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9 Ways to Support Someone Who’s Expecting


So I’m not entirely sure how we got to thirty three weeks this quickly (and I’m also not sure how we’ll manage to wait another seven weeks to meet this little guy) – but I am feeling incredibly grateful for this pregnancy so far and the wonderful people who have helped along the way. Ben has been the ultimate support, but aside from family, I am also really thankful for a few friends who have truly been lifesavers. Even ones who are far away have managed to help me feel strong, beautiful, and competent (even when I probably have no idea what I’m doing half the time).

If you know anyone expecting, here are nine ways to support them through their pregnancy (and I’m mostly serious about all of them 😉


  • Ask them about their pregnancy (it’s kind of a huge deal – so showing some degree of interest is great).
  • Ask them about things other than their pregnancy (they are still a person aside from being a future mother).
  • Tell them they look great (much better than telling them they look small – which could mean they have complications with a slow growing child, or telling them they look huge – which could mean they have a large, healthy baby but has some other implications).
  • Notice them before you notice their bump (it’s like “hi, I’m up here guys!”).
  • Understand they’ll need to go to the bathroom every 21 minutes (jokes are fine, but really, there isn’t much they can do).
  • When they express a need to eat food, do not take it lightly (same goes for needing to go to the bathroom).
  • Don’t take short visits personally (sometimes sitting for more than an hour is just really uncomfortable).
  • Don’t treat them like an invalid.
  • But, do have lowered expectations for just about every level of physical activity.

^fun gifts for the people who I want to give a little extra to right about now 🙂 

helpful suggestions for how to help when a friend is pregnant

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  1. Dear Elisabeth,

    I used to be such an avid reader of your blog, but lately I have been a little disappointed. Going back through the last 12 post, 10 of them have been sponsored posts or posts with lots of affialite links. Do you feel that this is a respectful way to write for your followers?

    I would really like for your blog to remember its old strength a little bit – I think the combination of your business asprirations and blogging about your life without sponsored content would be a great way to please a lot of your old and loyal readers.

    All the best, Kelly

    1. hi kelly – thanks for reaching out (i read this forever ago but wanted to publish it when i had a chance to respond) — I'm sorry you aren't a fan of the sponsored posts. I do work really hard to make sure they are integrated into content that I would be publishing anyway (most of the time). Like this post for example..it's sponsored by extra so I included the gum in the pictures…but the content was something I wanted to share anyway based on my experience being pregnant.

      That said, I did bite off a bit more than I could chew in terms of projects while being pregnant, buying a house, traveling, and preparing for the baby. I had to keep the projects I'd already accepted so the thing that fell by the wayside was some of the unsponsored content. Now that the baby is here I'm working at having a better balance and working even harder to integrate the sponsors in natural ways.


    1. haha – thanks Kiely! I'm just glad there are a few jackets left I can get partially buttoned 😉

  2. great tips, I definitely have learned a thing or two– thanks for sharing! (p.s. your hair is looking BOMB)

    1. I made the mistake of telling a new friend how great and tiny she looked only to find out later that there were complications with the pregnancy that meant the baby wasn't getting enough blood flow and that's why it was so small … now I just tell women they look great 🙂 (and when people tell me I look big I mostly take it as a compliment) …. and the hair was in major need of a trim which ended up being a six inch chop – still figuring out just what to do with it 🙂

  3. I love all of these! also you look adorable! Like little red riding hood! This coat is amazing!

    1. Thanks April! It was one of those "it seems silly to buy a coat in the middle of summer but it's on major sale and I kinda love it" purchases from a few years back that I'm really glad I let my husband talk me into 🙂

    1. thanks! agreed – and it's given me a whole new level of respect for anyone that has ever been pregnant ..especially those who do so while being moms. hard for me to wrap my head around 🙂

  4. What a great post! It's so important to have those friends that you can always count on…especially when you are expecting. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas! #client

  5. EXCELLENT tips. One I might add is that if you get a present for the baby, don't say "I got *you* a present." It can get a little disappointing after the tenth time 🙂 If you want a winter coat to fit over your adorable bump, I know Motherhood Maternity had some really cute ones last year (I bought a black pea-coat from them and loved it!)

    1. hahaha – totally agree with this. in the beginning i felt like all baby gifts were gifts for me…but by the end i was so grateful for the thoughtful gifts from friends for ME instead of for baby 🙂