The Last Weeks of Maternity Style

Happy Monday! 
Just a few life updates for today: 
  • I am feeling beyond pregnant at this point and I appreciate the comments from strangers that I will not make it to my due date (so when this baby shows up two weeks late I’m not sure what I’ll do!). 
  • We had gorgeous fifty degree (albeit cloudy) weather this weekend and are hoping it means that this year wont be anything like last winter. Ben was outside raking leaves in a tee shirt (guys, we have a yard in which to rake leaves!) and it was possible to run errands in light jackets without freezing to death. I keep telling Ben I love winter…but I’m starting to think maybe I don’t. 
  • We got our very first Christmas tree (pictures coming once we put lights and ornaments on it, promise — we used all of our lights on our outdoor tree so that we weren’t one of the only houses without any Christmas lights up). It makes the front of the house smell amazing and Ben informed we we aren’t taking it down till mid January. You won’t hear me complaining. 
  • All of the rooms in the house are functional (other than the nursery) and we got all of our appliances (other than a garbage disposal) sorted out/purchased/planned. It’ll be nice not to be running back to the apartment to do laundry and not wash every single dish by hand (reminds me of our first year of marriage and that year with no dishwasher…glad it’s only temporary this time). 
  • At one point last week I went to the grocery store and only purchased things from the produce section (well, and orange juice). I felt like a health nut. 
  • Then there was Sunday, where we might have had leftover pizza for lunch and ramen for dinner.
  • I’ve given up on decorating everything before the baby gets here. As long as everything has a place and we get a few things hung on the walls, I’ll be happy. We’ll save stripping the floral wallpaper in the guest bath and painting the red fireplace (hey, at least it’s christmassy) for some future date. 
  • I’ve realized one thing people have strong opinions on is birth. Whether they’ve given birth or they haven’t. 

^the cutest new phone case showed up last week from my friend Heidi and I’m in love (from this line)

^people that knew me last year are astounded at how “huge” I am ..whereas most people here in Findlay keep telling me there is no way I am 35 weeks pregnant because I’m so “tiny” — I’ve just decided bodies are amazing things and at this point what it’s doing is far more important than how it looks (now just to remember that every other month of my life)

^I love the detail on this sweater and the knit is so incredibly comfy. It’s actually a nursing sweater (both sides have those little gold zippers) so the plan is to live in it till Spring (good thing it goes perfectly with my new favorite boots too).




sweater, c/o (nursing friendly + on sale)
denim, c/o
booties, c/o
bag: thrifted
hat, c/o
iphone case, c/o






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  1. Okay-you are one adorable pregnant woman! Embrace your belly because it is seriously so cute!

  2. Well, I'm four weeks behind you and probably the same size, so you look tiny to me 🙂

    I'm so hopeful you don't go overdue. I did with both of my girls (got induced 7 and 8 days late with them) and it's so miserable. Mainly because people WILL NOT STOP telling you how to induce labor or asking why in the world you haven't had your baby, as if you have any control over it.

  3. You look amazing! And you're right, bodies are amazing. Medical school reminds me of that every day. I hope that you have a beautiful Christmas and a great new year!

  4. you do look great! I'll cross my fingers for you that you DO NOT go 2 weeks late! how miserable! You are so close lady! I'm so excited for you!
    we were also so excited about raking leaves our first year at our house, this year we have planned to cut down all of our trees! haha.

  5. Girl I also get mixed reviews on my size. Some people are like omg you are huge and ready to pop & some people are like you look so tiny lol… I just take it all with a grain of salt. You look incredible! We only have a few weeks left!xoxoLee Annehttp://lifeinatx.com/

  6. Looking really cute! I just love your accessories specially your hat and cute red hand purse.