Our End-of-Summer Date List

end of summer date ideas

With the summer coming close I’ve started a mental list of all the things I want to check off. After a few months of not wanting to leave the house (or the bathroom floor really), I’m feeling like we have lots to pack in and not nearly enough time! Just a few things I want to make sure happen before the beautiful Fall welcomes another date list of its own:

  • Evenings at the Pool: Hardly anyone uses our glorious pool at night and I love heading out there to read while Ben swims in the evenings or for a little poolside dinner. Its casual and low key, but just the kind of nights summer should be made of. 
  • Drive-in Movie: Ben’s never been to a drive in! Now that the weather has just started to cool down its the perfect time to find one in the middle of these corn fields and settle in for a double feature (and some good making out). 
  • Ice-cream at Izzy’s: Izzy’s is another local ice cream place we haven’t tried and before it gets chilly (or my pregnant self goes back to thinking she doesn’t like ice cream…that happened for three months) I want to try their frozen custard. If we had a local snowcone place, you bet hitting that up would be on this list too. 
  • Dinner at an Outdoor Cafe: Downtown Findlay has so many cute places we haven’t explored yet and I’m determined to enjoy at least one more dining experience al fresco before the temps drop. 
  • Otter-pop Walks: Its basically a crime that we haven’t purchased otter pops (you know, those flavored ice pops that you push up through the plastic and you devoured as a kid?). We’ve been snacking on so many other delicious popsicles this summer (like these and these) but there is something about tradition … and remember back to our college summers when the generic otter pops were our splurge of the week 🙂  
^^Clearly date night is not elaborate around here… when Ben gets home from work I love having a little something for us to do together that night, even if it is just a walk around our neighborhood with a treat in hand. Come the weekend, usually its a bigger ordeal – but not always 🙂 

  • Days at the Fair: We’ve moved to the area of fairs and I can’t wait for the fried dough and ferris wheels (probably because my only experience with fairs is watching movies like The Notebook… Ohioans, forgive me). 
  • Boats on the River: Findlay is situated on the Blanchard river and we’ve found a little place you can rent kayaks and canoes by the hour. One of these weekends we’ll do it rather than talk about it (with a few good treats packed up for the adventure, of course). 
  • A Summer Hike: Mountains (or hills for that matter) may be in short supply here but I’m determined to find somewhere we can get active outside for a few hours. 
^^If any Ohioan’s have recommendations they’d be much appreciated!
**I was going to add stargazing to this list (so much less light pollution here), but lying on my back is no longer an option and star gazing just seems far less fun to do standing up. 
In addition to the list – I’m hoping for plenty of foot rubs and back massages as the unsettling feeling of my expanding belly sets in. That, and lots of frisbee (its the best combination of lots of running for Ben and very little for me :P).

What are you packing in before summer comes to an end?
What are your favorite date night ideas?



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  1. These are great! I'm definitely going to be hitting some of these with my boyfriend! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I've always wanted to go to a drive-in movie…need to find one near Boston!! Great ideas!!

  3. Those sound so fun! You haven't been to any fairs in New Hampshire?? They are all over! Every year we went to the Canterbury Fair in July, Gilford Old Home Day (our town fair) in August, and the Sandwich Fair in the fall! Those are some of the things I really miss most about New England! Plus they sell candy apples (my favorite!). I can't believe you haven't been to them!

  4. These are great ideas! An evening at the pool would be so fun. Adding that one to my list!

  5. Findlay has a lot of hidden gems 🙂 in Kenton (not far from here) there's a good drive in that does two or three movies per showing!!

  6. Stargazing outside in the backyard is always one of my faves. Always fun if you can look up some constellations visible from where you are.