How I Get Paid to Blog

How I get paid to blog: a complete guide to monetization witha list of networks to join that will pay you to create content - so useful!



Want the complete guide to how I monetize my blog?

Are you looking to make money with your blog?
Already making money but looking for new revenue streams?

This guide shares all the ways I’ve monetized my blog including the THIRTEEN INFLUENCER NETWORKS that pay me to create posts.Just check out the comments below to see how useful other bloggers have found it!

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  1. Love this! You are fantastic, and this is such a cool comprehensive list. Love your openness and honesty too about numbers and pageviews – it's what I am constantly trying to guess about bloggers.

  2. THANK YOU so much for sharing! So much valuable information! I might take you up on the consulting opportunity soon :]

  3. thank you so much! this was extremely helpful πŸ™‚

  4. This was such a great post. As a blogger, I wish I would have had something like this when I started thinking about monetizing. The problem is I have had no idea where to start and I feel like it is taking awhile to get up an running. Thanks for sharing this list!!!

    xo, Taylor

  5. This is such an amazing post ! So helpful and useful ! I was just wondering do you have to be situated in America to be involved in the media groups you mentioned above? I'm not at the 10,000 views yet, I've only just started out but I was just inquiring for future reference x

    1. Oh I'm glad you found it useful! Some of the media groups are for US based blogger only because they require purchasing the product at a specific retailer and showcasing it in a blog post. However, some are open internationally and I know there are other media groups for bloggers with a more international base. Where are you located?

  6. Not only is this an awesome list, but it reminds me of why I love parts of the blogging community. It's not a competition. It's a bunch of kick-A ladies supporting one another.

  7. Your post always goes viral on my blogging pinboard! LOVE this so much! I am with Mode too, and after reading this I signed up with a few other networks.

  8. This is fabulous and very honest. Thank you! I have just started my blog, so it is good to know where it could take me, if I persevere with it.

  9. This is a great post! I am recently new to blogging so this was so fun checking all these out and getting excited for when I hit those big blogging numbers! Thanks for all the info & the examples!!

  10. OMG Thank you. This was seriously the most informative post I've read on the topic of blog monetization. The only snafu I have…is that it's sometimes difficult to gain money while promoting that my readers save money by making secondhand purchases. I don't want to be hypocritical with my content, ya know? But I'd love to become affiliated with a DIY, craft, art, home design or other creative business for such opportunities. Thanks again for this awesome post! <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  11. Hi for some reason it won't let me reply to comment above so I said I'd just write another comment ! I live in Ireland so I don't know if there are many that I can actually connect to ! Thanks for commenting back x

    1. it really depends on the month, and the type of project. i get the most projects from social fabric/collective bias but i've had my highest paying options from clever girls and from glam media …so far πŸ™‚

  12. Amazing post! I've been trying to find a specific answer- which maybe you can answer- does being a member of Social Fabric/Collective Bias infringe on the Mode contract? Can you be a member of both?

    1. I asked Mode (well, it was Glam when I was accepted earlier this year) specifically about Social Fabric and they said it was fine. They have a list of competitors you cannot be a part of per their exclusivity agreement but Social Fabric/ Collective Bias wasn't on the list.

  13. This post was so so helpful – thank you!! I stumbled across it from a Google search, but learned so much and have several new companies to research and apply for! I've been blogging for awhile and feel I've really hit my stride in producing good content, so I'm ready to go to that next level and work with great brands! Thank you so much for your openness! I just found your blog today and will now be a loyal reader πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Jacy! I'm glad you found it so useful – its definitely something I wish I'd come across a few years ago πŸ™‚

  14. I really appreciative the transparency – including sponsorship rates in this post. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks for sharing all this information! I always wondered how this process worked.
    I have started and stumbled many times with my blog but I'm not giving up. One question I have: do you have to be at 10,000 views to contract with all of these services?

    1. Hi Janis – different networks have different minimums that have changed over the years. I'm not sure what each of them are at the moment (Social Fabric/ Collective Bias is 20,000 at the moment, I believe) – but they should say on their websites and if not, it doesn't hurt to apply! Often times if you don't get in they'll explain why or you can reach out and ask what you can do to improve to make it into their network. I find the feedback from those kind of emails can be incredibly helpful πŸ™‚

  16. I love that you put all of this together as I'm a newbie at blogging (been blogging for about 7 months)! Couple questions on info I didn't find researching:
    1) Does Shopathome pay in other ways other than by check?
    2) What are the joining requirements for Collectively, Mode Media, and Izea?
    3) Could I apply to these programs again later if I get rejected now?
    Thanks in advanced so much for your help! Love your site!

    1. 1. They don't as of now (at least that I know of, I'm still paid by check).
      2. Collectively wan'ts high quality blogs of all sizes (they care much more about the quality of your content than your numbers) and I'm not sure about Mode and Izea. I applied to mode and was rejected the first time, I grew a bit more and applied a few months later and got in. If you don't get in to a network, it might be worth shooting them an email saying you'd love to work with them in the future and ask what you can work on, or what they're looking for specifically!
      3. So yes, definitely you can apply again πŸ™‚

  17. Influencers with good number of fans can monetize their content on social media by posting updates or tweets. There are many advertisers who have posted their marketing campaigns on and are looking for influencers on Facebook and twitter to promote brands.

  18. Wow! It was such a detailed post and I loved reading each part of it. Thanks for mentioning the networks. I have noted them down and I hope I can become a part of those networks too. I am already working on IZEA. Haven't got any campaign yet but then I updated my connections just today πŸ˜›
    Thanks for this lovely write-up. I don't why but I feel so good after reading your post. LOL That makes me feel like I'm drunk but I think when you read good stuff, you do feel awesome. Don't you?

  19. I really enjoyed reading this helpful post. Thank you SO much! I've been blogging for a year and a half now and I would really like to try to improve my stats. I'm not sure why people make a big deal about monetizing your blog. It really helps for people like me who attend Art schools. (ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE SCHOOLS….EVER.)

    A Fabulous Hippie

    1. I think when done right, monetizing your blog can be great for you and your readers. For me, its given me the time, incentive, and means to spend more time blogging and produce much better content.

      If you get serious about monetizing, I would love to work with you through the consulting/coaching program!


  20. This is really helpful, but do you have a schedule that you follow to check in with all of the different campaigns. ..for the ones that don't email you with offers, it seems like it might be overwhelming to find opportunities.

    1. Hi Sharlee,

      I don't actually have a schedule yet. I am still working at getting systems in place for work flow…usually though I check social fabric by their update emails. The only place I don't get emails for is Clever Girl Collective so I usually just check that about once a week.


  21. This is a really great post! Thank you so much for all of the useful info. I was feeling lost until I found this post and see that there are opportunities. Thanks again.

  22. Thank you so much! This was BY FAR the most helpful blog growth info I have found in my 7 months of blogging! Be on the lookout for my email to set up a consult with you! πŸ˜‰ Also, would you mind sharing the sources that you receive product to review? Thanks again!

    1. Hi lydia! I've stopped all my regular reviews except for I also get contacted by companies for product reviews and will sometimes feature the product in a regular post by wearing it and linking to it at the end. I've found a great way to be offered product is to connect with the brand on social media and interact with them. I did that often with baby product brands and within a few days I would likely have an email in my inbox asking if I wanted to work together!

  23. Just found this post on Pinterest. Thanks for compiling and creating such a fantastic resource! I just started my blog about three weeks ago so I'm still learning a lot every day and this post will be invaluable moving forward. Thank you!

    Lindsey | Finding Balance in Life

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  26. Hi there! I just came across your post on Pinterest! I am so so grateful! I wanted to check out your consulting program, but the link showed no content on it! How can I get some more information on that? Thanks a million!

    1. Hi Tamara – I suspended my general consulting offerings in 2015 because things got so busy with the blog but I'm happy to consider working with you. If you could just shoot me an email at elisabeth(at)bellatheblog(dot)com letting me know a bit about you and what you're looking for that would be great!

  27. This is so helpful! I have been blogging for four years and have worked with many of these networks, but I'm in the process of really taking it to the next level, so this post was just what I needed! πŸ™‚

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      Oh I’m so happy to hear that Lisa! Thank you for the feedback – I’m so glad you found it useful πŸ™‚

  28. As a literal brand NEW blogger, this has been incredibly helpful to know for future planning. Thanks for being so open and honest.

  29. Wow thank you so much for sharing this! Can’t wait to get reading!

    Bethany xxx

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      you’re welcome – i hope you found it helpful! it is something I wish I’d had when I first began blogging πŸ™‚

  30. I submitted the info but didn’t get the info. Maybe I did something wrong? Looking forward to reading this! (:

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      sometimes it takes a few minutes to send – let me know if it’s not in your inbox this morning and I’ll send it over directly! (shoot me an email at [email protected])

  31. Hi Elisabeth, I entered in my information to subscribe to your blog, and receive the guide but I didn’t get anything in my email :/ Is there any other way to access it?

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      Hi friend – sorry it took a few minutes to get to you! It looks like the email came through and you got it – if you have any questions about it let me know!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

  32. Wonderful blog! It is really helpful and supportive article. Thanks for your all tips.

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