Tips for Quick Volume with Conair Pro Q3

I’m excited to be sharing a few tips today as part of a compensated shop by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone, just like always 😉 #HeartMyHair #CollectiveBias

I’m popping in tonight for a bit more chit chat about hair (still fighting the lies of great pregnancy hair). When I let my hair air dry, it dries silky and straight, with absolutely no volume. It makes for low maintenance hair days if I shower in the morning – however, if I sleep on it wet it turns into a disaster. So, sometimes I like to blow dry my hair for a little extra volume (well, any volume at all) or so I don’t wake up with a lions mane.

Volume is something a bit new for me. I used to be under the impression that hair was only good for running your fingers through – which meant no curls, no product (other than things that made it more silky), and no volume. But, when it comes to curls, or just mixing up my look in general, volume is something so fun to play with.

My blowdrying technique has come a long way since middle school and I’ve put together a list of tips I’ve gathered (or discovered) over the years if you’re looking for lots of volume in minimal time (because let’s be serious, I’m always looking to do things in minimal time):

**I usually use these blow dry tips before I curl my hair if I’m looking for more volume and don’t often wear it straight and down afterwards


Quick Volume Tips
  • Use a root booster on the inch of your hair closest to your scalp
  • Begin with your top layer of hair (this is the visible portion of your blow dry so working from your roots, keep tension as you dry)
  • Always dry your roots first. 
  • Keep tension using a round brush (I have the big and little professional round brushes from Conair)
  • Some will recommend blow drying your hair in many sections, but if you’re in a hurry, once you’ve dried the top of your head, flip your head upside down and just blow dry your roots underneath without bothering to brush or section
  • The type of blow dryer you use matters! For example, by using the Conair Pro Q3 blow dryer, you cut drying time by 70%. The Q3 also uses lower temperatures and faster airflow to reduce damage to hair (while still reducing the drying time). 
  • Use the nozzle (not pictured here, but the Conair Q3 comes with one) for a smooth finish on your voluminous locks 😉

^for fast volume, I blow dry most of my head upside down
^these clips help keep roots lifted while you continue blowdrying for added volume

^^I picked up the Conair 3Q (along with some new round brushes and lots of bobby pins I use when curling my hair) at Walmart. If you need a quality blow dryer but aren’t loving the price point, put it on your Christmas list because something you use this often is worth the investment (side note: my husband hates the way I use the word investment :P).

^One from instagram afterwards showing off quite a bit more volume than usual!

For curling, I usually use a wand and bobby pins – but have any of you tried Conair’s Curl Secret? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Now tell me, what tips do you have for blowdrying? Any amazing products you swear by? I’m kinda sold on this whole volume look…maybe texturizing spray recommendations? 

P.S. Super exciting things happened tonight. Things will be a bit crazy for the next few days (or weeks, or months – who am I kidding?) — but I’ll share on insta tomorrow!


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  1. I have the entire AG Volume line…the foam is amazing! My hair is ridiculously flat. #client