon for reference.

Padded V Neck Cropped Yoga Tank Top // HALARA Review

Size: XS
Color: White

This one turned out to be a really fun staple workout top. It’s classic, simple, and goes with any high-waisted workout bottoms. The quality of this top feels very on par with high-end workout brands, and it’s way more flattering than the shorts and leggings were. This is easily my most-worn purchase from the haul.

It fits true to size! A very comparable dupe of the Lululemon align tank at 1/3 the price

Halara FAQ:

Where is HALARA based? Where are HALARA clothes made?

HALARA is headquartered in Hong Kong with manufacturing in China, Vietnam and the Philippines.


HALARA is a reputable fashion brand with millions of customers. Often I’ll still use PayPal when shopping with these type of retailers to protect credit card information.

Are HALARA clothes good quality?

Good quality is relative. From my limited shopping experience, their clothes are better quality than Shein or even some amazon brands, but not on the same level as Lululemon and Outdoor Voices.

Does HALARA have good customer service?

From my research, it looks like getting in touch with HALARA customer service is quick an easy. You can reach out via email at service@thehalara.com or chat at https://thehalara.com/foot/contact-us

Does HALARA have free shipping?

Yes, HALARA offers free standard shipping in the US on orders over $49. They also offer free super express shipping on orders over $199.

Do HALARA clothes run small?

From my experience and reading reviews, HALARA clothing fits true to size. If you order the wrong size, you an check out their return policy (they take items within 30 days if they’re still in new condition).

Does HALARA have any physical stores? 

No, HALARA is an online-only retailer.

How does HALARA compare to Lululemon.

I think that when it comes to looks and feel, HALARA stacks up well against lulu. Where they fall short is HALARA clothes do not hold you in the way higher quality brands do and thus they don’t work as well for more intense exercise.

Where does HALARA Clothing ship from?

HALARA.com reports that all of its clothes are manufactured in China, Vietnam or the Philippines. My order shipped from China and got stuck briefly at customs. 

Does HALARA have an app?

Yes, you can download the HALARA app for an easier shopping experience. You can heart your favorites, get access to special discounts, and purchase straight from the app. I also highly recommend that app for ease of tracking your order.

How long does HALARA take to ship?

HALARA.com projects 8-10 business days for orders with standard shipping (free with an order of $49 or more) or 3-5 business days with express shipping. 

Halara Alternatives:

Here are a few athleisure brands to try:

  • Girlfriend Collective
  • Lululemon

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