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A Baby Update + Silk Dresses

We’re down to less than eight weeks (fingers crossed) till this baby’s arrival and a tiny bit of the fact that we’ll have a child living with us in less than two months is starting to feel real (but just a tiny bit).

Here’s another little pregnancy update — I love going back through my old ones and seeing what has changed 🙂

Favorite Moment:  In church this week I noticed baby hiccups for the first time! It was something I’d heard and read about but feeling the constant little movements was so fun for me. I felt a bit cruel for enjoying anyone having hiccups for over an hour but it was just so cute 🙂

Also, we don’t have everything in our new house unpacked but before we left we did go through all the clothes this little guy got from baby showers and put the one’s he’ll be able to wear first in his closet. It only took a few minutes but it was fun going through everything with Ben and imagining our little one wearing them 🙂

Eating: Recently I’ve been loving nashi (asian pairs) even more than usual and would take one of those over dessert any time (and for me to take fruit over ice cream is a bizarre circumstance indeed).

Feeling: Very Pregnant. I’ve felt big and pregnant most of this pregnancy because each stage was new (and big) for me, but I’m at the point now where I waddle just about everywhere (especially after a meal).

Names: Still no idea. Suggestions welcome.

Weight Gain: 30 pounds? Between moving and traveling I haven’t actually stepped on a scale.

Aches or Pains: It’s hard for me to sit for more than half an hour or so (the plane ride to California, long car rides, and church meetings have been the death of me). A friend recommended a few yoga positions which help but the best is to curl up with my bump nest (maternity body pillow) — the one product that has truly been a pregnancy lifesaver.

My Mood: Between the craziness of buying a house, moving, and heading out to California, there hasn’t been room for hardly anything but excitement recently.

Exercise: Here in California we spend our mornings at the gym with Ben’s parents most of the time. Family yoga was great, weights had me sore for a few days, but zumba this morning was a whole new challenge. I almost confident it can induce early labor if I find a class or two back in Ohio (I’m still feeling it 12 hours later…).

Baby Things: We haven’t been buying hardly anything for baby but today I did pick up a darling little church outfit for him (that he won’t be able to wear for at least nine months). Why is it that everything miniature is just so cute? We still need to make the big decision on a car seat (which we haven’t thought about at all yet) as well as a stroller. There are so many options I don’t even know where to start.

Excited About: Putting together the nursery. Right now, all of our artwork is covering the floor of that third bedroom (to keep it out of the way/protected as we moved in all of our other stuff) but I can’t wait to get it looking a bit more like a baby’s room 🙂

Outfit details
Dress; Kinwolfe, Elevate Breastfeeding
Belt: J.Crew
Heels: Banana Republic
Necklace: thrifted

A bit about the beautiful dress I’m wearing in these pictures:

Kinwolfe is a new brand dedicated to providing confident, contemporary clothing for breastfeeding mothers. The fabrics are luxurious and the prints are on-trend and all pieces have conveniently placed invisible zippers so there are no awkward access holes to work with. Their new line launched via Kickstarter on November 18 and runs through the 24th. Whether you’re a new mom, a supportive parent or friend, or expecting, these pieces ensure something beautiful during such a special time (plus, everyone just feels pretty walking around in silk).


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  1. There IS a Zumba studio called Z Pulse downtown 😉 glad you guys are having such a fun trip! It looks so warm there (I'm crying just looking at the pictures)

  2. Just a suggestion about the carseat/stroller dilemma: You can get a "travel set" with a carseat/carrier that can snap into a base that you keep in the car or into a stroller before the baby is big enough to sit up on his own. I would also suggest a jogger instead of a stroller with small plastic wheels. They are a much smoother ride, easier to steer, and so fun and sporty looking, even if you're not much of a runner. They're also way better for off-roading, so if you want to go on a dirt trail, or even cut across a lawn, a jogger is much easier to deal with. Hope this helps!

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