Rock Climbing During the First Trimester

Remember that trip we took to Utah earlier this summer, before I even had any idea I was pregnant? Well, I found a good number of climbing pictures tucked away that were begging to be shared (and rather appropriate given that all my muscles ache after a short workout yesterday — this staying in shape while pregnant is hard!).

American Fork Canyon has always been one of our favorite places to climb (and actually one of my favorite places in general after my Aunt and Uncle moved to the base of the canyon about ten years ago). Our last week in Utah we took some friends up for an afternoon picnic/climb to soak in the last of our mountain views. You can find beauty anywhere, but nothing quite compares to our Utah mountains.

^^This girl was my first and best friend when we moved from Tokyo to New Hampshire when I was 11 (the kind whose home phone you still have memorized because you called it every single day for a few years :P). I love when people are willing to try new things.. and indulge our rock climbing obsession

^Harris (Kenzie’s husband) getting his climb on (we had shoes for Kenzie but Harris had to suffer through tennis shoes #notideal)
^for saying she was scared of heights – Kenzie was awesome (it didn’t help that the route startsso far up  and you’re being belayed from a little landing halfway up the mountain)
^I”m seven weeks pregnant here and while I might not have looked it, I could definitely feel it. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t climbing as hard as I ‘should have been’ or why I was so winded all of the time (and starving, always starving). 
^I was grateful for easy climbs like this one (after other outings like this where I died through the harder climbs) 
^these climbing specs let you watch your climber without craning your neck the whole time
^If you pay attention to the music scene you’ve almost certainly heard these two recently — their vine cover of “Cool Kids” was trending internationally last month and then again on itunes (totally check out the full cover on youtube)! I grew up on attending Kenzie’s plays and concerts (and choreographing dances on Saturday mornings :P) so its neat to see people start to recognize the talent thats always been there 🙂

I love following Kenzie on instagram (and vine) and watching their daily six second covers – they’re always so cute and creative (I love this one and this one). Harris and Kenzie will have the most attractive and musically talented children ever.

Here’s to old friendships, great talent, and beautiful mountains. Utah, we miss you. 

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  1. i have never done any rock climbing, i have always wanted to do it. am glad am living vicariously through you

  2. These photos are so wonderful, Elisabeth! I can't believe that you were already pregnant when these were taken. It's amazing that you're really making an effort to stay in shape during your pregnancy too. I have a feeling that I'd be using it as an excuse to eat even more than I already do (;

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  3. I can't decide if I would love or hate rock climbing. I love doing it at the gyms but that is a whole different story haha