3 Best Pairs of Amazon Biker Shorts

Today we’re talking all about biker shorts and which ones to order from Amazon. This post contains affiliate links. 

Have you jumped on the bike short trend? I was a hard no at first, then skeptical, then hesitant, and last month my sister and I caved and we ordered a handful of pairs from Amazon. In the heat of the summer I loved the idea of wearing something like leggings with a little less coverage. They can easily go from working out to running errands or are just great for sitting on the floor with kids.

We ordered three different pairs of bike shorts on Amazon and here’s what we found:

Best Biker Shorts on Amazon 

Pair #1: DILANNI Women’s biker short

This is the most athletic of the three. It is a thick material made from a polyester and spandex mix. The black color has a bit of a shine to it, so it looks like a workout short. There is a pocket on each side big enough for the average smart phone. They run true to size but if you’re in between sizes, size down. I kept this pair and wear it often. 


  • very comfortable
  • good pockets
  • stay in place
  • thick compression material 
  • price
  • come in a handful of colors (some with a mesh detail) 
  • longer length (longest of the three pairs we tried) 


  • looks like a workout short (not a total con but if you’re you’re looking for a short that also works with more of a lounge look, this one isn’t perfect). 

$20 black biker shorts


Pair #2: The Drop Biker Short

This is a lounge pair of biker shorts if there ever was one. There isn’t any compression and it is very comfortable. It doesn’t look like an athletic short and has no pockets.

We wanted to love it but just didn’t. Our biggest complaint is that they’re not the yogalicious shorts. There isn’t really anything the matter with them except that they weren’t as good as the yogalicious ones and we wanted a bit of compression. At the $25 price point we had higher expectations. I kept these but find myself reaching for the yogalicious ones more often.  


  • comfortable
  • lounge looking (no pockets or athletic wear look) 
  • nice long length 


  • reviews say they don’t hold up very well to washing 
  • no compression (doesn’t hold you in at all) 

$25 The Drop Biker Lounge Short

Pair #3: Yogalicious 9″ biker short  (OUR FAVORITE PAIR) 

These are the big winners. They’re what we’re both wearing in the pictures and our most worn piece around the house over the last month. THEY ARE SO GOOD!

The yogalicious biker shorts are incredibly comfortable, flattering, and fun. They’ve held up to constant washing and work just as well for exercising as they do for hanging out. They run true to size and we want them in all of the colors (we’re both wearing an XS here) . 


  • lots of cute colors
  • flattering
  • comfortable
  • good quality – holds up to lots of wear + washing 
  • roomy pockets that fit iphone 


  • none 

BEST overall biker short

If you’re on the fence about bike shorts, start with these! 

*a note on colors: I can’t tell if the potent purple is the same as the Rouge Blush my sister is wearing. There is no rouge blush listed anymore but they look super similar. She is not wearing Royal Kir color. 

What to wear with biker shorts from Amazon:

Wondering how to style these biker shorts?

  • With a graphic tee
  • With an oversized denim jacket
  • with a blazer and buttondown
  • with a cropped top
  • with a long cardigan

The possibilities are endless! I put together a full guide on wearing bike shorts while pregnant but all of the outfit ideas work when you aren’t expecting, too. Check out the ten outfit ideas here.

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