Good Harbor Beach

A few pictures at Good Harbor Beach, one of our favorite beaches in Boston to go to with our kids. 

I thought we’d be soaking up these last weeks of summer before our first real “back to school” fall arrived.

I thought we’d be at Target, checking off Lincoln’s Kindergarten shopping list and letting Adelaide pick out a new outfit for preschool.

I thought we’d be instituting a favorite family tradition going up, spending the Monday evening before school started having dinner at the beach. 

But here we are, still with very little idea about what school is going to look like (very little idea what any part of fall will look like). And so we’re still soaking up the most of summer, although maybe we’ll spend a lot of fall mornings at the beach, too. 

Ben took a few days off and we spent Friday at Nahant beach, Saturday morning at Walden Pond, and then Saturday evening at Good Harbor beach with friends. Adelaide sobbed as we left, in part because it was almost bedtime, but according to her because,”I want to build a house and stay at this beach forever.

Me, too, baby girl. Me, too.

A few pictures from Good Harbor as I try to remind myself that today isn’t any harder not knowing what next month will look like. 


outfit details: 


my linen top (under $25 and the perfect beach shirt): Amazon

my swimsuit: Summersalt (the Sidestroke) 

Lincoln’s swimsuit: Cyrillus (sold out everywhere online) 

Adelaide’s swimsuit: Hanna Andersson (a couple sizes left) 


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