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17 Weeks and Color Block Skirt

Why hello Tuesday. I am truly loving how much sweeter pregnancy is getting. After weekends away there aren’t full days of recovery anymore and my mornings start of with nutella toast instead of gingerale.

Here’s a little happy list for today:

  • We spent the weekend in Cincinnati with some of our best friends in their beautiful new home. The combination of the sweetest children, the best of friends, and a gorgeous space (and you know, good food) made for some wonderful days. The girls spent Saturday picking out furniture for their new place and my goodness did it make me excited to furnish a house!
  • My little sister tells the tiny one in my stomach that she loves it each time we get off the phone.
  • The Saks outlet was having a “buy one get two free sale” on Friday on my drive back from Hanna Anderssen opening. Yeah, I thought I read wrong the first time too. I came home with clothes for Ben and shoes for me because clothes shopping is pretty low on things I get excited about these days (knowing that nothing will fit in a month, or maybe a week, means justifying non-maternity purchases is impossible).
  • I’m 17 weeks along! Seventeen is my very favorite number. Symptoms have been generally improving as long as I eat and drink enough water. Having great smelling candles around helps a bit too.
  • I’m so grateful for friends who share their sweet moments of motherhood. I can see that its a lot of work and I’ve heard many worst case scenarios… But, I am thankful for the reminders of the simple joys this next step holds.
  • Happiest moment of the week: feeling the baby kick. I think its probably happened a few times now but I can’t be quite sure – one time, early in the morning after Ben had left for work, there was a definite kick though 😀

Hello perfection in a skirt. I was so impressed with the quality of this little number when it showed up last week. The fabric is a thick linen/cotton blend and the skirt is fully lined. Even the zipper is well made (and darling). The skirt can be dressed down with a striped tee like I did here but is nice enough to be dressed up with a silk blouse for fancier occasions. I really love the shape of the skirt and how well the muted pink and navy work for transitioning from summer to fall (but really, muted pink and navy work well all year round).
Sara is one talented seamstress and launched this line of handmade skirts yesterday and now that I’ve seen full pictures of each skirt, I want one in every color combination! How gorgeous is the powder blue and white one? Each skirt is handmade here in the USA (and they’re each custom sewn so they’ll ship 7-10 days after you order).
linen top: J.Crew (last summer)
skirt: Stripes and Polka Dots c/o
wedges: Lands End c/o (last summer)
You can bet post pregnancy this skirt will be on repeat. Until then, I’m back to boycotting anything that uses my waist to stay up (yeah, pants and skirts don’t really happen these days.. its all dresses or bathrobes). If my sister hadn’t already told me she loves this skirt enough to marry it, I’d let someone else borrow it for the next few months (at 15, I’m fine with the fact that she’s more interested in a skirt — its a fabulous one;).

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  1. really adorable skirt! i love the pink and blue tones paired with the stripes! 🙂
    love your blog!

    ciao, taylor

  2. I will DEFINITELY be a lot bigger than this come seventeen weeks. A third baby is killing my skinny pregnant vibe 🙂

  3. OH goodness! These are beautiful. I was looking for a skirt to wear to the tea I'm going to on Saturday, if only I had found these sooner. You look adorable in it. Thanks for the good tip! 🙂
    xoxo Allison

  4. You weren't kidding that this a perfect skirt. Super cute!

  5. love your outfit! its totally gorgeous!

    if you have time please visit me!